Are Air Purifiers Safe for Pets

Our pets are very important to us. And they provide so many benefits for healthy living.
For many of us, they are the reason we get outside to take a walk. They provide a friend and a real help with loneliness and depression. And a excuse to socialize and talk about our pets.

Studies show that having a pet can even lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol.

But having a pet also provides a list of responsibilities that go with having a pet.
Providing a good home means providing the proper nutrition for your animal too.
Clean bedding as well as a clean animal will help them stay healthy as well as yourself.
Getting your pet the proper shots is as much about caring for them as much as it is about caring for yourself.
Ticks and fleas and all sorts of insects are attracted to animals.
Maintaining a yard area as well as keeping the carpet clean can have a big impact when it comes to caring for your pets which in turn means caring for yourself and your loved ones.

As much love and happiness that you can get from owning a pet, you can often forget the many unwanted aspects of having a furry animal around.

Dogs and cats tend to shed.  And their hair and fur are full and covered and dander.
Dander is a bacteria that comes from a dog or cats saliva. Since dogs and cats are continually licking their fur and their fur is breaking loose. Then it is carried around the house by currents.

All that to say that there is virtually dander everywhere when you have a pet in your home that sheds.

Pet dander is a problem for allergy sufferers. So much so that some people with pet dander allergies cannot even be around certain types of animals.

Seriously, true story,  I know a woman who is allergic to dogs so much so that the doctor sent her to a cancer specialist because of her cell count.

She was experiencing painful arthritis and they were having a hard time tracking down the source.

As it turned out, she was suffering from a extreme case of dog allergies.

Luckily she was able to avert a cancer scare which gave her unbelievable relief and identify the problem that was causing her to have so much joint pain.

It’s a constant reminder to keep your hands clean when you are done petting and playing with your animals. You never know what kind of adverse effect your body can have from just contacting germs that are found on pets.

  Another solution to this problem is owning an air purifier and keeping it near you to absorb and filter out the dander before it gets in your sinuses.

Do air purifiers work for pet allergies?

Yes. HEPA air purifiers have very dense filters that are able to capture allergens as small as Dander. The right air purifier will help you find a breath of fresh by capturing pet dander before it has a chance to get into your sinus cavity.

Are air purifiers safe for pets?

Yes. Using an air purifier can only benefit your pet. Pets need healthy air to breathe as much as humans. There are also many diseases that pets are susceptible to that people are not.

Are ozone air purifiers safe for pets?

Ozone is a lung irritant. Whether you’re walking on two legs or four legs, ozone is not a practical air purifier to keep in the house. Breathing too much ozone can begin to oxidize lung tissue. Ozone is a safety issue . An animal’s lungs can be adversely affected by ozone as much as a persons. So it’s best to stay away from using ozone as an everyday home air purifier.

Commercial ozone air purifier

But that being said,  ozone as a disinfectant can be an amazing air cleaner in a room that is not inhabited by humans or animals.

Kennels in veterinary clinics can I have many airborne diseases/bacterial air pollution issues.

Conditions like:

1. Distemper
2. Parvo
3. Kennel cough

And many others can be reduced through ozonation.

There are many mobile ozone generators in the market that are great for using as a remedial air cleaner
When the house or even the animal hospital is not being used by people at the moment.
Amazon has multiple ozonators complete with carrying handles that would do an excellent job. The one I like is….. You can check out the price here.

What is the best air purifier for pets?

My favorite all around air purifier that will work amazing for pets as well as a host of other indoor air quality issues is the plasmacluster.

Plasmacluster air cleaners have a super dense HEPA air filter that are capable a filtering out allergens like pet dander and dust mites small is .3 microns. Pollen is 10 times that size.

These are air purifiers also contain a carbon filter better capable of filtering strong odors.

Pet odors can be rooted in something serious so it’s a great idea to make sure there isn’t something causing the foul odor. For instance ringworm smells disgusting.

But having an air purifier that is capable of breaking down the contaminants that cause bad odors and reducing the stench related to your pets is exactly what you want in an air cleaner.

Plasmacluster air purifiers also contain bipolar ionization. This type of ionization does not create ozone and does eliminate formaldehyde. Something that other types of ear cleaners including PCO or not capable of.
Bipolar ionization breaks down indoor viral household air pollution. This type of technology also clears out tobacco carcinogens like crazy.

These three technologies in one unit make for an air purifier that is extremely efficient when it comes to keeping your air clean for your pets and from your pets. Amazon is the trusted supplier. You can check out the current price here.


Air purifiers are perfectly safe for animals providing you are using safe technologies like HEPA and carbon filters. Unless you are going down the industrial Isle and need an extremely potent technology like ozone to clear out airborne viruses and pathogens, I would stay away from using ozone in the home. With technologies available like bipolar plasmacluster, there is really no need for ozone.

Pets can provide a lot of love and a lot of entertainment but remember there are many things to think about keep yourself healthy and to keep your pet healthy.

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