Why Is My Room So Dusty? 11 Suggestions

Taking the time to dust the furniture  and clean the house is a chore and can be disheartening when you realize how fast the dust has came back. Simply walking is enough kick it back up and undo your work.

Dust something we all battle but if you have an allergy to dust or asthma, the battle is more like a war.

Why Is My Room So Dusty?

Here is a list reasons that may help you identify why there is so much dust in your room.

  • Cheap HVAC filters
  • Dryer Hose
  • Shoes
  • Leaky Vacuum
  • Carpet
  • Humidity or Lack of
  • Dirty Duct work
  • Proximity to Outdoor Dust
  • Windows
  • Pets
  • Dead Skin
  • Bugs

Cheap HVAC filters

This is easily one of the main reasons your room or house can become excessively dusty.

Cheap poor quality air filters can do little to nothing to filter out the dust from the air that is being circulated around the house via the forced air system.

Using cheap filters in your HVAC can make your air handler a whole house dust machine.

On the flip side, purchasing better filters with a Merv rating of at least a 9-12 can turn your HVAC into a whole house air cleaner and dust remover.

A warning though. A higher Merv rating means keeping the filters replaced more often 2 reduce undue strain on the unit.

If the dust level in your home does not warrant it, A filter with a 5-8 Merv rating will better for your machine and pocket book.

Dryer hose

The dryer can be a huge source of dust.
If the dryer hose has come off in the back or if it has damage that is keeping it from focusing the dust outside, then you can expect all that dust to settle indoors .

Why is there so much dust in my houseShoes

One of the biggest reasons your room can be extra dusty is because it is being carried into the house by your shoes.

This is true especially if your having to walk through dirt in order to get to your house.

The easiest thing to do to prevent dust from traveling into your house with your shoes is to use door mats and keep the door mats clean.

Even better, make sure you and your family take your shoes off before you walk around the house.

Leaky Vacuum

If your vacuum doesn’t fully capture the dust and is leaking back into the air, it may actually be helping you make your room dustier.

Consider purchasing a vacuum that is fully enclosed and is equipped with a HEPA filter to capture smaller pollutants.

And don’t empty the dust canister or change the bag in the house.


Carpets can get very dirty and be very hard to get dust out of. Especially when you’re talking about thick shag carpet.

A dirty carpet can easily be the culprit in an extra dusty home. If you have an old carpet or a thick carpet that is hard clean, just walking through the house can kick up dust onto your surfaces.

Humidity or lack of

A dry climate is a natural source for dust. when the air is dry you can expect dust in the air to be a problem because there is no moisture to help it settle.

Consider running a humidifier in your room. It will not only help keep the dust out of the air, it can help ease your dried nasal cavities.

Dirty Ductwork

If your ductwork has not been cleaned in a while, then you may have a issue with your HVAC distributing the dust inside the ductwork throughout your home.

Dust mites and mold or also attracted to the inside of your ductwork because of the high humidity level inside of the air handler.

Dust mites and mold spores are both common household allergies that could be originating in dirty ducts.

Having your ductwork cleaned and system checked may be the answer you need to control dust in your house.

Proximity to Outdoor Dust

Look around you. Are you living near a construction zone where dust and are being continually thrown around, you live near a highway or a busy Street wear exhaust is an issue?

Do you have patches of dirt in your yard or do you live next to a vacant lot?

Your proximity to outdoor dust can 100% affect the level of dust that you can expect to deal with inside of your house


If you have poorly sealed windows or open windows, you can expect dust to come through the windows.

Also windows and shades tend to become very dusty because of their proximity to the out doors.

Keeping your windows and shades clean can help does from building up and spreading further out from the windows.

Consider throwing out your old dusting  t-shirt and getting a microfiber cloth instead. You can also get microfiber dusters that will help you capture the dust even better.


It’s no surprise that if you have pets that are coming in and out of the house that they are transporting all types of dust with them.

Not only dust, it’s their hair also.

Pet dander can be a real issue for allergy sufferers. Pet dander is actually bacteria that comes from your animals licking themselves and then shedding.

If you have pets in the house then consider brushing and bathing them more to help prevent dust.

Dead Skin 

If your bedroom is extra dusty then you should know that it is actually your skin that is the issue.

Whether you realized it or not, you are actually shedding yourself.

And the bedroom, being one of the most used rooms because of the amount of time you spend sleeping and grooming there is taking the hit on the amount dead skin that is accumulating.

Consider washing your bedding and pillows more often to help reduce the amount of dust in your bedroom.


Finally bugs.

Insects leave behind feces and bacteria that turns into dust.

Not only is it their feces, it’s their shell.
Dead bugs break apart and become part of the overall dust issue.

Another problem is rodents leaving there tracks and feces everywhere.

If you have a bug problem, you can very easily contribute to your dust problem.

In that case it’s time to get an exterminator.

dusty houseWhen you got a problem with your room or house being dusty, it usually comes down to the few primary reasons we have tried to lay for you here.

We hope you are able to take advantage hope some of these helpful hints.


How Do You Get the Most Heat Out of a Candle?

You may have wondered if it was worth it to try to get heat out of a candle?

After all, what can one or two candles actually do in terms of getting enough warmth off of them to make a difference?

But you may be surprised to learn that there are some very unique ways that people have come up with to concentrate the heat off of only a couple of candles to generate enough heat to warm your hands on.

 How do you get more heat from a candle?

Getting more heat from a candle comes down to supplying more oxygen to the candle.

When you generally let a candle and set it on a table, the oxygen burns and floats up to the ceiling. Creating a situation where the oxygen is lost very quickly.

So to increase the oxygen, it only makes sense that you would somehow trap the already supplied oxygen in around the candle.

That is the premise around these uniquely designed do-it-yourself candle fueled heaters.

Let’s take a look at a few.

The first one is called a “coffee can heater”

You can find a whole variety of coffee can candle heaters on ol interweb.

A lot of very creative ideas.

But the simplest ideal for a coffee can candle heater is to combine a metal coffee can with two or three tea lights burning in the bottom of the can.

Tea lights are the elixir of this easy design.

Because they already have a metal cup that they sit in, they naturally get hotter on the outside than glass-based candles.

Simply burning a few tea light candles in a clean metal coffee can that has been stripped of any kind of paper on the outside, is enough to create enough heat to get you by in an emergency situation.

Just remember the bottom of the can is going to get very hot, so don’t sit it on anything that may burn.

And though you probably are the cautious type, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t leave a coffee can candle heater alone.

Another type of interesting candle heater that is easy to make and can help you get quite a bit more heat off of a candle or two, then you would be just lighting it is the flower pot heater.

This design takes a clay flower pot with the plate base that usually comes with it when you purchase them.

The ideal is to use the plate to place a couple of lighted candles and to suspend the flower pot upside down over the candles.

Most people just use a couple of bricks to lift the flower pot above the flower pot plate. But you can also get creative and hang the flower pot above the plate using hooks and chains.

Again, it is a very simple design that works because the clay flower pot gets very warm when it is heated.

Placing the flower pot upside down over the candles traps the heat under the clay, supplying more oxygen to the candles, so that they burn hotter, and trapping the heat inside of the flower pot.

After seeing these ideals for an emergency candle heater, I plan on buying my coffee in a metal coffee can next time I’m shopping for coffee.

And the ideal with the clay pots connected with hooks and chain really looks like a cool do-it-yourself project.

Can a Single Candle Heat a Room?

Can a single candle heat a room?

You may have wondered yourself about how much heat can actually come from a candle.

Emergency situations can and do arise and having a contingency plan that includes survival techniques and a MacGyver knowledge of household products like candles can be very helpful.

What can a single candle do to heat a room? Really.

You could logically say that a single candle could have a heating effect on the temperature of a room even if it is very miniscule.

Some often quoted research suggests that it takes about 20 burning candles to match the heat of a small space heater.

That’s based on the ideal that a candle is creating about 80 w of heat and a space heater is rated at 1500 watts.

  So one candle out of 20 burning will potentially give you 1/20 of the heat that you would get from a small space heater.

But in reality, if all you have is one candle to heat a room, you shouldn’t expect to do much to warm it.

  That’s not to say that candles are useless at helping keep warm.

There are some really awesome survival methods that people have concocted over the years that can magnify the heat from one or two candles,

And while it is not realistic to say that a single candle can heat a room, there are methods to use a candle or two, combined with a coffee can or a couple of clay pots, can give off enough heat to warm a very small space or warm your hands at least.

The easiest way to get more heat out of a single candle is to encase the candle so that the amount of heat is multiplied.

You can do this with a metal coffee can.  By placing a couple of tea light candles in the bottom of a coffee can.

The heat coming off of the candles combined with the heat transferring from the metal of the candle to the metal of the coffee can, can build up enough heat to huddle around it in an emergency or survival situation.

Another unique way that people use candles combined with household items to create heat is to trap the heat of the candles inside of a clay flower pot.

Even the small amount of heat coming off a candle is enough to heat a clay flower pot to the point of not being able to touch it.

  A simple flower pot candle heater includes a couple of mid sized flower pots. A mid-sized flower pot and one flower pot slightly smaller.

A long piece of ‘All Thread”. All Thread is a type of solid pipe that is threaded like a screw.

Five long washers that go around the all thread. And five nuts that screw onto the all thread.

Four tea candle lights.

Use the illustration for assembly.


Can a single candle heat a room?

You’re not going to be able to heat a whole room with a single candle. But there are creative ways of combining candles with items like coffee cans and clay flower pots that can cause a candle to produce much more heat than it would if it were lit and sit on a table where the oxygen could dissipate quickly.


Can Tea Candles Heat Up a Room?

Can tea candles heat up a room?

There’s a lot of people interested in alternative ways to create heat besides using electricity.

One of the most popular reasons that people search these things out is simple survival in an emergency situation.

For instance, candles are a household item that in a power outage, are an easy go to for getting some light inside of the house.

Most people have an assortment of candles around the house including tea light candles.

But what if the weather is cold outside and you’re stuck in a power outage without not only light but heat too?

Are candles good for heat? Can tea candles heat up a room?

Tea candles are very small candles and compared to the average small votive candle, only create about 30 watts of energy compared to the 80 that you might expect to get out of a votive candle.

But they do have a uniqueness that other candles do not have. And that is that they are surrounded with metal. (This is an important point that will get back to you in a second).

According to multiple resources, a candle is worth about 80 Watts of heat. In comparison to a small space heater which all space heaters are 1500 w on high, a candle can create about 120th of the heat that a small space heater can.

So with that math, it would take roughly 20 candles burning at the same time to create the amount of heat that a small space heater can in a room.

Can tea candles heat up a roomThat’s a bunch of candles.

But tea candles only create around 30 watts of heat per candle. So if you were to compare the amount of heat of a tea candle to a small space heater, you would come up with a number more like 50.

It’s doubtful that you have 50 tea candles hanging around in the house and if you did, lighting 50 tea candles is a whole other story. Not to mention the risk of starting a fire with that many candles lit.

So yes, technically you could heat a room with tea candles provided that you had at least 50 candles burning at the same time, but even in an emergency situation like a power outage, 50 tea candles burning is not going to last you long enough to justify lighting all the candles. My opinion.

But, there is an alternative for using tea candles to generate some heat if you were to get into an emergency or survival situation.

And this is where the point that tea candles sit in a metal cup comes in.

The idea was this,

You can take an empty metal coffee can and simply burn three or four tea candles inside of it, to get a small alternative heater working if you have no heat otherwise.

Because the tea candles are sitting in metal themselves, they tend to heat the metal coffee can up as they are burning.

And since the coffee can keeps the heat concentrated inside of a small area, you can get a fair amount of heat coming off of the coffee can by using this  method.

A couple of things to remember if you decide to try this are:

One, The coffee can is going to get hot and could possibly scorch whatever it is sitting on. So pick a place that is not going to get burnt.

Two, make sure that you take all the paper or label off of the outside of the coffee can before you light the candles inside of it. Paper is flammable. And you will up your risk of causing a fire by having paper on the can.


Tea candles can heat a room provided you have a mountain of them lit.

That’s about 50 candles. So even though technically it’s possible, you probably shouldn’t do it. Imagine the fire risk involved.

But, survivalists and other unique geniuses on our Earth, have discovered that burning a few candles in the bottom of a metal coffee can can generate enough heat to warm your hands.

You may be amazed at the amount of DIY coffee can heaters you can put together in a small amount of time with things you probably have around the house. 

  It might not be enough heat for a whole room, but warming your hands when you are freezing is a big deal at that moment.

What Candles Produce the Most Heat?

What candles produce the most heat?

Trying to warm your hands up with a candle or even more seriously, an entire room is not an easy thing.

  And if you find yourself in such a situation, you are going to want to have some candles that put off plenty of heat.

So… What candles produce the most heat?

The easy answer is soy candles because  the wax burns longer than with paraffin candles. And the longer the candle burns, the hotter it will get.

And when you get into the question of what is the longest burning candle, the variety that you can pick from goes up substantially.

For instance, there are survival candles like the “Candlelife” brand that can burn for 115 hours.

Or the ReadyHour that burns 100 hours.

But if you are planning to try to heat up a large area with candles, you are going to need a bunch of candles.

If you were to use the popular ideal that a candle is worth 80 w. That means you would need about 20 candles to equal the heat of a small space heater.

And going off the most recent Amazon price for a ready hour 100 hour candle at $6.95, that’s $139 to heat a small area with candles for a 100 hours.

Not exactly cheap.

And not exactly the best way to get the most heat out of a candle.

If you have been searching long for solutions related to getting “heat from candles”, you probably come across some of the do it yourself candle heaters that people have invented.

The clay flower pot candle heater is one such invention that is pretty unique.

The idea was to take a couple of flower pots, the brownish Orange clay flower pots that are fairly popular and can be purchased at most any big box store.

With one pot slightly bigger than the other, you take a piece of “all thread” and connect them upside down with a space of about 2 in between them and use the plate as a shelf to put the candles underneath the pots.

With this ideal, it will take a lot less than 20 candles to get some heat to warm your hands by.

But if you want the heat to last longer you’re still going to have to purchase the bigger, longer lasting candles.

Another simple candle heater uses tea candles, which were actually very small candles. But the difference is that they are poured into a metal container.

  This makeshift candle heater is very easy to make. It is basically a metal coffee can with burning tea lights at the bottom.

Since the tea light candle wax heats the metal that it is sitting in up, it helps heat the coffee can up to. And because the candles are sitting down in a coffee can, the heat is concentrated and doesn’t allow the oxygen to disperse as easily.

You may not be talking about a Honeywell space heater that can heat up a 200 foot space, but at least if you are in an emergency, it makes a good little survival heater to warm your hands up.

Summing it up

The kind of candle that puts off the most heat is a larger candle that uses soy wax.

The reason is, Soy Burns longer than paraffin and a bigger candle burns longer than a smaller candle.

Heat From Candles – Can it Compare to a Space Heater?

Does the heat from candles compare to a space heater?


It’s an interesting question, and yes provided you have enough candles burning, you can get enough heat off of candles to warm up a room.

According to multiple sources, the magic number of candles that you would have to keep lit is 19.

That’s based on fact that a burning candle creates about 80w of energy and the typical space heater is 1500w

1500 ÷ 80 = 18.75

So yes the possibility of warming a room with the heat from candles is definitely there.

But the more important question is “Should You?”

I’m going with No. Of course there are always extenuating circumstances, emergencies that could come up that may say otherwise.

But as a general method, my opinion is still No.

There are 3 good reasons I would say that.

1.  Much too dangerous
2.  VOCs
3.  Not economical.

1.  Too dangerous

I’m going to insert a personal story here as to why.

As a young person I was a recording artist. When I first began recording I laid down a fortune in recording hours at the “big boy” recording studio in my city.

It only took a few songs to realize I was not good enough to do one or two takes of anything. And with the clock burning through my wallet, I needed to find a better way.

So the logical solution, if I was going to be able to learn this recording stuff, was to use the money I was spending at the Professional Studio on a home studio where I could do as many takes as I needed on any song.

This is where the candle part of the story comes in.

As I got comfortable with recording in my home, I started lighting a candle or two to create some mood in the room.

And the more comfortable I got, I didn’t always make an effort to make sure the candles were blown out.

I thought it didn’t really matter because they were small candles inside of a jar.

But as stupid as it was, there was a specific incident where I left the house to run to the corner convenient store and

I didn’t think it was worth shutting down because I was going for a drink and I would be right back.

But, as I was on the way to the store I realized I didn’t grab my wallet. So I turned around and immediately went back to get it.

As I opened the door I smelled smoke.

I ran into the recording room and found that a pair of headphones had been too close to a burning candle. The cord on the headphones had combusted.

I don’t know what material that headphone cords are made of, but it went up like a dead Christmas tree.

It had caught fire and melted to almost nothing in the time it took me to leave the house and turn around and come back because I forgot my wallet.

  Up till then, I didn’t consider candles to be dangerous. But after that incident I’m pretty wary of using candles.

It scares me now when I see someone, especially one of my teenage children sleeping with a candle burning. Especially when they have been told not too more than once.

I never knew how fast fire could take hold and spread so easily.

It’s as if the flame had jumped off of the candle and landed straight onto the headphones. Honest truth.

So when it comes to keeping 20 or so candles lit to warm a room, that in my opinion is a definite no no.

The ease in which a fire could start is much too risky.

2.  VOCs

Most of the information that you can find on whether or not it is safe to breathe with a candle burning suggests that it is completely safe as long as it is only one or two candles and it is an open area.

  And that the candles are non scented…

This statement kinda blows the idea of keeping a room warm with candles out the window.

Firstly we are not talking about 1 or 2 candles. We are talking about 20.

Secondly, we are trying to keep the room warm which automatically means closing the doors and windows and sealing it in as well as possible.

And granted, if you were going to purchase candles to warm a room, you probably wouldn’t choose apple cinnamon or warm vanilla sugar.

But I think it goes without saying that the scent of a candle is the main appeal besides putting off light.

And the candles most of us have around the house are strongly scented.

That’s the point

It’s the fragrance that they put into candles that creates soot and the black smoky flame. Imagine multiplying the amount of soot by 20.

  The chemicals released from the fragrance fall under the category of Volatile Organic compounds ( VOCs) .

Air purifiers are designed for getting rid of VOCs. Because they are dangerous to breathe.

I haven’t tried it, but you know it would be hard and near impossible to breathe with 20 sooty scented candles burning.

3.  Not economical

Candles are not cheap.

Votive candles are approximately $2.50 a pop. Times 20 is 50 bucks for about 5 to 7 hours of burn time.

Even if they burned 8 hours you’re still looking at $150 for 24 hours.

You can buy an excellent space heater for $150. You can buy three small space heaters for that.

And I know that they have emergency candles that last 100 hours. But they are definitely not $2.50. More like $10.

Times that amount by 20. You’re still looking at $200 for $100 of heat.

So heating a room with candles is definitely not a cheap way to get heat.

Emergency or Survival Candles

I understand that in an emergency there may be a need to use candles to warm up your room.

But unless you have a stockpile of candles already,

  I think the better money would be on purchasing a propane space heater for emergency situations.

Summing up

Whether or not candles can heat a room is an interesting question.

And the answer is yes. If you have enough candles burning, you can heat up a room with candles.

The number of candles that it takes to roughly match the heat of a 1500 watt heater is about 19 to 20 candles.

That’s based on a candle being able to create about 80 watts of heat.

But even though it can be done, is it something that really should be done?

Most people will say, “what about an emergency?”

That makes sense. What if the power is out and you do not have any heat, and it’s cold outside.

So yes, I can see how if provided, you have 20 candles sitting around already, that lighting them all would be a way of getting some heat in your room in that kind of situation.

But if you don’t have 20 candles ( more like 60 in a 24-hour period) then buying candles for emergency preparedness is not going to be the best ideal for warming your house or room. And not the best ideal for preparing for an emergency or survival situation.

The amount of money that it would take to purchase enough candles to keep a room warm for 24 hours is enough to buy a more than adequate propane heater that can be lit without electricity.

And be a much safer option than having that many candles lit.

Do Smokeless Ashtrays Really Work?

Do Smokeless Ashtrays Work?

Are smokeless ashtrays a real thing? To be honest, the whole idea seems a little gimmicky to me.

The first time I can remember ever hearing about a smokeless ashtray was from the beginning of that movie Gremlins from 1984.

The guy who plays the traveling salesman, who ends up buying and bringing home the creature to his family, is trying to sell a smokeless ashtray to the shop owner where the gremlin is first seen.

I’m sure that there are a lot of people that will know all the characters’ names and such but I’m not one of them. I don’t really remember liking that movie all that much for one.

But I can’t deny that movie is one of the reasons smokeless ashtrays sound like a scam and are in any way familiar to me.

But I can’t deny that movie is one of the reasons smokeless ashtrays sound like a scam and are in any way familiar to me.

But I also have to admit that if a smokeless ashtray actually worked, that would be an awesome device.

As a non-smoker I can tell you that anytime I’m in a room with people smoking cigarettes,

  The smoke from the lighted cigarette sitting on an ashtray near me has an uncanny way of finding the right airstream to point the smoke directly to my face.

Imagine the amount of secondhand smoke that would be eliminated by just having this one part of the cigarette smoking process in check.

how do smokeless ashtrays workHow do Smokeless Ashtrays Work?


Some of them are basically a container with a lid that keeps a lot of the smoke from the cigarette from being able to travel as well.

The other type of smokeless ashtray and the one that seems to be the most popular is a device that has a miniature fan that pulls the smoke into an activated carbon filter. Which is basically a tiny air purifier.

Carbon filters are a lot like a sponge. They are small but they have millions of openings and cavern type spores. The activation process helps bind the chemicals from the cigarette gas into the filter.

Activated Carbon filters are frequently coupled with HEPA filters in air purifiers. Because they are known for their capacity to remove odors and gases.

Unfortunately the size and mass of a carbon filter fitted for a smokeless ashtray is actually quite tiny. And you’re not likely to get a lot of use or efficiency out of one before you have to replace it.t

Do Smokeless Ashtrays Really Work?

If You’re expecting a smokeless ashtray to completely remove all the evidence of a smoking cigarette, then the answer is quite obviously no.

But if you are just needing something to keep the amount of secondhand smoke down, then it is definitely a product worth trying.

For instance, you have a friend that you play cards with that keeps a lighted cigarette near you all the time you’re playing.

  A smokeless ashtray could capture the second hand smoke as it sits on the ashtray,
  the smoke would have a means of being filtered away from you before it travels straight into your non-smoker lungs.

So as long as you know what you’re getting and you’re not expecting a miracle, my opinion is that smokeless ashtrays are a genuine product that can have a great use.

If you go looking for a smokeless ashtray on the internet you will find that there are quite a few to choose from.

Here are a few of the smokeless ashtrays I was able to find by doing a Google search.

iLeefy 2 in 1 Air Purifier Multifunctional Smokeless Ashtray

2 in 1 Machine : It is not only an ashtray but also an air purifier, it can hold the soot without falling, it can also absorb second-hand smoke, and give you a fresh air environment.  

Fukang - Smokeless Ashtray Air PurifierAdd Your Heading

Effectively reduce the smell of soot, reduce second-hand smoke from spreading into the air, and keep second-hand smoke disturbing others.

Gratefulbuys-Smokeless Ashtray, 2 Pcs Carbon Filters Included

  • Carbon filters eliminates odors
  • Holds Cigars & Cigarettes
  • Made of Fireproof Melamine
  • Easy to clean
  • Powered by 2 C batteries


Are Smokeless Ashtrays Useful?



Most smokeless ashtrays work like a mini air purifier that you sit your cigarette on.

They have a tiny fan that pulls the smoke into an activated carbon filter.
The same premise as a regular size air purifier.

Whether or not they actually work is depending on what you actually expect out of them.

A miniature air purifier is only going to filter out a very small amount of air.

So expecting an ashtray that has a mini air purifier connected to the bottom to remove a whole lot of smoke is not logical.

If you were thinking about purchasing a smokeless ashtray to hide the fact that you were smoking, you’re not going to get a very good result. 

They can’t work to that extent.

But if you were purchasing a smokeless ashtray to keep the amount of secondhand smoke coming off of a lighted cigarette sitting on an ashtray to a minimum, then you would probably be more pleased by the result.

smokeless ashtrayAs a non smoker, much of the smoke that you have to deal with is not the smoke that people are blowing out of their mouth since they are able to blow it away from you,

But it’s the smoke that is coming from a lighted cigarette sitting on an ashtray.

If a smokeless ashtray can eliminate this part of the smoke, or even reduce it, then I believe that a smokeless ashtray does provide a good function.

But remember, the size of the carbon filters on these things are very small and you are unlikely to get a whole lot of time out of one before you have to replace it.

So purchasing a smokeless ashtray that comes with multiple replacements is going to be the better purchase.

What Smells Deter Cats from Peeing Outside the Litter-Box?

If you’re a pet lover like I am, then you probably have a cat or two running around the house at just about any time.

And if you’ve ever had a cat that doesn’t know how to use the litter box or just refuses, then you know what kind of chaos that causes around the home.

Because of the super strong-smelling proteins in cat urine, which is there to mark their territory,

it makes getting the smell of cat pee out of the carpet or even just the floor surface near impossible. ( near)

And for most items, if they get cat pee on them, they’re pretty much done with.

  Luckily there are some scents that you can use to help deter your cats from peeing on your belongings.

Of course, you want to get to the root issue and hopefully stop the behavior forever,

But in the meantime, here is a small list of smells that cats will deter cats from peeing:

1.  Vinegar

Vinegar is an all-natural cleaner that is not harmful to cats. And it can be used as a deterrent to keep cats from peeing outside of their litter box.
But remember vinegar as a very Stout smell that can overtake your room if you use too much. A white vinegar and water spray solution mixed 3 to 1 water.
You can always add more vinegar but since it’s so strong, starting off small is a better ideal.

2.  Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus has a strong menthol smell that cats do not like.  It has a similar smell to Vicks. But be aware that Vicks contains an ingredient called camphor that can be poisonous to cats.

You can use eucalyptus oil in a diffuser which may keep the kitty out of the room or you can put it in an eyedropper and sparingly put a few drops in the area that you’re trying to deter the cat from peeing in.

3.  Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has a very sharp menthol odor that cats will try to avoid. It can be used in essential oil in a diffuser or in an eyedropper. A water spray solution can also work. But be very careful to only use a little at a time because the smell of tea tree oil can overpower a room very quickly.

4.  Peppermint

Peppermint is also another strong menthol smell that cats do not want anything to do with.

Putting peppermint in the area where you’re trying to deter a cat from being is a great way to not only deter your cat but deodorize the area as well.

5.  Coffee beans

Coffee beans or coffee grounds have a smell that cats find offensive.

A small satchel of coffee put in the area where you’re trying to avoid the cat from doing his business can have a great effect at deterring them from doing so.

Coffee is also a nice deodorizer that will not overpower your room or your house as much as say “tea tree oil”.

6. Citrus

The general smell of citrus whether it be in oranges, lemons, or limes, is a big turn-off to cats.

Central oils are very popular essential oil smells as well. You can try diffusing lemon oil in the area that you’re trying to keep the cat from or is a more invasive remedy, use an eye dropper to put a few drops around the area that the cat is prone to.

7.  Lavender

Lavender is a calming scent that cats also find offensive. The combination of calming your cat down and deterring him/her from a specific area may not only deter him from going outside of the litter box but calm him down so that he does not want to as much.

Bodhi 3-in-1 Cat & Kitten Training Aid

Bodhi Three-in-One Cat & Kitten Training Aid with added bitters has been specially designed to teach your kitten or cat to stay clear of the treated areas and discourage the cat from chewing things inside your home, both inside and outside. Stop cats from sitting, wandering around, jumping, scratching, or chewing furniture, carpet floors, wood flooring, or drapes around the house! Spray areas where you want to deter your cat. Reapply the spray at least every twenty-four hours until your cat’s habit has been broken. The rate of application is contingent upon how bad the cat’s behavior is and the frequency with which the cat is in the area. 3 in 1 Cat & Kitten Training packaging is produced with the most sustainable and environmentally friendly methods accessible from the USA. MADE IN THE USA

Harbors Cat Repellent and Trainer – Cat Repellent Spray

Harbor’s Cat Repellent Spray helps train the cat to stay clear of the area or object sprayed. It’s a learning process. The cat will go to the location where the repellent was sprayed and discover that the location is unpleasant, and then go away. It could take several visits before the cat discovers that it doesn’t like the location.

It’s a Learning Process

Harbor’s Cat Repellent Spray acts as an aid for cat training. It comprises three scents that you’ll enjoy, which your feline will be able to avoid. Help your cat avoid being in trouble.


To get the best outcome, apply three times every day for seven days and repeat as required. If you try applying the repellent or trainer only one or two times and expect results to be immediate, the result may be disappointing… Additionally, certain materials may require many applications before they build up enough scent to repel cats (non-porous surfaces may take more time).

NaturVet – Off Limits Training Spray

Stop pets from causing damage to outdoor and indoor areas If your pet is chewing furniture or digging up yards and patios Help them stop by spraying them with NaturVet Off Limits pet Training Spray for cats and dogs.

  • HELP prevent pet digging Problems with dog chewing: NaturVet Off Limits pet Training Spray for dogs and cats provides pets with solutions made of herbs that can help reduce the damage to patios, furniture lawns, and gardens.

MINIMIZE the amount of chewing your pet does by using a non-toxic spray: This easy to apply spray for pets is stain-free and non-toxic, so it won’t cause irritation to your pet’s skin or cause staining to furniture. The cat spray for chewing is suitable for use both outdoors and indoors on all surfaces that can be cleaned.

Nature’s Miracle Just for Cat Stain and Odor Remover

  • The Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer for cats is resistant to strong cat urine as well as the sticky, yellow product that goes with it.
  • The formulas based on bacteria produce enzymes when they come in contact with food sources like urine, feces, vomit, and other bio-based wastes. The enzyme cleaner will continue functioning as long the food source is in the vicinity, leaving the area with a fresh, light smell.
  • Always use the maximum power. Don’t dilute.
  • Get rid of stain: Clean off the stain as thoroughly as possible. Then, after you thoroughly wash off your hands of the stain.
  • Odor elimination: Clean any odor-producing materials. Then thoroughly soak the affected areas. The importance of saturation is to make sure that the product can penetrate deep into the source of the smell.

There are many reasons why a cat may not use the litterbox. A few of the more common reasons are:

Scent – Cat’s have sensitive noses and will often refuse to eliminate in an area where another animal has urinated or defecated. If you have other pets, try changing their litterboxes to see if it helps. This is especially true if you have dogs as cats and dogs may get into territorial disputes.

Litter Box – Make sure that your cat can easily access the litterbox by making sure that it is not blocked by anything such as furniture or toys. Also, make sure to keep the litterbox clean and that there is enough litter in it for your cat.

Make Sure That The Litterbox Is Big Enough – If your cat just started using a new box make sure that the box is big enough for them. Some cats won’t use a box that is too small for them because they don’t feel comfortable doing their business in such a confined space.

Location – Try putting the litterbox in different places in your home to see if your cat will use it because of its location. For example, some cats prefer boxes that are more secluded so moving it to a more private spot could help them feel more comfortable using it

Cats are clean animals by nature, and most will learn to use a litterbox if you give them one. The main reasons for litterbox problems are that the cat is uncomfortable with the box location or type of litter, or there is a medical problem.

How to Get Rid of Dust in the Air? – The Lucky 13

Dust is a particularly nasty recipe of ingredients when you get down to it.

Everything from insect skeletons, rodent feces, dead skin flakes, mites, and not to mention pollen and spores.

All floating through the air, ready to come in contact with your eyes, nose and mouth,

And create havoc in your sinuses.

So what can you do?

How to get rid of dust in the air?

Here is a list of suggestions that we have compiled to help you do just that.

1.  Use a humidifier

Low humidity or dry air as it’s more commonly referred to, can play a huge part in how much dust is floating and how far it can travel through the air.

  The reason is that humidity has a “mudding” effect that weighs down dust and causes it to fall out of the air that you breathe.

The result of keeping a higher relative humidity when it comes to dusty surfaces is similar in that it congeals dust particles and keeps them from being kicked into the air.

A Humidifier is a device that adds moisture back into the air when the relative humidity has dropped.

It’s the first thing on our list because if the climate is extra dry then there is little chance of controlling dust in the air until you do something to balance the relative humidity.

LEVOIT Humidifiers


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2.  Air purifier

Filtering is another way of getting dust out of the air.

Most air purifiers use HEPA filters that are able to remove dust particles as small as .003 parts per million.

HEPA Air purifiers work best in small spaces. HIPAA air purifiers are usually combined with carbon filters that are able to adsorb gases and odors as well.

Other air purifiers called Ionizer air purifiers use ions to connect  dust particles together through polarity.

The result is that they become too heavy to float and fall out of the air.

The main disadvantage for ionizers for removing dust from the air is though it falls out of the air it collects on the surface. Which will undoubtedly be kicked up again.
Another disadvantage with them is that they smell a bit like ozone.

LEVOIT Air Purifiers


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3.  Vacuuming

Most dust is brought into the house with your feet. Tracking dust in your shoes is easily one of the biggest ways that it collects in your house.

Walking is all it takes to kick the dust that you brought in with your shoes in the first place up into the air.

Vacuuming the carpet more often is a way of reducing dust in the air.

4.  Sweeping and mopping

Along the same lines as vacuuming, dirty floors supply dust that is easily kicked up into the air when walking over them.

Sweeping and mopping more frequently is another way of keeping dust from becoming a problem in your airstream.

5. Take your shoes off at the door

Just like we mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago, dust coming in on the bottom of your shoes is one of the biggest ways that dirt gets into your home.

Kicking your shoes off before you walk through the house is a great way of keeping the dust from traveling in on your shoes.

Another option is to change shoes, when you come in the door to a pair that doesn’t go outside with you.

6.  Dusting and wiping

If your countertops, shelves and tables are dusty, then you have another supply of dust that can easily make it into your ambient air simply by turning on a ceiling fan or letting a breeze in.

Keeping dust out of the air is as easy as keeping your surfaces wiped down sometimes.

7.  Shut the doors and windows

Keeping the doors and windows open is inviting dust to come into the house and float through your air.

As a source for dust, there’s not much bigger of a reservoir than the dust blowing in from outside.

7. Seal up Windows and doors

Leaving the doors and windows open intentionally is not the only way the dust comes in through your doors and windows.

When your windows and doors are not sealed properly, then dust can gather around the unsealed areas of your home and become part of the dustiness of your air.

Sealing up your doors and windows will help keep dust from coming when they are closed.

8. Keep the dogs and cats outside

If you have pets that could come in and out of the house, you are going to have a lot of dust.

Not only are dogs running around in the yard collecting dirt, they are shedding, and spreading dander throughout your air stream.

Cat hair is particularly covered in bacteria and dander as well.

Without keeping the animals outside, there’s no real chance of keeping dust out of the house and the air.

9. Plant some grass

If you have ground in your yard that doesn’t have any grass on it or is overgrown with weeds, then you have a big supply of dust waiting to be blown into the house.

  Planting some grass seed on your bare ground areas and keeping the yard trimmed will help lessen the supply of dust available to get into your home.

10. HVAC filters

The filters in your central heat and air conditioning help filter out dust so that it does not circulate through your house via the vent work of your HVAC system.

Keeping the filters replaced helps them filter more dust and allergens from your air when the unit is on.

It also keeps your unit working much more efficiently.

11. Change your bedding more often

It’s a disgusting fact that your mattress and sheets can be covered with dead skin and dust mites.

The longer you let your bedding go without proper washing, the more dust you’re going to have coming off of your own bed.

  Also many of the allergies that you assume are entering into your airways through the dustiness of your air,

might just be hanging out on your pillow and in your blankets waiting for you to bury your face in them.

12. House plants

If you haven’t heard about it, there’s a big list of houseplants that nasa say are all natural air purifiers.

Some house plants like the rubber plant actually draw dust to themselves and have to be washed off.

Other plants like Aloe Vera and snake plants create oxygen which naturally makes your air easier to breathe.

House plants are a novel and excellent way of creating less dust in your air.

If you want to see NASA’s big list, and pick some plants that you know will do the job, you can click here.

13. Dehumidifier / Air conditioner

The humidifier was at the top of our list to help deal with dust in the air when the relative humidity is low.

But dustiness can be an issue when the humidity is high as well.

One of the big issues with excessive humidity is that it becomes a source of nutrition for dust mites.

Dust mite populations explode in high humidity.

Another problem with high humidity is that it supplies moisture for mold to take root. Once you have mold growing in your house, then you have mold spores traveling through your air.

A dehumidifier is a device that works the opposite of a humidifier.

Instead of adding humidity, it reduces the humidity in the air. Thereby reducing mold spores and dust mites.

Refrigerated air conditioners like window air conditioners and central heat and air (HVAC) dehumidify the air as they cool also.

Post air conditioners have a dehumidifier setting called “dry mode” on them.

If the temperatures are very hot with high humidity, running the air conditioner is a way to reduce dust in your air.
If the humidity is very high but the temperatures are not so much,
dehumidifier or using the dry mode on your air conditioner is the way to go.

how to get dust ot of the airWe hope you liked our Dusty list.

We hope you’ll get some relief from the dust floating through your air by applying some of these suggestions.

Top 7 Products for Dogs to Keep Them Cool and Safe in Summer

Your dogs are more than pets; they are part of the family. As much as you like to get them small pet toys to play with, you should also invest in their comfort.
Now that summer is well and truly here, it’s time to make sure you and your faithful companion are prepared for all kinds of weather – this includes sweltering hot days.

A dog’s body temperature runs higher than humans because they have no reliable way to cool down or release heat. During the summer months, make sure your dog doesn’t get overheated and dehydrated.

We have compiled a list of the seven most effective products you can use to help your pet stay cool and safe.

elevated dog bed
1.Elevated Dog Beds

Get a raised dog bed so your dog can stay out of the sun, or if you live in an apartment outside their crate.

Make sure it’s off the ground and in a cool, shady location. One of the best ways to combat overheating is by ensuring your pup has access to fresh air on all sides.

This breathable, elevated pet bed allows them to relax and chill inside or out.
There are also special cooling beds that emit water to keep your pet cool all summer long!


2.Cooling Bandana

Some dogs have a hard time regulating their body temperature and keeping cool.

A cooling bandana is a great way to help keep them comfortable! The fabric contains a gel that will stay cool for hours without refrigeration.

This lightweight “cool collar” can be worn on your pets during hot summer days, and it releases water into the air, thereby cooling them down.

It’s easy to take along on walks and hikes, so you can make sure your dog stays comfortable in every environment!

3.Cooling Vest

Cooling vests are an excellent solution for dogs that don’t do well with water, need extra heat relief, or if their breed is susceptible to overheating.

These lightweight vests are lined with a cooling gel that stays effective for hours.

Your dog will be comfortable, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing they won’t overheat!

Dog Cooling Bed
4.Summer Dog House Cooler

If your dog spends his days outside in the summer, make sure he has plenty of shade and a cool summer doghouse cooler.
The material contains water and absorbs heat, keeping your pet at a comfortable temperature all day long.

Not only will it keep him cool and cozy, but most summer doghouse coolers also have a waterproof bottom that protects the floor of your pup’s house from excess moisture.
They enclose their home entirely so they can feel safe and secure while lounging inside.

5.Cooling mats

are a great addition to your pet’s crate or dog bed.
They contain water and will release moisture throughout the day, so their crate/bed stays cool to the touch.
These mats are portable, soft, lightweight, and comfortable for dogs to lie on.

The cooling mat is made from recycled material and can be folded up for easy transport and storage when not in use.

They are available in regular and large sizes, which means one will work for practically any dog.

6.Dog swimming pool

A dog swimming pool is the perfect summer companion for your pet. It will provide them with hours of fun and keep them cool on those hot days. It can be placed in their backyard or taken along on camping trips.

This plastic swimming pool has a strong steel frame and comes complete with a pump, filter, and chemicals to ensure clean water for your dog to swim in.

7.Waterproof dog shoes

Walking around in the summer can be hazardous for pets because they burn their paws on hot concrete.

Cooling Dog Shoes allow your dog to stay comfortable all day long and help protect his feet from pain and abrasions.

This waterproof dog shoe is a great option when you’re traveling by boat, as the propellers could damage their paws otherwise.

The bottom of the shoe is non-skid and works to protect his feet and prevent slipping. These shoes are available in several sizes for all types of pets.dog swimming pool

You may have to do some research on which type of dog you are looking for based on the climate in your area.

But with these products, we hope that summer will be a breeze! We’ve compiled a list of 7 top items every pet owner needs this season.

 These include cooling mats, cooling beds, and more to help keep them safe and happy during the hot months ahead. 

Whether you’re buying one or all seven, they’ll make sure that your best friend is comfortable and cool no matter what time of year it happens to be outside.