Can a single candle heat a room

Can a Single Candle Heat a Room?

Can a single candle heat a room?

You may have wondered yourself about how much heat can actually come from a candle.

Emergency situations can and do arise and having a contingency plan that includes survival techniques and a MacGyver knowledge of household products like candles can be very helpful.

What can a single candle do to heat a room? Really.

You could logically say that a single candle could have a heating effect on the temperature of a room even if it is very miniscule.

Some often quoted research suggests that it takes about 20 burning candles to match the heat of a small space heater.

That’s based on the ideal that a candle is creating about 80 w of heat and a space heater is rated at 1500 watts.

  So one candle out of 20 burning will potentially give you 1/20 of the heat that you would get from a small space heater.

But in reality, if all you have is one candle to heat a room, you shouldn’t expect to do much to warm it.

  That’s not to say that candles are useless at helping keep warm.

There are some really awesome survival methods that people have concocted over the years that can magnify the heat from one or two candles,

And while it is not realistic to say that a single candle can heat a room, there are methods to use a candle or two, combined with a coffee can or a couple of clay pots, can give off enough heat to warm a very small space or warm your hands at least.

The easiest way to get more heat out of a single candle is to encase the candle so that the amount of heat is multiplied.

You can do this with a metal coffee can.  By placing a couple of tea light candles in the bottom of a coffee can.

The heat coming off of the candles combined with the heat transferring from the metal of the candle to the metal of the coffee can, can build up enough heat to huddle around it in an emergency or survival situation.

Another unique way that people use candles combined with household items to create heat is to trap the heat of the candles inside of a clay flower pot.

Even the small amount of heat coming off a candle is enough to heat a clay flower pot to the point of not being able to touch it.

  A simple flower pot candle heater includes a couple of mid sized flower pots. A mid-sized flower pot and one flower pot slightly smaller.

A long piece of ‘All Thread”. All Thread is a type of solid pipe that is threaded like a screw.

Five long washers that go around the all thread. And five nuts that screw onto the all thread.

Four tea candle lights.

Use the illustration for assembly.


Can a single candle heat a room?

You’re not going to be able to heat a whole room with a single candle. But there are creative ways of combining candles with items like coffee cans and clay flower pots that can cause a candle to produce much more heat than it would if it were lit and sit on a table where the oxygen could dissipate quickly.


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