What Candles Produce the Most Heat

What Candles Produce the Most Heat?

What candles produce the most heat?

Trying to warm your hands up with a candle or even more seriously, an entire room is not an easy thing.

  And if you find yourself in such a situation, you are going to want to have some candles that put off plenty of heat.

So… What candles produce the most heat?

The easy answer is soy candles because  the wax burns longer than with paraffin candles. And the longer the candle burns, the hotter it will get.

And when you get into the question of what is the longest burning candle, the variety that you can pick from goes up substantially.

For instance, there are survival candles like the “Candlelife” brand that can burn for 115 hours.

Or the ReadyHour that burns 100 hours.

But if you are planning to try to heat up a large area with candles, you are going to need a bunch of candles.

If you were to use the popular ideal that a candle is worth 80 w. That means you would need about 20 candles to equal the heat of a small space heater.

And going off the most recent Amazon price for a ready hour 100 hour candle at $6.95, that’s $139 to heat a small area with candles for a 100 hours.

Not exactly cheap.

And not exactly the best way to get the most heat out of a candle.

If you have been searching long for solutions related to getting “heat from candles”, you probably come across some of the do it yourself candle heaters that people have invented.

The clay flower pot candle heater is one such invention that is pretty unique.

The idea was to take a couple of flower pots, the brownish Orange clay flower pots that are fairly popular and can be purchased at most any big box store.

With one pot slightly bigger than the other, you take a piece of “all thread” and connect them upside down with a space of about 2 in between them and use the plate as a shelf to put the candles underneath the pots.

With this ideal, it will take a lot less than 20 candles to get some heat to warm your hands by.

But if you want the heat to last longer you’re still going to have to purchase the bigger, longer lasting candles.

Another simple candle heater uses tea candles, which were actually very small candles. But the difference is that they are poured into a metal container.

  This makeshift candle heater is very easy to make. It is basically a metal coffee can with burning tea lights at the bottom.

Since the tea light candle wax heats the metal that it is sitting in up, it helps heat the coffee can up to. And because the candles are sitting down in a coffee can, the heat is concentrated and doesn’t allow the oxygen to disperse as easily.

You may not be talking about a Honeywell space heater that can heat up a 200 foot space, but at least if you are in an emergency, it makes a good little survival heater to warm your hands up.

Summing it up

The kind of candle that puts off the most heat is a larger candle that uses soy wax.

The reason is, Soy Burns longer than paraffin and a bigger candle burns longer than a smaller candle.

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