Windowless Air Conditioner Solutions- Adding New Ductwork

Windowless Air Conditioner Solutions- Adding New Ductwork

Getting cool air to a room that doesn’t have any windows can be a challenge sometimes.

But depending on what type of room and what size of a room you were trying to cool, the answer may be closer than you think.

There are so many different scenarios of rooms that need cooling but do not have any windows.

One example is a garage that has been converted or closed in to add another bedroom.

Garages are typically not part of the HVAC zoning system of your home.

So you don’t have cool air running to your garage from the main hub of the central heat and air.

Windowless Air Conditioner Solutions- Adding New Ductwork

Running ductwork from your existing HVAC to your new room can be a solution if:

1. You have an adequate size HVAC that can handle it.

2. You have other rooms in the house that are not being used

1.  Adequate or bigger size HVAC than you need.

Many times the HVAC system in your house is bigger than you actually need.

In this ideal situation, running new ductwork to your new room will be relatively simple and do a decent job.

For specifics, you will need to know the size of the room you were trying to cool and the tonnage of your HVAC system.

  An HVAC tech will be able to tell you whether or not this suits you are not.


When you have rooms in the house that are not in use.

This is something I’ve seen in a rented house where someone was using the garage for a podcast studio.

He portioned off part of a single car garage to set up his equipment and built a makeshift studio. Since this was a rented house and he didn’t plan on living there forever, he converted the garage in a way that he could take it apart whenever he decided to move.

The problem was that there wasn’t any heating or air in the garage and it was extra hot throughout the summer.

  And by no means is this a recommendation, I’m only telling the story to give you an idea of things that can be done if you think outside of the box.

In this specific rental house that he lived in, there was an area next to the garage that was supposed to be a dining room (maybe). The room didn’t make a lot of sense and he was just piling stuff in there.

So to cool his studio area that he had built into his garage, he got into the attic, removed the duct that was running to the dining /storage room he wasn’t using, and extended it to the garage.

A pretty good solution since he had a room that was only being used for storing stuff.

  This was a good idea for him since he was a single man and wasn’t using one room for anything besides storage and didn’t care whether or not it ever got cooling or heating to it.

  This idea can also work if you have a house with a room or two that you keep closed off but do not want to completely remove the heat or  air from the room

In the above scenario, the man could have tied into the existing ductwork and ran a new duct to the garage.

Then added vents that could be completely closed to both the dining area and the new garage area.

That way both rooms could share the Heat and Air in an either/or situation.

I say either/ or situation because simply tying off a new duct from an existing room will probably not give you enough air into the new room for you to be satisfied.


Windowless Air Conditioner Solutions- Adding New Ductwork

If you have a room in your house that doesn’t get air from your existing HVAC, sometimes a solution to cooling the room is to add an extra duct from the HVAC hub.

This works if you have a bigger HVAC than you need or if you have rooms in the house that are closed off.

If you do have rooms that are closed off you can run the duct from those rooms to the room you want cooling,

Or you can tie in from the ductwork going to those rooms and add vents that completely close off, to the room you’re not using and the new room that you’re running air to. That way you can still open the vent and get air to the old room in an either/ or situation.

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