How Do You Cool a Room With No Windows and No AC

How Do You Cool a Room With No Windows and No AC?

There are many scenarios that can lead to the question of how to cool a room with no windows and no AC.

Perhaps you live in a city apartment without access to a window or have a basement room without a cooling system. Maybe your working in hot shop…

Whatever the reason may be, it can be a challenge to keep a room without a AC or even a window.

How do you cool a room with no windows and no AC?

1.Use a portable air conditioner.

These units can be easily moved from room to room and do not require a window for venting. It may not be as powerful as a traditional AC unit but it will still cool down the room.

 One caveat, these are not useful in high humidity. 

2.Create a cross breeze.

If possible, open doors to adjacent rooms or use a fan to create a cross breeze. This can help to circulate the air and make the room feel cooler.

3. Insulate the room.

Use weather stripping to seal any gaps around doors or windows, and use insulation to keep the room cool.

This will prevent warm air from entering the room and will keep the room cooler during the hot months.

4.Use natural cooling methods.

Hang wet towels or sheets in front of open windows to create a cooling effect. You can also place bowls of ice in front of a fan to cool the air as it blows through the room.

5.Invest in a personal cooling device.

Personal cooling devices, such as a handheld fan or personal air conditioner, can provide a cool stream of air directly to the person. Again, these types of devices generally use the breeze created by water and a fan. If its to humid, they wont work to well. 

6. Use fans.

A simple and effective way to circulate the air in your room, fans can help to cool you down and create a breeze. Ceiling fans and oscillating fans are particularly effective.

7. Block Windows

Even if you have a window, you might not be able to open it. If thats the case, keep the windows covered and blinds closed during the day. This will prevent the sun’s rays from heating up your room.

8. Use a damp cloth.

Place a damp cloth on your forehead or drape it over your pillow to help lower your body temperature.

9.Try a DIY air conditioner.

Fill a large plastic container with ice and place it in front of a fan. As the fan blows, it will circulate the cool air from the melting ice.

In summary, there are several ways to cool a room with no windows and no AC, including using a portable air conditioner, fans, creating a cross breeze, insulating the room, using natural cooling methods,and investing in a personal cooling device.

While none of these methods may be as powerful as a traditional AC unit, they can still help to make the room more comfortable.

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