What Kills Spiders? Vinegar? Bleach? Hairspray?

What Kills Spiders?

Obviously there is a unique place in the world for spiders. I’m not going to argue the benefits of letting spiders be, even though personally that’s the position I would normally take. At least helping it to get outside when I see one in the house.

But having the fortunate and sometimes unfortunate situation of being the only man in a house full of women and girls,

I can tell you that there is no reasoning and no articulating words you can say to a woman, at least the ones in my house, when they see a spider.

Hysteria is the only emotion that can be drawn from in that moment.

Even if it’s a small spider. God forbid a tarantula ever enter our domain.

So this article is about what household items and sprays that you have around that can kill a spider when the evil dares to encroach upon your castle.

What kills spiders?

Here is a brief list of household items you probably already have on hand and some that may be even already within arms length. Good Luck in your Spider Removing endeavor.

Does vinegar kill spiders

Does vinegar kill spiders?

Vinegar is a spider repellent because it contains acetic acid. Vinegar is often used as a household cleaner to remove mold and mildew because of this very ingredient.

Mixed with water is also one of the easiest and best window cleaners you can use. Chances are you may even have a spray bottle of vinegar and water under your sink ready to use in case you see a spider in the house.

“Using a easy recipe of one part vinegar and one part water, you can spray the solution directly on a spider and it will definitely flee.”

And since the odor the white vinegar is enough to repel a spider, placing small bowls of white vinegar around the inside of your house is a easy way to repel and keep spiders from coming inside of your home.

Does bleach kill spiders?

Bleach is a fungicide as well as a pesticide because it has the capacity to kill bacteria better cellular level.

The acid in bleach destroys anything it comes in contact with, and yes that does include spiders.

But bleach is not recommended as a pesticide because it is not only dangerous to pest it is dangerous to humans. And destructive to anything you spray it on.

But if you’re in a pinch and you need something fast to get rid of a spider, one part bleach to three parts of water will do the trick.

Spray it directly on the insect and any web or spider eggs you can identify.

And get ready for your clothes to be stained White and eventually tear apart.

Does hairspray kill spiders?

Hairspray does not typically contain poisons that would kill a spider but it does have a coating effect that would smother the spider,

it will basically glue the spider’s body and legs, restricting any motion. This at least will give you enough time to get rid of the spider or get help to remove it.

As an insecticide, they are much better household options to get rid of spiders than hairspray.

Does Windex kill spiders?

When you see a spider and you are in a quick pinch to find something in a hurry that will execute him,

“Windex is a product that you may have nearby that will kill a spider. Not only will Windex kill a spider, you can adjust the nozzle so that you do not have to get too near to the spotter to douse him with Windex.”

Once you spray the Windex on the spider, give it a little bit and you will see that he has curled up and died.

does bleach kill spidersDoes Febreze kill spiders?

Febreze is a household item that is likely to be an arms reach when you spot a spider.

That is good because febreze contains an ingredient called hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin and another ingredient called Benzisothiazolinone that are both lethal to spiders.

Dousing a spider with febreze or any spray household air freshener, will not only kill the insect, it will not leave behind the toxic smell that you get from spraying a repellent like Raid.

Does Lysol kill spiders?

Lysol is poisonous to spiders but spraying on a spider with more than likely Chase it off rather than kill it on the spot. Although it will probably go somewhere and die.

Grabbing a broom and swatting the spider is more effective than spraying Lysol on it.

Does salt kill spiders?

Salt will kill spiders and it is one of the most easy and effective ways to repel spiders and keep them from coming into your house.

Obviously salt is not a spur of the moment something you can grab and kill a spider type of a solution.

But as a deterrent for keeping spiders out of your house, mixing warm water and salt in a spray bottle and spraying all of your perimeters, doors and windows, and dousing any eggs or webs you see with the salt and water solution will keep spiders from entering your home.

 One drawback is, if it rains it’ll wash the solution away and you’ll have to do it again.

What household cleaners kill spiders?

Most household cleaners will not kill a spider instantly but they will inhibit its movement till it curls up and dies.

Any aerosol that you have available is likely to chase the spider off and eventually kill him and if the spray has an adhesive element to it like spray glue or hairspray, the spider will not be able to move and eventually die on the spot.

Spiders are very fragile creatures and any aerosol household spray that you have handy will eventually kill a spider.

What kills spiders instantly?

A commercial insect spray is a better choice if you need the spider to die instantly.

Does hairspray kill spidersDoes Raid kill spiders?

Raid spider blaster will kill spiders on contact. And sometimes waiting for a spider to die or using a repellent to scare them is not an option.

I have tried to keep a light-hearted approach to killing spiders in this article because it is such a funny thing to see how scared of spiders that some people can be. Especially the women in the girls that I live with.

But there is no denying that some spiders need to be very carefully dealt with.
If you live in a household, like I do with a lot of children and females, it’s worth teaching them to be able to identify when a spider is especially dangerous.

The Black widow and the Brown Recluse are both spiders that are popular but are deadly if they bite you.

If you have a spider infestation or think that you have spotted a dangerous spider in your home, the best thing to do is call a professional to examine your home and professionally exterminate the problem.


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