Where Should I Place My Air Purifier

Where Should I Place My Air Purifier?

Where do you put your air purifier is not as easy as you might think. And then again it just might be that easy.

Where should I put my air purifier?

1. Bedroom
2. Living room
3. Kitchen
4. Arts and crafts room

The obvious answer to where the place your air purifier is where it is needed the most.

In other words if there’s a specific room where you find yourself having sneezing fits or headaches, that would be a good suggestion for where to put your air purifier.

Almost every room in the house is a good candidate for an air purifier.
Whether it’s aerosols or nail polishes, cooking smells or pet dander, air quality is important wherever you are in the home.

Bedrooms make a good choice because that’s where we spent a significant amount of time sleeping. And when you sleep you tend to breathe deeper. So having an air purifier in the bedroom only makes sense from a better health better sleeping point of view.

People also tend to spend a great deal of time in the living room or family room.
The living room gets a lot of traffic and a lot of airborne contaminants moving through it because of the amount of feet moving through it kicking up contaminants into the air.
So the living room is also a great candidate for keeping an air purifier running.

Kitchens usually have a residual smell of some sort from cooking. From an odor stance , using an air purifier with a carbon filter to absorb cooking smells is also a good place to place an air purifier.

Craft rooms can be particularly contaminated with polluted air because of the adhesives and paints, varnishes, so forth.

Placing an air purifier in your crafting room is great way to reduce vocs in the air that can cause headaches and nausea.

Other suggestions include:
Game rooms

But whatever room you decide to put an air purifier there are some other specifics to think about.

Should you put your air purifier on the floor?

No. The floor is not a good place for the air purifier because an air purifier will always clean the air directly around the machine the best.
The air that you want clean the most in your home would be the air that you are breathing.
So placing the air purifier on a table or stand will be much more efficient at cleaning the ambient air that will be going into your lungs.

Can I place an air purifier on the carpet?

There is nothing about an air purifier that will inherently harm your carpet. An air purifier is not like a humidifier that has water in it and has the potential to spill but it still is not the best place to keep it because it will be primarily cleaning the air next to the ground instead of the air that you are breathing.

Should I keep on air purifier on the nightstand next to the bedShould I keep on air purifier on the nightstand next to the bed?

No. An air purifier works much like a fan in reverse. In other words it pulls air towards it instead of blowing it away from it.
Is the air purifier is right next to you while you were sleeping, then the air purifier will be pulling the contaminants from the air directly to your side of the room and bed.
Instead of deeply breathing clean air, it will have the opposite effect and you will be breathing extra polluted air.
Having the air purifier across the room from your bed will keep your are clean and keep the particles in the air from coming directly towards you.

Air purifier placement in the living room.

Air purifier placement in the living room is similar to the bedroom. you don’t want to place the air purifier right next to your easy chair that you sit in because the direction of the air is being pulled into the air purifier and with you sitting next to it, the pollutants in the air are coming directly towards you.
Putting the air purifier on the opposite side of the room away from people will keep the polluted air from flowing directly in their direction.

Can I hide my air purifier behind plants?

As long as the air purifier has plenty of airflow and is not obstructed, you can place it behind plants.

but there is one point you may want to think about and that is that many plants themselves are known to oxygenate the room.

If you place an air purifier directly behind the plants you may be filtering out the benefits of having the plants in the room as well.

If you are in the market for an air purifier and you are thinking about where you are going to place it,
There is a type of air purifier that goes directly into your HVAC system and cleans the whole house.

These in duct air purifiers are the perfect placement of an air purifier because they make your central heat and air system into a whole house air purifier.

There are many people who suggest placing air purifiers by the air duct vents in the house because the air coming out of the HVAC system is one of the most polluted sources of air in the house.

Though it may be true that placing an air purifier by the vent could possibly help keep the air from the HVAC from polluting the house, placing an induct  purifier or two inside of the ductwork will transform the air inside of your HVAC system.

You will no longer have to use it for a preventative measure to protect yourself from the air because the air itself will be clean and the HVAC will clean any are recycling back into the system.
It’s a win-win situation if your house is outfitted with central heat and air.


Air purifiers are generally very mobile and can be put anywhere with your having an issue with bad air quality.
Sneezing, headaches, and nausea can occur when you are living in a room that has bad air quality.

If you have a particular area where you are experiencing symptoms then that is the room to place your air purifier.

Bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, anywhere in the house practically is a good place to put your air purifier because every room in the house has its own type of indoor air pollution problem depending on what’s happening in that room.

Just remember that you want to clean the air that you breathe and not the are next to the floor or next to the ceiling.
So keeping it at head level will give you a much better result.

Also make sure that the air can flow in and out of the machine easily and that there is no obstructions either in front or behind the air purifier.

Finally the placement of an air purifier can be simple by choosing to purchase and induct air purifier that will clean the whole house via the ductwork of your HVAC.

One or two of these air purifiers is enough to clean an entire house without ever having to worry about where to place it for moving it from room to room.


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