Can I Put My Air Purifier On A Table

Can I Put My Air Purifier On A Table?

You’ve done the research. You made the leap and you bought the air purifier.

But where to put it?

Air purifier location is important to get the best out of your investment.

Can I put my air purifier on a table?

Placing your air purifier on a table is a good idea because it will do more to clean the Ambient air (the air you breathe) than placing it on the floor or up high on a shelf.


You shouldn’t place your air purifier on the dinner table or counter top near your food.

Air purifiers work by pulling pollutants out of the air and capturing them in a filter located inside of the air purifier.

Having the air purifier on the table next to your food means that you or pulling the contaminants from the air towards your food.

Remember many of the allergens that you are trying to eliminate in your home are mold related.

Even placing an air purifier on the countertop near a bowl of fruit or vegetables can be inviting mold spores to gather on your produce.

Thereby shortening the window that you’ll be able to eat that food.

It’s a bit of a balancing act.

You do want to put the air purifier in the room that you’re spending the time in the most but you don’t want the air purifier pulling the garbage out of the air towards yourself or your family.

For instance, many people spend much of their time relaxing in a easy chair or couch facing a TV.

Though your stylish new air purifier may look good on the corner table where your family is sitting, that will give you the opposite result then you’re intending.

Since air purifiers pull the microscopic garbage out of the air and into them selves,
having the air purifier to close to yourself in the family room is actually is anti productive because it will be pulling the polluted air toward your family instead of away from them.

Placing the air purifier on the other side of the room so that it pulls the air and the pollutants in the air away from the people in the room is a better placement.

But there is a caveat when you’re talking about the TV room.

air purifier near tvair purifier near tv?

Placing an air purifier near the TV is not a good idea because televisions generate static electricity.

Meaning they already attract dust to themselves.

If you place an air purifier near your TV, you can be helping the dust travel easier toward the electrostatic field of your television.

The point is you could have an even extra dusty television.

If your air purifier has an ionizer then it’s going to be doubly worse.

Ionizers work by polarity to clump dust together in the air.

The ideal is, when the dust clumps together, it becomes too heavy to float and falls to the surface and out of the air that you are breathing.

But if you place the ionizer near the TV, then the surface that the polarized dust will collect to will not be the floor, but your television screen.

There are also some air purifiers that could interfere with your TV signal so you have to be aware of that too.

Another issue with placing the air purifier on the corner table is airflow.

Tucking in air purifier away is fine as long as it has plenty of airflow.

Things tend to get pushed up against the drapes or against the wall in the corner.

Making sure the air purifier is not up against anything that will inhibit the airflow will help you get the best result out of your air purifier.

Placing your air purifier in the bedroom is one of the more advantageous spots

because of the amount of time you spend in bed and the fact that when you were sleeping you were actually breathing deeper then when you are awake.

But air purifiers often get confused with humidifiers.

But the two appliances do two entirely different functions.

Air purifiers filter pollutants out of the air whereas humidifiers add moisture to the air.

It is not uncommon to place a humidifier next to your bed on an end table because the cool mist can help you breathe when you are having sinus and cold issues.

But the opposite is true when it comes to an air purifier.

You want to keep an air purifier at least six feet away from your face when you are sleeping and face it the direction to pull the air away from your head.

An air purifier will actually add more air pollution to the general area of the air purifier itself.

So having an air purifier on your nightstand will make the air around you more polluted as you’re sleeping.

And since you breathe deeper during sleep, having the air cleaning machine right next to you while you sleep can mean that you are actually taking giant deep breaths of air pollution.

Not the intended result.

The more logical way to run your air purifier in the bedroom or the living room is to turn it on high when you’re not there and keep it on low or off when you are.

That way you walk into a fresh room and you don’t have to worry about polluted air being drawn towards you when you are near an air purifier.

If your air purifier has an ionizer, then it is going to generate ozone at some level. Even if it’s a very small level.

The best way to use your ionizer is to turn it on when you’re not there and then turn it off for a little while before you decide to use the room.

Then keep it off while you’re in the room.

That way you can get the benefits of ionized air without risking being exposed to any ozone build up.


Putting an air purifier on the table is a great way to ensure that you are keeping it at a height to clean the ambient air (air you breathe) in the room.

But be sure the table isn’t the dinner table or a table that is going to be pulling the polluted air directly towards the humans in the house.

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