Why Do People Put Aluminum Foil on Windows?

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Why Do People Put Aluminum Foil on Windows

Why do people put aluminum tin foil on Windows?

  1. Darkens a Room
  2. Helps control the heat
  3. Privacy
  4. Keeps the Glare Coming in From the Windows
  5. Reduces the energy bill
If Id have to be honest, the first thing I think about when I see a house that has the windows covered in aluminum tin foil is there must be something nefarious going on inside of the house. Drug dealers, crack cocaine, they’re doing something, I know it.But that hardly makes sense. Why go to the trouble of attracting attention to yourself by blacking out the windows with aluminum foil if you were actually involved in criminal activity.There are a lot better reasons that actually makes sense to cover your windows and aluminum foil.

Here are a few good reasons people put aluminum foil on Windows.

1. Darkens the room for sleeping

Aluminum foil is completely airtight without any way to see through it at all.Putting tin foil on the Windows is an effective way to black out your room for sleeping.There are plenty of professions and jobs that require people to work at night and sleep during the day.And a lot of people, including myself need a dark room to be able to sleep soundly.A dark room for developing film also requires complete blackness.

2. Does tin foil reflect Heat?

As a reflector, aluminum foil is not the most reflective of surfaces and does not reflect the sun to keep the heat out as much as it acts as a barrier to keep the cool air in.There are types of insulation that come with aluminum foil backing, the point of using this insulation it is too maintain the climate control inside of the house.Sealing around the windows and using aluminum foil to absorb the Heat is actually a logical way of insulating your windows.

3. Privacy

Most people just shut the blinds when they want privacy but if you need absolute privacy with no chance of anyone peering around the edges of your curtains, aluminum foil on the Windows is an effective way to block anyone from looking into your house.

4. Keeps the glare off the windows

Glare coming off the windows can not only be annoying because it reflects off of the TV or your computer screen making it hard to read or watch TV, it actually makes the sun feel like a magnifying glass peering down on you.Aluminum tin foil on the windows, whether it be your taste or not, is an effective way of keeping glare from coming through your windows.

Why do people put aluminum tin foil on Windows?5. Reduces the energy bill

Aluminum foil on the windows can keep the sun from coming in and heating the house which causes the AC to kick on. By effectively blacking out the windows with aluminum foil, you could save on your energy bill because of the lesser need of the AC.

Is it safe to put aluminum foil on Windows?

It is absolutely safe to put aluminum foil on the windows, after all we are talking about a product that is made to put on your food and cooked in the oven. There is no chance of toxins or radiation being released from the foil in the windows. Tin foil is made to withstand extra high temperatures while keeping your food from burning.

Aluminum foil on windows illegal?

There are no laws against blocking out your windows so that people cannot look inside of your house. After all many people live in apartments where there is no possibility of being able to look into your home anyway

Can aluminum foil catch on fire?

Aluminum foil does not catch fire. It is one of the most durable ways to heat food up on a campfire without ever having to worry that it will incinerate.

Tin foil on Windows shiny side in or out

When you put aluminum foil in the windows, the shiny side of the foil should be pointed towards the outside of the house. It is the most reflective side of the foil and has the best chance of reflecting sunlight.

Aluminum foil on Windows in winter

Aluminum foil on the windows and winter can be just as effective at many things as it can be in the summer or any other time.Though keeping the sun out is probably not on top of the list of reasons why you would want to put aluminum foil on the windows and winter, there are people who prefer it.The blacking out your windows is not just about keeping the heat out, it’s about blocking the sunlight from coming in when you need your room completely black for sleeping for developing film, etc.It will also keep the glare from coming in from the windows as well as give you absolute privacy from people staring into your house.Of course putting foil on the Windows is not everybody’s cup of tea, there can be no denying that there is actually some good benefits to doing so.

Does tin foil reflect HeatAlternative to tin foil on Windows 

Still not convinced.Aluminum tin foil on the Windows is not the only game in town, you can get a great effect from putting thick dark curtains up.And curtains, especially thick curtains, will do something for you that foil cannot, it will dampen the sound coming in from the outside.Something you really can’t get from a thin layer of foil.