are space heaters expensive to run

Are Space Heaters Expensive to Run?

Heating and cooling are easily the most expensive items on your utility bill.

If you have central heat and air in your home, you don’t have to wonder what’s eating your lunch and raising your payment.

That being the case, it is no wonder that many people try to find a way to supplement their heating and cooling to lower their bill.

Space heaters tend to be the first thing you think about when you’re trying to find a way to get the heating bill down.

And even though central heat is meant to warm a whole house, you may know by experience that there are plenty of areas in the home that don’t quite get as warm as you would like them.

So using a space heater to supplement the heat in those areas may be needed.

Space heaters are generally small mobile heaters that run off of electricity.

Heaters that use gas are not used inside of a house unless they are properly vented. Which makes them not useful as mobile space heaters.

Not to mention the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning that is present with   gas heating.

Are space heaters expensive to run?

Space heaters are expensive to run, yes.

Space heaters use a lot of Watts. 1500 w on high is the standard for all space heaters.
As a point of reference, 1500 w is the most that any outlet can handle.

That means that if you plug anything else into the same outlet with your space heater, you are most likely going to blow a circuit.

(Space heaters most usually come with a auto shut off safety precaution feature that shut the heater off before the circuit blows, but hopefully that illustrates the point)

space heaterSupplementing the heat in a room that is not getting enough heat from your HVAC with a space heater is definitely not going to be a money saver.

But if you only need heat in a specific room and are not going to run the heating in the rest of the house, then running a space heater will cost you less.

In other words it costs less to run a space heater rather than a whole house system.

But one space heater is definitely not going to warm up the entire house.

And putting a space heater in every room will use more energy than running the whole house HVAC system.

Obviously not everyone is trying to supplement their utility bill using space heaters.

There’s plenty of times you’re just trying to find a way to heat a space without breaking the bank.

Space heaters are not intended to heat up a whole house.

They’re more geared to keeping the bathroom warm while you’re taking a shower or warming your legs and feet while you’re sitting at your desk, doing your work.

The best way to spend less with the space heater is to find one that is more efficient at heating a room.

The space heater that can heat a room well on a medium temperature is going to cost less to run in a space heater that has to be turned on all the way to do the job.

The amount of time you plan on using a space heater everyday plays a big part on what type of space heater to buy also.

Ceramic type space heaters warm up fast and can get pretty hot. A good type of heater if you need a way to warm your hands or feet.

But if you’re planning on using a room for an entire day, an oil heater takes longer to heat up a room but it will do it more consistently.

But the heat that comes off of an oil heater is not the type of heat that you will be able to warm your hands by.

Suggested Space heaters

Vornado is a very good brand of heater that outweighs the competition in just about every capacity.

Not only rated the highest for efficiency, they are rated the highest for safety precautions also.

And for style, they have a heater that can fit in most any decor.

The Vornado VH2 is widely reviewed as one of the best small heaters you can buy. It uses what they call Vortex air circulation.

The heat that it produces is not as intensely hot but it moves a lot of air which warms up a room nicely..


Vornado VMH500 Whole Room Metal Heater with Auto Climate

One of Vornado’s Cadillac models is the vmh500.

It features a thermostat that controls your climate on auto and has a 12-hour timer.

The construction is metal so that you do not have to worry about any plastic parts melting.

It also features advanced safety features like cool to the touch exterior, a two-stage auto shut off, and tip over protection.

It also has a remote.

Vornadobaby Sensa Nursery Heater

Vornado also carries a heater that is specifically made for the baby’s room.

Vornadobaby Sensa

This heater is designed to shut off when any excessive heat is detected.

It is cool to the touch and delivers a heat that adjusts to ensure that the crib stays warm but never gets hot to the touch.

The controls are all lockable to ensure that children cannot tamper with them. It also has no sharp edges and shuts off immediately if tipped whatsoever.

wifi space heaterWi-Fi Space Heaters

This year’s heaters are finally starting to catch on to the Wi-Fi trend.

Almost every appliance has a Wi-Fi version these days. So make a lot of sense, some not so much.

Space heaters are an appliance that actually makes sense to be incorporated with smart technology.

Being able to schedule a heater to come on to warm a room before you get in there is a pretty great feature.

And think about the fact that if you’re already in bed or comfortable on the couch, you can simply tell your heater to turn up or turn down without having to get up. Nice.

Atomi has a nice Wi-Fi Incorporated space heater that oscillates. Also a great feature for a space heater.

The heater is not meant to be in the children’s room.

Though it has the standard safety features required for space heaters it can get hot to the touch.

Whether you’re trying to supplement your home’s heating system or if you are just trying to find a space heater that you can use to warm your office.

You should know beforehand that space heaters are one of the more energy consuming appliances that you can buy.

That’s why finding a space heater that is more efficient and can be very effective on a low setting is important.

Atomi Smart WiFi Portable Tower Space Heater

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