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What is a Cold Plasma Air Purifier?

Finding a Layman’s definition of a cold plasma air purifier is not the simplest thing to do.

Maybe the most basic way of defining it is:

A technique of cleaning air that separates ions into negative and positive to get a reaction of them snapping back together because of polarity.

The result is newly-formed clusters of ions that includes any airborne pollution that is in the vicinity when the cold plasma air cleaning technique is applied.

By emitting a equal amount negative and positive ions 

A Cold Plasma Air Purifier causes an atmospheric disruption in the air

that causes the air to be its own filter.

What cold plasma and cold plasma products do or nothing less than astounding.

  • Imagine a scalpel that cleans the wound thoroughly as it is being used by the surgeon. This is what this technology can do.
  • Imagine a way of keeping fruits and vegetables from getting bacteria and rotting. That’s another example.
  • Imagine a technology that can eliminate bacteria in your mouth and keep your teeth from decaying. Another example.
  • And imagine that technology that could completely eliminate any pollution in your indoor air.

This is also possible with cold plasma.

How could then there be such a technology already being marketed and I’m just now hearing about it?

This reminds me of the introduction of 3D printing.

Home Improvement stores loaded up on 3D printing machines in anticipation of the rush by the public to own one.

After all who is not going to want one of these?

It turns out that there wasn’t too many people looking for it.

And even now I doubt most people are even sure of what a 3D printer is or  does.

You have to wonder what they did with all those machines after the public didn’t buy it.

But that doesn’t change the fact that 3D printing is beyond amazing.

But maybe it is so amazing that people just can’t people just can’t comprehend it yet.

On a large scale.

So I guess we’re just going to have to wait a little longer for public awareness to catch up before we get to print our own clothes off of Amazon,  lol. But you get the point.

Even in the age of Technology,  Cold plasma Technologies may just be suffering from the same type of “to  good to be true” syndrome.

And in an industry like air purification where there has already been a widespread blanket of fear,

because of  companies that decided to sell ozone as a domestic air purifier technology and got shut down by the EPA as being dangerous.

And the fact that cold plasma is another form of ionic, and ionic air purifiers also have been hindered from a  reputation of creating a low level of ozone.

(believe me, I’m not anti ozone. Ozone is an excellent way of destroying large amounts of mold and other carcinogens in remedial situations,  but it should not be used in the vicinity of people, much less as an air purifier in your living room)


Cold plasma air purification just might sound too weird.

The image that the word plasma gives you, sounds more like a volcano spewing lava more than it does describing the process of neutralizing pollution.

All and all I would say that electronic air purifiers are still suffering from a bad reputation and even something is amazing as cold plasma has shade on it.

But if you’re ready to take the leap, cold plasma air purification is come of age.

From the consumer’s point of view, cold plasma as a air purifying technology is a way of eliminating 99% of all indoor allergens and VOCs without producing any ozone or formaldehyde.

And in an industry that is based on back end replacement part sales, primarily filters , Cold Plasma requires very little.

It is widely known that indoor air is far more polluted than outdoor are in most situations.

And it can even be that much worse when there are groups of people that are routinely inhabiting these spaces.

Buildings like schools, hospitals, office buildings require large HVAC (central heat and air) systems to control the climate.

And that is one of The main problems dealing with indoor air pollution.

The air handlers that are controlling the climate are also the Source behind and the vehicle to transport all types of indoor air pollutants.

It is true hVAC systems are equipped with filters. And the filters will create a small reduction in air pollution.

But the type of filter that would actually be able to reduce indoor air pollutants to a manageable level is a HEPA filter.

And HEPA filters are much to dense to allow the air flow that a central air unit needs to run properly.

Also they would require multiple, multiple replacements to work properly and add extra strain to the unit causing far more mechanical breakdown and need for repairs.

So cost efficiency is out the window.

The solution is to put a cold plasma air purifiers into the ductwork of the HVAC system.

The cost of running these air purifiers is very little and they will add zero extra strain to the unit itself.

The process of cold plasma air purification will eliminate any mold and mold Spore production coming from the condensers and drip pans within the unit and effectively capture any outdoor pollutants being circulated throughout the vent work.

One can only imagine the effect of using cold plasma air purifiers in a smoky bar.

Patrons may think they’re in the wrong place.

The Old Guard of placing UV lights above the condensers and drip pans has been relegated to the Past.

Even the PCO units that we’re all the rage are slowly becoming passe.

Or is it a coincidence that many photo catalytic oxidation air purifier manufacturers are now including cold plasma in their units.

How is it that some companies are advertising photocatalytic oxidation air purifiers that do not create ozone?

Being that the UV used in the process had to be at a certain range to avoid the production of formaldehyde in the PCO process.

Can you actually use a ozone free UV lamp without the production of formaldehyde?

Is it now because they also include cold plasma ionization in the units that eliminates formaldehyde?

Many of the same companies are also touting their new extra weighted carbon filters, also known for their capacity to absorb formaldehyde.

Who’s to say?

PCO is an amazing way to control mold and mold spores. So if these companies have found a way to combine PCO and cold plasma to eliminate the side issues of ozone and formaldehyde, kudos to them.

For my money, why not just skip the PCO aisle and go straight for the cold plasma air purifier.

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  1. In 1991 We installed one in the attic floor of newly purchases 1895 house to deal with musty odors. From that moment on totally odorless..

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