What is a Humidifier Ionizer?

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What is a Humidifier Ionizer

Lately a mysterious button has started to pop up on a variety of different appliances. The “ION” button has made its way onto air conditioners, tower fans, and dehumidifiers.
Another appliance that has gotten the Ion treatment is the Humidifier.

What is a Humidifier Ionizer?

An Ion humidifier or sometimes called “Anion” humidifier is a humidifier that disperses ions as it is dispersing moisture. Essentially it is a humidifier that incorporates an ionic air purifier.

What does an ionizer do in a humidifier?

An ionizer on a humidifier serves two purposes.

  1. Clean the surrounding air as the unit humidifies.
  2. Reduce the level of mold and bacteria associated with humidifiers.

Humidifiers are notorious for the amount of cleaning and maintenance they need to ensure that they do not become a breeding ground for mold and other organisms.

Adding an ionizer function to a humidifier can reduce and even destroy much of the contamination related to this issue.

An article in the US National Library of Medicine states that when

“cluster ions surround and airborne particle, positive negative ions react to form hydroxyls. these hydroxide ions steal the airborne particles hydrogen atom, which creates a hole in the particles outer protein membrane, thereby rendering it inactive”

Anion humidifier benefits


1.Cleaner air
2.Comfortable humidity levels
3.Less chance of the humidifier to become a germ farm
4.Negative ions make the atmosphere feel lighter

Humidifier vs. Ionizer

The purpose of a humidifier is to add moisture to a room. Low humidity is usually associated with winter because the climate is typically more dry during those months.

It’s not only the climate dictating the humidity in the winter, it’s also the fact that the house is usually closed up with the furnace running non stop and drying out the air.

And having the house closed up in the winter introduces more problems than one.

Not only does the air become very dry and miserable especially when you have a cold, the air quality begins to become very unhealthy to.

What does an ionizer do in a humidifierThe first place people start with to solve the problem is buying a humidifier.

A humidifier is a must in the winter. Keeping a cool mist humidifier near your bed in the winter can be the difference between getting a good night’s rest or not.

But a humidifier does not solve the problem oh the recirculated air quality in your home becoming a breeding ground of germs on its own.

And compounding the issue is the fact that the humidifier must be cleaned often to keep it from becoming a mold distribution machine all on its own.

When a humidifier gets dirty with mold and other organisms then turned on, it disperses mold spores and bacteria into the air and is able to travel further because it is contained in humidity droplets that act like small vehicles for the germs.

An ionizer is a machine that cleans the air by emitting ions. this works because ions have both negative and positive polarities.

When the ions are dispersed from the ionizer they snap together and trap anything in their way inside of the new bond.

As the new bonds clump together, they become too heavy to float and fallout of the ambient air. (The air you breathe)

Can you use an air purifier and humidifier together?

Absolutely, and you should. Indoor air pollution and dry air are both associated with keeping a house closed up with the heater running.

When the furnace is running non-stop it dries out the air which dictates the need of a humidifier.

Keeping the doors and windows shut to keep the furnace doing its job means that the indoor air quality is suffering.

The air in your house must be kept clean as much as the relative humidity kept in the 30 to 50% range.


Have you wondered what the ion button on a humidifier is?

Some humidifiers incorporate a ionizer along with their moisturizing function.

Ionizers disperse ions into the air the make the contaminants in the air too heavy to float so that they fall out of the air you breathe.

An Anion or Ion humidifier adds moisture to the air and gives you the option of adding ions to the air as it is doing so.

Humidifier vs. IonizerDo they work?

A ionizer humidifier is a good ideal because both a humidifier in an ionizer are useful when the house is shut up for the winter.

Both a humidifier and a ionizer fan work best in a relatively small space. So that is another area that they seem to be congruent in.

Both humidifier and ionizers utilize a small fan to.

And lastly, these humidifier ionizer devices all seem to be using the plasmacluster ion system which is easily the most effective ionizers on the market.

My takeaway is that a humidifier and an ionizer combined,
is a better combination of two technologies that actually complement each other,
than say a fan ionizer that blows entirely too fast and hard to get any good use out of ions.