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Tower Humidifiers: Elevating Comfort with the Ultimate Selection Guide

Humidifiers are a necessity for regulating indoor humidity and maintaining health and comfort during the dry season.

But humidifiers are not exactly the most convenient device to find a place for.

The constant refilling and cleaning that humidifiers require make placing them in an easy access area and one that is not susceptible to moisture damage important.

One option for placing a humidifier is to pick a “standing floor humidifier” or commonly called “tower humidifier”.

A Tower humidifier is a large humidifier that resembles a tower fan or a tower heater.

Why would you choose a tower humidifier over other types of humidifiers?

Simple. The convenience of being able to put it where you want it.

Other types of humidifiers require a good spot on a table or bed stand,

and they are usually sat on a towel or something that can easily soak up any leakage that you can get from just filling and refilling a humidifier.

Features and Benefits of Tower Humidifiers

Feature Benefit
Tower Design Freestanding and easily movable, saves space on tables/shelves.
Top Fill Option Simplifies the refilling process, making it less cumbersome.
Large Tank Size Reduces the frequency of refills, convenient for continuous use.
Wide Coverage Effective for large rooms, reducing the need for multiple units.
Adjustable Humidistat Automatically maintains desired humidity levels for comfort and health.
Essential Oil Tray Allows for aromatherapy, adding a pleasant scent to the air.
Smart Features Compatibility with smartphones and smart homes for ease of control.
Quiet Operation Ensures minimal disturbance, especially important in bedrooms.
Antimicrobial Materials Reduces mold and bacteria growth, ensuring cleaner mist output.

Tower humidifiers can easily be placed where you want them and then be easily moved out of the way when you don’t need it there anymore.

For instance you may want to place it closer to your bed at night when you sleep, but don’t want it in the middle of the floor during the day.

Choosing a tower design humidifier makes humidifying very convenient because you can easily move the humidifier anywhere in the house without having to find a table top spot to put it.

And if you want to add another seriously convenient feature to add to the humidifier,
you could pick a tower humidifier that has the option of filling it from the top.

Top fill humidifiers are simply humidifiers that have the fill hole located on the top of the humidifier.

This gives you the option of being able to carry the water to the humidifier and pouring it in rather than taking the humidifier apart and putting the basin underneath the running water in the sink.

The typical humidifier requires you to take the water tank off, turn it upside down and fill it up from the bottom.

Then turn it back over, full of water, and place it back into its spot on the humidifier.

It’s a somewhat complicated process that is designed to get water everywhere in the process.

Top fill humidifiers eliminate that entire process by giving you the option of filling it from the top.

Very convenient.

It’s no mystery that humidifiers suffer from the stigma of being high maintenance appliances.

After all they have to be filled and refilled and then cleaned often.

So It’s really no wonder that humidifiers typically don’t get run as much as they should seeing how they require so much work to use them.

That is precisely why a standing floor, Tower humidifier that you can fill from the top can make humidifying much easier and take much of the hassle out of dealing with one.

What is the Best Tower Humidifier?


In our opinion, the best Tower humidifier is the Govee 6 Liter.

It not only can work with your smartphone and with Alexa, it has a super huge tank that can go for 60 hours without refilling and cover up to 600 square feet.

It’s easily filled and cleaned from the top and it can be used with any type of essential oils on 9 different 360° mist settings.
And it has a night light.

What’s the Worst Tower humidifier?

In our opinion, there shouldn’t even be a tower humidifier that you can’t fill from the top. The AirCare D Series has a lot going for it but they’re refilling configuration puts it at the bottom of the list for Tower humidifiers.

The 11 Top Tower Humidifiers

Click here to see the Aircare D Series tower humidifier

Aircare D Series

This humidifier holds a lot of water but it’s in two tanks that have to be completely removed to refill.

I love the way the person in the video gets water all over the tank when he’s filling it up.

It completely illustrates some of the problems that refilling a humidifier can give you.

It uses the Wick filter technology.

Wick filter technology is very similar to filling a sponge with water and blowing air through the sponge with a fan.

It ensures that the water moves through a filter before being dispersed into the air as humidity.

Air Care d series has two tanks along with two filters to be able to humidify twice as much area.

It also features an adjustable humidistat, which automatically shuts off the humidifier when the dialed in setting for relative humidity is reached.

It has four speeds, a refill indicator, and a check filter indicator.

Manufacturer: Air Care
Dimensions: 10 * 15 * 26 in
Weight : 11.25 lb
Square footage: 1200 ft
Tank size : Two separate 1 gallon tanks


  • 50 hours without refilling
  • 1200 Square feet coverage
  • Adjustable humidistat
  • 4 speed Settings
  • Water fill indicator
  • Filter check indicator
  • 2 year warranty


Nice humidifier with some great features like being able to handle 1200 square feet.
But this definitely one of the more difficult humidifiers when it comes to refilling the water

See the Lacidoll humidifier here

Lacidoll 2.1 Gallon Tower Humidifier

A slightly smaller Tower humidifier that can run for 36 hours without a refill and cover 500 square feet.

This humidifier features most of the bells and whistles you can purchase in a modern humidifier.

It does not however future the capacity to be run as a cool or warm mist humidifier.
It is strictly a cool mist humidifier.

But it does feature the convenience of being a top fill humidifier.

Manufacturer: Lacidoll
Dimensions: 30.7 x 10.7 x 10.4 in
Weight : 5.5 lb
Tank size : 2.1 gallons
Square feet covered: 500 sq ft


  • Humidity sensor with automatic shut-off
  • aromatherapy tray
  • 500 square feet
  • 36 hours between refills
  • Top fill
  • Remote control
  • Carrying handle
  • Water viewport
  • One year warranty

Remarks :

A very nice looking humidifier that has a convenient Tower design as well as being a top fill humidifier.

Click here to view the Honovos Tower Humidifier


Honovos is a 3.17 gallon ultrasonic cool mist Top Fill humidifier with 4-speed humidistat and an essential oil tray.

The tank is a sleek clear see through cylinder-shape that can be a very attractive addition to your room decor.

It features everything the modern humidifier should. A fully adjustable leave and set humidistat with several speed settings. An adjustable nozzle and a tray to drop essential oils.

And it covers a 750 square foot space.
Another great addition is the fact that it is filter free. No additional cost ever.

Manufacturer : Honovos
Dimensions : 9 * 9 * 29.9 in
Weight : 5.5 lb
Square footage : 750
Tank size : 3.17 gal
Noise: 30db

Features :

  • Top Fill
  • Tower design
  • Adjustable humidistat
  • Aromatherapy tray
  • 750 square foot coverage
  • 34 hours between refills on max

Remarks : A very nice humidifier that also comes in a smaller size.

Click here to see Costway Standing Floor Humidifiers


Costway has an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier that has an ionizer incorporated into it. The Tower design makes it easy to find a spot for it in any room.

As for the other extras that you typically find in modern humidifiers, there are not many.

It does have a 6 L tank that will allow it to run for 24 hours without refilling but as far as other features like an aromatherapy tray are missing.

Manufacturer: Costway
Dimensions: 8.5 by 8.5 by 22.5″
Weight: 4 lb
Tank size: 6 l


Combining an ionizer weather in a humidifier should create an ultra clean breathing atmosphere.

Humidity and negative ions reduce the amount of ambient dust very well.

Humidity droplets and negative ions work very similarly to reduce dust in the air. Humidity Bonds dust together with moisture. Ions combine dust particles with polarity to make them too heavy to float.

Click here for a look at the AILINKE tower humidifier


Another attractive Tower humidifier that is top filling. It honestly has everything you could possibly want in a humidifier save that it doesn’t have the capacity to run as a warm mist humidifier.

It can go for 36 hours without being refilled because of its 2.3 gallon size tank.

It also covers up to 500 square feet and does so very quietly at only 35 db.

Adjustable humidistat and antimicrobial infused plastic construction combined with aromatherapy essential oil tray round out the features.

And if that’s not enough, it doesn’t require any type of filter change whatsoever.

Manufacturer: AILINKE
Dimensions:260 mm x 240 mm x 745 mm ( 26″)
Tank size: 2.3 gallons
Affected room size:500 sq ft
Noise level: 35 db


  • 500 square feet
  • 36 hours without having to refill
  • Top fill Tower design
  • Adjustable humidistat
  • Remote control
  • Ultra quiet
  • Antimicrobial plastic


This is one of those humidifiers that sounds amazing and does everything amazing. But… This humidifier is inundated with bad reviews on Amazon. Mostly saying that it broke down very quickly after it was purchased. Pity.

Click here for the Govee 6l Tower Humidifier

Govee 6l

This Tower humidifier is a Wi-Fi, downloadable app included, Alexis friendly modern smart humidification unit.

Smart appliances are pretty much a thing now across all types of machinery.
For some appliances, it makes a lot of sense, and for some, not so much.

It’s hard to imagine there ever being a humidity emergency that requires you to have to have alerts coming into your inbox on the relative humidity of your house or the fact that your humidifier is near running out of water.

But just like any other convenience, it is very easy to be able to schedule your humidifier or turn it on and off from your phone. And if you have Alexa, you can use the voice control function and just tell your humidifier to come on or change settings.

Being Wi-Fi enabled is not the only advantage this Govee humidifier has.

It is actually one of the more well-rounded units that I have had the pleasure of reviewing.

It covers up to 600 square feet and can go 60 hours without refilling.

It can be set to auto mode and through the power of its on board sensor, it will change settings on the humidifier to ensure that the proper relative humidity in your room is being kept.

Aromatherapy tray combined with ultra quiet operation and 9 mist levels are just piling on the features at this point.

Did I mention the night light?

Manufacturer: Govee
Weight:8.5 lbs
Square footage: 600
60 hours between refills
Noise level: 27db
360° nozzle


Very well reviewed unit that piles on the features.
The only thing missing is the warm mist capability and the anti-mold construction.standing humidifier

Click here to see the PurjoyTower Humidifier


Purjoy features the best features that you’re going to find on a tower humidifier and it has an optional green color.
Which may sound like a small point but there are not too many humidifier manufacturers that are taking chances with the actual color of the units. Typically White and black are your options.

This humidifier does look good and it has the best of the best features that you will find on the humidifier.

It runs 50 hours without refilling and it covers 500 ft. It’s super quiet at 35 db.

It has adjustable sensor technology that controls the humidifier based on the relative humidity of the room. And a remote to boot.

It also features an essential oil tray and it is easily refillable from the top of the machine.

This humidifier definitely checks all the boxes for a large Tower humidifier.


  • 2. 11 gallon Tank
  • 50 hrs without filling
  • 500 sq ft coverage
  • Sensor
  • 35 db Low Noise
  • Top fill
  • Essential oil tray
  • Green
  • Remote
  • Cool mist ultrasonic


The only feature this humidifier doesn’t carry is the capacity to be able to run it as a warm mist humidifier as well as a cool one.

See PureGuardian H3200WAR here

Pureguardian H3200WAR

Pureguardian humidifiers stand out because of their use of antimicrobial materials that infuse silver into the plastic.

Silver is an all natural antibiotic that resists mold and bacteria.

They are also the makers of the popular Aqua Stick, which is an additive that you place into the water of a humidifier.  It helps reduce mold and bacteria.

This particular pure guardian Tower humidifier has a lot going for it.
One of the most outstanding features is that it can run for 100 hours without refilling.

And that’s on only a 1.5 gallon tank.

It’s also filter free and covers 450 ft.

And though it does have the obligatory adjustable sensor and auto shut off when it runs out of water, it misses the boat on one big point. It is not fillable from the top.


  • Treated tank resists mold
  • 100 hrs run time without refilling
  • 1. 5 gal Tank
  • 450 sq ft coverage
  • Filter free
  • Dimensions: 8. 82*8.74*21.93″
  • Makers of Aqua Stick


PureGuardian understands the main issue with humidifiers being that they can become tainted with mold and bacteria very quickly.

The main selling point of this humidifier is that it is made from mold resistant materials.

Unfortunately it is not a top fill humidifier.

Click here for a look at Elecameier Humidifiers


Elecameier is a tall tower humidifier that has a shape that is similar to a wine bottle.

It comes in white or an alternate wood tone that looks pretty sleek. It is definitely a humidifier that will look good in a living room or as part of the decor in an office building.

It features a remote control and automatic shut off when it runs out of water and it can also be ran as a warm mist humidifier or a cool mist humidifier.

And it is ultra quiet, only coming in at 25 db.

But though it is a tower humidifier which does indeed make it much simpler to find a place to put it since it will not take up any valuable table top space or shelf space,

It has to be taken apart to put the water in.
The design is basically a three-part piece that has a base, a body, and an extruding nozzle.

So in order to fill it with water you have to take off the nozzle and the body and fill it from the bottom of the body.

And compared to other models of tower humidifiers, it’s maximum run time is only 12 hours between refills.

Which as we’ve already pointed out, is a built-in hassle with this humidifier.

Manufacturer: Elecameier
Dimensions: 17.2×11.42×7.68 in
Weight: 2.64 lb
Tank size: 2.3 l

Remarks: It has to be taken apart to refill.

See Air Innovations here

Air Innovations

Air Innovations have long been one of the most stylish humidifiers on the market. Their top fill Tower humidifier keeps the same tradition.

Hands down the most unique looking humidifiers that you can buy.
It also has a lot of great features including a huge run time of 100 hours between refills.

Air Innovations are known to be innovators of using antimicrobial materials in their construction.

This humidifier has silver infused into its plastic which resists mold and bacteria inside of the water tank.

There is a version of this humidifier that is made for the baby’s room that is BPA free also.

The humidifier can handle 700 square feet and has a 2.15 gallon tank.

The digital humidistat is top of the line..

Manufacturer: air Innovations
Dimensions: 10.25 * 10.25 * 16.25 in
Weight: 5.2 lb
Square footage: 700
Tank size: 2.15 gallon
Filter less


The aromatherapy feature requires that their own formulated scents be used. I assume this is an additional reoccurring purchase.

Click here for Honeywell top fill tower Humidifiers

Honeywell top fill tower

Honeywell has a reputation of building long lasting products.

The main feature on their Tower humidifier is that it fills from the top.

It also has an adjustable humidistat to set and leave it.

But it is slightly smaller than many of the other Tower humidifiers in its price range and it does require a separate purchase of a filter from time to time.

You should expect to refill this humidifier at least once every 24 hours.
You can either take the basin off and carry it to the sink to refill it or you can transport water to the humidifier and pour it into the top.

It is strictly a cool mist humidifier and it doesn’t have some of the modern features like Wi-Fi or aromatherapy capabilities.


A basic humidifier that has both a tower design for easy placement and that is Top fill for easy refilling.

And it does have the strong reputation of being built by Honeywell.


Tower humidifiers take the hassle out of having to find a tabletop for a shelf to put a humidifier.

They can stand in the middle of the floor and be moved easily from room to room or brought out at night and put to the side in the morning very easily.

But if you are in the market for a tower humidifier, there is one thing that you should take into consideration before bringing one home.

That is that they are hard to take apart and fill unless you purchase one that has the capacity of filling it from the top.

Truthfully, humidifiers can be more of an investment than other types of appliances because they do require you to fill and refill and be cleaned fairly often.

So finding a humidifier that takes as much hassle out of using it as possible is a good place to start when you’re sifting through the different features that you can find on a humidifier.

A top fill Tower humidifier that is easily cleaned from the top is an easy solution to many of the aggravations that come with humidifiers.

In fact, pulling the tank off of the humidifier and having to turn it over in the sink to fill it, is something that should be left in the past by now.

And don’t forget the humidistat.
Another feature that should be standard on all humidifiers by now is a humidistat/hygrometer.

Having the capacity to know what your humidity is before you start blasting the humidifier is a necessity when you’re trying to reach the optimal 40-60% humidity for your room or home.

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