What is the Advantage of a Tower Fan

What is the Advantage of a Tower Fan?

Fans come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. And you can argue that each style has specific characteristics that make them better than others.

And each type of fan has a type of room that it is better paired with.

For instance, a drum fan that works well in a shop or garage area is not exactly what you want in a living room.

And though there are many fans that are basically utility fans that are not meant to look like anything special,

When it comes to your living room or your bedroom, you probably want something that fits better in with your furniture and decor.

  A tower fan may be just what you’re looking for.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the outstanding characteristics of a tower fan that make it more useful for a living room or bedroom area. Of

What is the advantage of a tower fan?

Tower fans have more than one advantage including:

  1. Aesthetically pleasing
  2. No exposed blades
  3. Take up less room
  4. Blade design that moves a lot of air.

1.  Aesthetically pleasing

Compared to other types of fans like a box fan or a pedestal fan, tower fans are designed to look like they fit in with the décor of a room.

Compared to the usual large circular frame that many fans use, a tower fan is a simple, straight up and down and  aesthetically pleasing fan.

2.  Take up less room

Similarly to the aesthetic look of a tower fan is the capacity to hide for tuck away a tower fan.

The small narrow size of a tower fan does not only allow it to blend in easy, it allows it to be tucked away in a corner much easier than another type of fan.

Most tower fans are only about 3 and 1/2 ft. tall at about 6 in around.

3.  No exposed blades

The blades on a tower fan are hidden completely behind a vent grill that is very hard to get your hands or fingers into.

This one feature adds a dimension of safety that makes it a clear contender when you are searching for a fan style that is safe for baby or toddler to be around.

Tower fans also come in completely bladeless styles that make it impossible to ever get a finger into a fan blade as it is moving.

4. Moves more air

Tower fans come in a couple of main styles.

One that has a long cylinder blade and one that has no blade at all.

Both styles are very safe and move a lot of air.

The style with the long cylinder blade is the more popular. The length of the cylinder blade means that you have more air moving along a longer length than you get with other types of circular fans.

This type of tower fan is very popular for bedrooms because the height of the fan makes it a very good option for a fan that you can sleep with.

The other type of tower fan is the bladeless fan. These fans are the most technologically advanced fans available but they have not yet reached the level of popularity of the standard tower fan.

These fans are also called air multipliers because of the unique technology that pulls air into a ring and redistributes it 360°.


What is the advantage of a tower fan?

Tower fans have a lot of advantages over other kinds of fans.

They are aesthetically pleasing and easy to tuck away.

They are also safer than other fans because of their hidden and bladeless fan designs,

  And they move air in both a straight line or depending which style you purchase, a 360° air flow.

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