What is the Advantage of a Pedestal Fan

What is the Advantage of a Pedestal Fan?

Pedestal fans are among the most popular styles of fan. What exactly gives a pedestal fan an edge over other types of fans 

The main advantage of a pedestal fan is the adjustable height and the option to adjust the osculation horizontally and  the fan itself vertically.

If you look up the definition of a pedestal, it is defined as a base or support on which a statue, obelisk, or column is mounted.

That kind of gives you an ideal of what you’re getting with a pedestal fan.

Pedestal fans have the unique advantage of being the only style of fan that you can adjust the height on.

Another unique advantage that you will only find on a pedestal fan is the ability to adjust the direction of the fan vertically.

So you can set the fan to oscillate from side to side pointing straight up or pointing straight down. You’ve got the option.

Pedestal fans come in a lot of unique styles also.

Nowadays a pedestal fan is any fan that has an adjustable stand. You could put a tower fan on an adjustable stand and call it a pedestal fan.

You will not get the ability to adjust the fan vertically, but there is a lot to be said for being able to adjust the height of a tower fan.

Pedestal fans are simply the most adjustable of any type of fan.

But they do have their disadvantages.

They are bulky. Think about it. The bigger the fan, the larger a base you will need to support the fan.

So a lot of pedestal fans are smaller fans that don’t move as much air as some other types of fans.

  The size and bulkiness of a pedestal fan make them less attractive than say a tower fan.

And though as I mentioned before, there are a number of different styles of pedestal fans available these days, but they primarily are circular fans that sit on a stand.

That means they are potentially dangerous to have around small children who can get their fingers through the blade grill.


What is the advantage of a pedestal fan?

A pedestal fan has the advantage of being the most adjustable of all types of fans.

You can adjust the height. You can adjust the direction of the fan vertically, and you can set the osculation to move from side to side all at the same time.

Pedestal fans also have one big disadvantage.

They require a large base to sit on.
The larger the fan, the larger the base that it takes to support the fan and its many oscillation and direction options.

That also means that the pedestal fan requires a stronger and heavier base as the power of the fan increases.

So what you find a lot with the big box store brands is a less powerful fan that takes a less heavier pedestal base. 

And they are typically the circular type of fan that have large enough fan grills that a baby or a toddler may be able to get their fingers into the blade.

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