are tower fans safe

Are Tower Fans Safe?

Fan safety has come a long way from when I was a child.

I can remember having a pedestal fan in the house when I was a kid that you could get your whole hand into the blades. 

Seems crazy. Yet that wasn’t so long ago.

And till this day, a ceiling fan is wide open for anyone to come along and get hung up in it, if they’re having to do something high up.

But when you take a look at the range of fans being offered in any big box store or Amazon, one thing is for sure, fans are made much safer than they once were.

Although there are a few that I think could stand to tighten it up a bit.

But on the other side of the coin there are some types of fans that have made safety almost a non-issue.

Are tower fans safe?

Among the safest of fans that you can purchase is a tower fan.

For starters the blade inside of a tower fan is a long cylinder with very short blades.

And the grill that covers the blades is closed off tightly enough that fingers are not easily placed inside it.

A tower fan is as close to being a bladeless fan as you can get without actually taking the blade completely out.

But there is a type of tower fan that does just that.

A Bladeless fan, although not quite as tall as a regular tower fan, still qualifies for the tower fan moniker.

Bladeless fans are just what they sound like, a fan that does not have any type of fan blade at all.

The fan looks more like a circular tube attached to the top of a tower heater.

It is completely safe for anyone including babies, toddlers, or pets.

A bladeless fan is not only much safer than a regular fan, it is also much more efficient and much quieter than a standard fan.

The system behind a bladeless fan operates by pulling air into a base that redistributes the air 360° around the circular tube that I mentioned before.

This creates air flow around the entire room at one time instead of being directional or semi-directional oscillating.

Bladeless fans also make one of the best air purifiers you can purchase.

Since the design of a bladeless fan dictates that air moves through the fan, it’s a very logical step to pull the air through a HEPA and Carbon filter in the process.

A better, more efficient fan that also serves as one of the best air purifiers.

are bladebless tower fans safeSummary

Are tower fans safe?

Tower fans are among the safest fans that you can purchase.

They have a closed off grill that makes getting your hands or worse your children’s hands into the blade almost impossible.

The cylinder shape of the blade apparatus makes the need for long blades obsolete. And able to do less damage to something were to get into them.

But easily the safest type of fan that is also a type of tower fan is bladeless fan because it does not have any blade that you can get your hand into at all.

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