Will a window air conditioner run in a power outage

Will a Window AC Work in a Power Outage? The Electrifying Truth


Thunderstorms are very popular where I live, during the summer months, it’s not unusual to monitor the weather throughout the day because of the threat of lightning and tornadoes.

And unfortunately it’s not unheard of that the power grid has been struck by lightning and we get to sit in the dark for a while till it gets turned back on.

That also means that the air conditioning is not running either.

Will a window air conditioner run in a power outage?

Unfortunately no. Window air conditioners will not run during a power outage. They are electrical devices that require electricity to work.

Backup power

However, a window air conditioner can work during a power outage, if it’s connected to a backup power source, like a generator.

If you have a generator, it can supply electricity to the AC and keep it running.

This way, you’ll stay cool and comfortable even during a power outage.

It’s important to note that not all generators are powerful enough to run an AC. You’ll need to check the specifications of your generator and make sure it can handle the power needs of your AC.

If it can’t, you’ll need to get a bigger generator…

In summary,

Will a window air conditioner run in a power outage? A window AC can work during power outage, but it needs a backup power source like generator or portable AC that runs on battery, which is not going to last long.

If you don’t have a generator, or any other kind of backup power, The window air conditioner will not work during a power outage.


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