Will a Window Air Conditioner Work on the Floor

Will a Window Air Conditioner Work on the Floor? Why Not?

Many times when the heat is abounding and you’re looking for a quick solution for air conditioning, The old window air conditioner sitting in the storage room starts to look real good.

But the problem is that there’s not a window to put it in or there is a window but it’s not nearly big enough.

And that’s when you start to wonder what the difference is?

Will a Window Air Conditioner Work on the Floor?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Window air conditioners are meant to exhaust and condensation outside of a window.

Technically it will turn on and run just fine but the heat that exhaust out the back side of the AC will neutralize the cool air that comes out of the front of the AC. So the unit would not be effective at cooling.

And the other issue is that window air conditioners create condensation that drains out of the bottom of the air conditioner from the rear which is normally outside of the window.

If the air conditioner is sitting on the floor there will be nowhere for the condensation to drain to except for the floor.

So unfortunately for all of us who have thought at one time or another” why can’t I just bring the window air conditioner in and put it on the floor or set it on the table?

Will a Window Air Conditioner Work on the Floor? Window air conditioners were specifically designed to be in a window so that the exhaust and the condensation drainage would be outside.




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