How long can you leave a window air conditioner running

Can You Leave a Window Air Conditioner on 24/7?

It’s that time again. The heat and the humidity have shown their ugly...

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Can You Use Fragrance Oils in a Diffuser

Can You Use Fragrance Oils in Diffuser? (a Loaded Question)

If you’ve been down the diffuser and potpourri aisle at the local...

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what is evaporative cooling

Evaporative Cooler – Benefits and Drawbacks of Water Cooling

Evaporative coolers go by several different names. They are also called air...

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can you put essential oils in a humidifier

Can You Put Essential Oils in a Humidifier? (Hint-Yes You Can)

Aromatherapy and Essential oils have for quite some time been the buzzword...

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can i run my swamp cooler all day

Can I Run My Swamp Cooler All Day?(Evaporative AC Hacks)

Living in the Southwest my entire life, one of the most common sites in the...

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small window air conditioner

What Should You Look For in a Small Window AC? (3 Favorites)

Small window air conditioners  generally cover right around 150 square...

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Can You Use a Window Air Conditioner Without a Window?

Can you use a window air conditioner inside a room? Yes,  you can use...

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Air Conditioner BTUs?

BTU – Air Conditioning Lingo Confusion

Have you ever shopped for a window air conditioner or a portable ac and...

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Best Mid Size HEPA air purifier?

Best midsize HEPA air purifier? If you’ve done any looking around for...

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winix plasmawave review

How Did the Winix PlasmaWave Slip Through the Cracks? Review

If you do a casual search on Amazon for the broad subject “air...

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Do Air Purifiers Dry Out The Air? – Update 2021

Keeping the climate inside the home at an even kill is sometimes a little...

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does clorox bleach kill fleas

Does Clorox Bleach Kill Fleas? 9 Highly Effective Killers

Does Bleach Kill Fleas? “Clorox color safe bleach will kill fleas in...

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Does Air Innovations Offer the Best Humidifier?

Does Air Innovations Offer the Best Humidifier? Could be. At least among...

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Why Does my Humidifier Smell Like Fish

Why Does my Humidifier Smell Like Fish? (9 Easy Solutions)

Why Does my Humidifier Smell Like Fish? A fishy odor coming from a...

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