How to Remove Burnt Smell From Microwave

How to Remove Burnt Smell From Microwave

Recently the trend of spicy macaroni and cheese has hit the shelves and...

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What Kills Spiders? Vinegar? Bleach? Hairspray?

What Kills Spiders? Obviously there is a unique place in the world for...

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Do Air Purifiers Need UV

Do Air Purifiers Need UV?

Ultraviolet light is highly effective at reducing mold and bacteria when it...

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How to Make Gold Paint

How to Make Gold Paint. The Color Mixing Guide

Do you know how to mix the right colors to get a great looking gold...

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Do Humidifiers Cause Mold

Do Humidifiers Cause Mold?

 Mold spores are virtually everywhere that there is air, floating and...

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Homemade AC Coil Cleaner

Homemade AC Coil Cleaner- 5 DIY Recipes

Is it time too deep clean the HVAC system again? Keeping the components of...

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Does an Air Purifier Help with Mold

Does an Air Purifier Help with Mold Spores?

 Mold is a household problem, that if you find inside of your home...

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why does my room smell musty

Why Does My Room Smell Musty?

Musty is a word that is sometimes used to describe the feeling you get from...

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fan that blows cold air

Is There a Fan that Blows Cold Air vs. Just Air?

Is there a type of fan that blows cold air versus just plain air? Not...

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Can You Sleep With a Diffuser On

Can You Sleep With an Aromatherapy Diffuser On?

The benefits of aromatherapy essential oils range from a spiritual feeling...

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Michigan Basement

Does a Michigan Basement have a Higher Potential for Radon?

What is a Michigan basement? A Michigan basement is basically an oversized...

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My Electric Space Heater Keeps Tripping the Breaker

My Electric Space Heater Keeps Tripping the Breaker?

Having a electric space heater that keeps tripping the breaker is an...

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Smart Diffuser

What is a Smart Diffuser?

What is a Smart Diffuser? In the last few years, almost every appliance you...

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inhaling vinegar steam

Is Inhaling Vinegar Steam Good For Sinuses?

Is inhaling vinegar steam good for sinuses?  It’s that time of...

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germ free humidifier

4 Types of Germ-Free Humidifiers

Germ Free Humidifiers. It’s safe to say that humidifiers are one of...

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