How Do I Make Sure My Window Air Conditioner is Secure

How Do I Make Sure My Window Air Conditioner is Secure?


Installing a window air conditioner is usually viewed as something that’s pretty simple to do.

The instructions that are included when you buy window AC usually make it seem pretty cut and dry.

But for a lot of people, installing a window air conditioner can be a huge ordeal that can leave them with a lot of questions.

Not to mention, window ACs can be quite heavy. And it should be said that if you can’t lift it confidently, then make sure that you have help before starting.

One of the most popular questions is “how do I make sure my window air conditioner is secure?”

No one wants their window AC to fall out and the truth is it can be hazardous if it does.

Especially in situations where the air conditioner is especially high up or in situations where there are a lot of children playing around.

How do I make sure my window air conditioner is secure?

1.First inspect the window.

If the window and the window sill have any rotted wood or damage, You were not going to be able to use that window to securely install a window AC.

The window and the window seal need to be solid in order to safely hold the window AC and give you a solid place to attach it to.

2. Screws

The easiest way to make sure that your window air conditioner is secure is to attach the window AC to window itself with screws.

The air conditioner itself should have a brace that connects to the top of the unit.

When you sit the air conditioner into the window and bring the window down on the air conditioner, The brace sits in front of the window.

Then you would simply screw the window air conditioner to the window with the provided screws and screw holes.

This is the tried and true way to ensure the security of a window AC. This is how it’s put forth in the majority of window AC installation instructions.

Other things that could help you make sure your window seal is secure.

3. Use a bracket or support bracket.

Brackets are generally angle shaped connectors that could be used to further secure a window AC.

Connecting a bracket on each side of the AC to the window frame would definitely add a lot of security window AC installation.

4. Extra security bars

If the air conditioner is in a window on a higher floor, you may want to consider installing some type of security bar or guard to to attach the AC from the rear.

It will also give you the security of knowing that the window AC will not be pushed out from the inside.

5. Chain or rope.

You can use a chain or a rope to attach the outside corners of the window AC to the house or building that the AC is being used in.

This would provide extra security to help hold the weight of the outside portion of the AC.

6. Locks

Locks can also be attached to a window AC to help burglarize your home.

Window ACs can be an easy target for thieves and in some circumstances you may not feel safe having a window AC sitting in your window with a few screws keeping someone from entering.

Installing locks on the air conditioner can prevent it from being tampered with or plain stolen.

It can also make it much harder for someone to get the AC out of the window and get in to your house through the opening.

7. Platform

In some situations, building a platform for the window AC to sit on can make sure that the window is sitting securely and the weight of it is not pulling directly on the window or window frame.

And this type of scenario it is important to remember that window ACs drain condensation out of the bottom of the unit.

So any type of platform that the AC is sitting on will need to have an opening large enough for the water to drip out.

That’s especially true if you make the platform out of wood.


The general instructions for securing a window air conditioner are to connect the AC to the window using screws to attach the provided upper window brace to the window itself.

In most cases this is the most security that you will need.

But another circumstances, you may consider extra braces, using bars are guards in the rear, attaching the rear with chains or rope to the house, or even building a small platform for the AC to sit on that is attached to the house.

And remember locks can also be installed to your window AC to keep the window air conditioner from being stolen or being removed to provide an entry to your home or establishment.


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