Can a Window AC Be Used Upside Down

Can a Window AC Be Used Upside Down? Sure? Why Not?


When you’re installing a window air conditioner, there can be different things that pop up that you didn’t think about,


 including: a window that’s too narrow, or even things like the location of the window air conditioner makes the controls in front of the air conditioner hard to get to.

These kinds of circumstances often lead to people asking whether or not they can turn their window air conditioner on their sides.

Or even in some cases can they turn The AC upside down so that the louvers in which the air comes out is blowing out closer to where they normally sit.

So this leads to a question like:
Can a window air conditioner be used upside down?

Though it is a seeming solution, The answer is unfortunately no, A window AC cannot be used upside down. It is designed to be installed in a specific way, with the evaporator coils facing down and the condenser coils facing up.

If the unit is installed upside down, the coolant will not flow properly and the unit will not function correctly.

Additionally, using the AC upside down could damage the unit and void the warranty.

So installing a window air conditioner upside down is really just the fast route to the air conditioner going out.

Seemed like a good idea though.

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