can a humidifier make a cough worse

Can a Humidifier Make a Cough Worse? (More like when?)

Can a humidifier make a cough worse? Humidifiers are simple devices with ...

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blue air vs levoit

Blueair Pure Air 211 vs. Levoit Core 300 (yeah baby!)

Blueair Pure Air 211  Blueair is an amazing air purification manufacturer ...

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Do Air Purifiers Work for Kitchen Smells?

Kitchens are one of the rooms which are most likely to have odor builds. ...

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do humidifiers clean the air

Do Humidifiers Clean the Air? (You May Be Surprised)

Do Humidifiers Clean the Air? A humidifier is not the same thing as an ...

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how to clean a fan

How to Clean a Fan (fast and easy)

Do you have a fan that you have let go for a little too long without ...

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how to clean window ac unit

How to Clean a Window AC Unit – Without Removing It

How to Clean a Window AC unit Cleaning a window AC unit can be easy or ...

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do humidifiers increase oxygen

Do Humidifiers Increase Oxygen? (No and Yes)

Do Humidifiers Increase Oxygen? A humidifier is not an oxygen machine or ...

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diy humidifier

Boiling Water as a DIY Humidifier (a few other cool ones too)

Did you know that you can use boiling water as a humidifier? As a kid ...

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benefits of a humidifier while sleeping

Benefits of a Humidifier While Sleeping (next to snoring train)

So how much of our lives do we spend sleeping, do they say? Like 26 years ...

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humidifier benefits for skin

Humidifier Benefits For Skin (a beauty elixir?)

Humidifiers have traditionally been a congestion and dry nose device and ...

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humidifier for asthma

Is a Humidifier a Cure for Asthma? (click bait alert)

The humidifier is not a cure for asthma. But maintaining proper humidity ...

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humidifier for acne

Should You Use a Humidifier for Acne?- You May Be Surprised

Humidity for Acne? Low humidity and acne are not 2 topics that you may ...

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air purifier vs air sanitizer machine

Air Purifier vs. Air Sanitization Machine – What’s The Skinny?

Air purifiers come in a lot of different designs and use a number of ...

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