air cooler vs air con

Air Cooler vs. Air Con – The Sticky Difference

 In the Midwest where I live, the heat has been soaring this year.  We ...

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baby humidifier

Baby Humidifier (Benefits -Best Features)

Having a new baby in the house is one of the most exciting times that you ...

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How Does A Ventless Air Conditioner Work?

While so many air conditioning systems are available, people find ...

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plant humidifier

My Top 11 Ultimate “Plant Humidifier” Must Haves

1.Easy to fill A humidifier must be easy to fill. I have had humidifiers ...

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plant humidifier

Plant Humidifier – When, Where, and How (My Experience)

I enjoy plants. I get a real jolt out of seeing plants and flowers that I ...

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air purifier price

Air Purifier Price- Filtering Up the True Cost

Have you ever shopped around for an air purifier? If you have, then you ...

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60 Percent Humidity in the House

60 Percent Humidity in the House? 70? 80?

Humidity has a big effect on your health and property, and the truth is, ...

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air conditioning symbols meaning

Air Conditioning Symbols Explained

Air conditioner symbols explained Have you taken a good look at a  ...

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symptoms of high humidity in home

Symptoms of High Humidity in Your Home (A Long Frizzy List)

If there is one thing that I have learned this past summer season is that ...

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what is a thermo hygrometer

What is a Thermo Hygrometer? What’s the Use?

What is a Thermo Hygrometer? A thermo hygrometer is a gauge that combines ...

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Should You Use Air Purifier and Diffuser at the Same Time

Should You Use Air Purifier and Diffuser at the Same Time?

Achieving a relaxing atmosphere is an integral part of making your space ...

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can a humidifier make you sick

Can a Humidifier Make you Sick? (A Better Question is When?)

Is there any truth to the idea that using a humidifier can make you sick? ...

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how to get rid of dust in the air

How to Get Rid of Dust in the Air? – A Moist Ideal

Living in dusty conditions can have a number of adverse health effects ...

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portable swamp cooler

Portable Swamp Cooler – My Recent Experience in Colorado

My family took our summer vacation in the mountains of Colorado this. ...

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why does my room smell bad

How Do You Deodorize a Room Quickly?

    We all know that bad smells are disgusting and can make you feel. ...

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