Can You Sleep With a Diffuser On

Can You Sleep With an Aromatherapy Diffuser On?

The benefits of aromatherapy essential oils range from a spiritual feeling of well-being to an all natural aid to reduce the symptoms of all types of illness.

Can you leave a diffuser on overnight But when are essential oils not considered a health aid but rather the opposite and even worse a hazard?

For instance, even though the effects of Lavender oil are known for its relaxation qualities and ultimately a sleep aid, should you sleep with a diffuser on?

Can you sleep with a aromatherapy diffuser on?

No. You should never diffuse more than 30 to 60 minutes at a time. Not only does Sleeping with a diffuser on, not increase the benefits of an essential oil, it can cause the body to stress, making your sleep less restful.

Although there are many natural calming effects that are experienced by breathing the aroma of certain essential oils like chamomile and sweet marjoram and could be considered an aid to fall asleep,

Can you leave a diffuser on overnight?

The continual breathing of essential oils while you are asleep does not provide any benefit and can rob you of the natural exchange of fresh air that you get through the proper use of essential oils in time intervals.

There are times however, that certain essential oils like eucalyptus could be beneficial to help you breathe better while you’re sleeping in the case of a chest or head cold when you are dealing with congestion.

A practical solution to this is to go the smart Wi-Fi scheduling diffuser route.
That way you can schedule the diffuser to come on once or twice throughout the night to mist the air with the medicinal breathing effects of essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint.

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if you already have a diffuser but it does not have the smart capabilities of a Wi-Fi diffuser, an Smart Plug is a great way to schedule when power is going to the diffuser and turning it on and off as needed.

Sleeping with a diffuser on around pets

Many people are unaware of the danger of using some essential oils around their pets. Specifically essential oils that contain menthol.

Menthol is a strong scent for human beings. Multiply that by approximately 15 times and you can imagine how strong the smell of menthol can be for dogs.

Another type of inhalant similar to menthol that is used to assist with cold symptoms is an ingredient called camphor.

Camphor is the active ingredient in Vicks.

And there is, it turns out, this ingredient is toxic to dogs.

If you are using a diffuser with a menthol based essential oil including peppermint, tea tree oil, or eucalyptus,
Or the Vicks additive that comes with their warm mist vaporizer,

diffusers and petsBe aware how these essential oils can affect your animals and give them a way out of the room in case it is too strong for them.

Another issue that animals can have with diffusers, specifically ultrasonic diffusers, is that they can emit a very high vibrating pitch that is unnoticeable by humans but can be very loud to a dog.

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And on the subject of ultrasonic diffusers, being that they have a reservoir for water, the chance of mold and bacteria accumulating in the diffuser is much higher.

This is also an area where animals are sensitive and can be predisposed to getting bacteria, fungi, and parasites on their skin and develop dermatitis.


Essential oils can be poisonous if ingested. Though most animals are not going to eat something that they instinctively know is unhealthy, being that essential oils are derived from plants, the livelihood of a pet ingesting an essential oil maybe a little higher than otherwise.

smart diffuserRecap

Though many essential oils like lavender are known for their stress reducing and calming effects on the mind and on the body, a little can go a long way and must be used with discretion to get the best results and effectiveness from them.

Essential oils when inhaled, should be diluted somewhat and never breathe for more than 30 to 60 minutes at a time.

The exchange of fresh air with the scent of the essential oil is essential to the overall effect of the aroma.

Sleeping with a diffuser on does not give you the exchange of fresh air you need with the aroma to get the best possible effect nor does it affect your mood when you are already asleep.

Although it is true that some essential oils can be a great sleep aid to help you fall asleep, the continual smell of the essential oil while you’re asleep will not only not help you sleep better, it may even produce more stress and cause you to have a less restful sleep.

An easy solution if you are looking for a diffuser to help you fall asleep but not necessarily wanting to sleep with it on is a smart diffuser.

It’s true that every appliance you can imagine has a smart version that you can turn on and off with your phone or schedule when you want to use it has popped up lately.

But smart diffusers actually make a lot of sense when you’re talking about using them as a sleep aid.

If you already have a diffuser and are not shopping around for another one, scheduling electrical outlets are available that essentially do the same thing.
A smart plug can essentially turn any appliance into a smart appliance giving you the ability to schedule and check it on your phone anytime you want.

can you sleep with a essential oil diffuser onPets and diffusers

Pets for many people are companions even when they are sleeping. But there are many essential oils that include menthol that are not safe for your animals to breathe and definitely not safe to ingest.

Another issue with diffusers and pets is that ultrasonic diffusers make a ultra high sound that can drive your animals crazy.

If you’re going to use a diffuser around your animals, leave them a doggie door or a way out so that they do not have to be in the vicinity.

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