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What is a Smart Diffuser?

What is a Smart Diffuser? In the last few years, almost every appliance you can think of, has become “Smart”. Smart refers the ability of your appliances to hook up with your phone through WI-Fi.

And you can argue that it is a great feature. But in how many cases can you think of, where the smart capacity is really that necessary?

The ones that immediately come to mine are security cameras and thermostats that can be scheduled rather than automatically coming on when you do not need them.

You can make a case for air purifiers that can be monitored through by your phone and a refrigerator that can tell you what the contents are in it ,when you’re at the store, but after that I start drawing a blank.

But one device that has a definite use for smart WI-Fi is an aromatherapy diffuser.

What is a smart essential oil diffuser?

A smart diffuser is a diffuser that comes with WI-Fi capabilities that give you the ability to schedule when it comes on and the ability to turn it on or off at any time through a smart phone app.

Why would you want or need these features?

Aromatherapy essential oils can have amazing effects on the mind and the body when used in short intervals. But after so much time, a person can become nose blind and not even recognize the smell of the essential oil in the air.

A smart aromatherapy essential oil diffuser gives you the ability to fill the diffuser and schedule it so that you get the appropriate amount of aromatherapy and are not overdoing it.

Another way having a smart diffuser can benefit you is you want to come home to a scent of lavender which is known to reduce stress and have a calming effect on you after a hard day at work. If you have the smart capability on your diffuser, you simply access it from your phone so that it turns on 10 or 15 minutes before you get there.

Using a diffuser to fall asleep

Many essential oils can can promote falling asleep and helping you sleep better when you are there. But sleeping with a diffuser on can be way too much of a good thing and actually stress your body out causing you to get a less than restful nights sleep.

By using the scheduling option of your smart diffuser you can control when the diffuser turns off so that you can relax to the aroma of your favorite essential oil to get to sleep and not worry about having to turn the diffuser off before you fall asleep.

Diffuser for Cold and congestion

On the same lines of using essential oils to fall asleep is the use of different essential oils like eucalyptus oil to help you breathe easier when you have a head or chest cold.

Different essential oils like peppermint and tea tree oil along with eucalyptus can help you breathe better while you are sleeping but you do not want to breathe it all night. But in the case of a cold, you may want to have the aroma at different intervals throughout the night.

That’s another way that having the scheduling capabilities of a WI-Fi smart diffuser can be beneficial in your home.

Like I said before, not every appliance needs a smart option, but with them aromatherapy diffusers, you can definitely make a good case for purchasing a smart diffuser.

Other smart diffuser features:

Scheduling is not the only feature you will find on a smart oil diffuser, though arguably the most important.

smart essential oil diffuserOther features that you will find on smart diffusers include:

1.Voice control

Why not? Think about it. If you’re trying to relax and having a hard time de-stressing, you probably are thinking about diffusing some lavender oil but you don’t want to have to get up and turn your diffuser on. Easy, just tell the diffuser to turn on for 15 minutes using the voice control feature.


Most aromatherapy diffusers come with lights built in. Having the ability to turn the lights on or off or dimming them to match the ambience of the room with the aroma of essential oil is a very important capacity that having a smart diffuser can give you.

3.Mist control

You don’t always want your diffuser misting full blast and you don’t always have it set to mist enough. Having a smart Mist control on your diffuser is an excellent way to turn the stream of the mist up or down without having to get up and down trying to get it just right.


Smart capabilities on your diffuser mean never having to manually check when your diffuser is running low on oils or water in the reservoir tank.
You can set your diffuser to let you know when your essential oil diffuser needs filling or check the status of your oils and water right from your phone app.

5.Google and Alexa

Accessing everything in your home from the lights to the thermostat has become a part of everyday life thanks to the ability to communicate with Alexa and Google from a smart hub in your home. Smart diffusers have the capacity to be connected to Google and Alexa in the same way. Why talk to your diffuser directly when your servant Alexa can do it for you.

Already have a diffuser?

If you already have a diffuser and don’t want to purchase another one but yet you like the ideal of having the smart capabilities of scheduling and being able to turn it on and off with your phone, smart plugs can basically make any appliance in your house into a Wi-Fi controllable device that can be monitored from your phone.

It may not be able to dial into your luxurious taste quite as well as purchasing the real deal, but smart plugs are useful for all types of appliances including space heaters, humidifiers, air purifiers, or anything that you can think of that you want to use in intervals or turn off when you’re asleep.

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