Can You Use Fragrance Oils in a Diffuser

Can You Use Fragrance Oils in Diffuser? (a Loaded Question)

If you’ve been down the diffuser and potpourri aisle at the local Walmart or dollar store lately, you know the huge selection of different types of scents available not only in essential oils, but also candles, air fresheners, reeds, and warming fragrance oils.

Not only is there a huge selection, it’s all basically combined together with the fragrance oils sitting right next to the essential oils and the essential oil reeds.

And it is not exactly clear on which oils go with which devices.

Or if you can combine different oils with different devices.

And some devices seem to do the exact same thing, which only compounds the confusion.

In this article, we will try to clear up the confusion and also make the confusion worse by throwing in some grey areas where these scents and devices can overlap.

The device is a diffuser. Specifically the water diffuser.

Technically, the only thing you want to use with a diffuser is essential oils. Diffusers are specifically made to work with aromatherapy essential oils. Diffusers are designed to get the best possible results out of aromatherapy oils.

That’s the official black and white answer.

But can you use a diffuser with anything else other than essential oils?

Warning, This is a grey area and if you decide to add anything to the diffuser other than what is listed in the packaging, you could very well break the warranty. 

Again, that’s the official black and white answer.

Can you put perfume in a diffuser?What can you put in a diffuser besides essential oils?

1.Non Healthy
The main issue with adding any other product besides essential oils to a diffuser is that they do not have the aroma therapeutic healing properties that essential oils do. Not only do they not, they are more likely to have chemicals that aren’t necessarily made for breathing.

2.Too Oily
The second main issue with adding other products different than essential oils to a diffuser is the  texture of the oil.

Even though the term “essential oil” makes it sound like essential oils would have a baby oil type consistency, the truth is, it has more of a watery consistency that allows it to dissipate in water.

Other products like warming oil actually have an oil consistency that doesn’t allow it to dissipate in water and stays separated when mixed with water.

This is not necessarily a deal killer but the likelihood of clogging the diffuser as much higher than using a scent that is water based.

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Can you use fragrance oils in a diffuser?

Fragrance oil is another term for warming oil. Fragrance warming oils have a oily texture that doesn’t mix with water. If you put fragrance oil in a diffuser, you will definitely get an aromatic result because fragrance oil is very strong and tends to make anything it comes in contact with smell strongly.

But the texture of fragrance oil will definitely clog up your diffuser faster than using essential oils.

And unlike essential oils, fragrance oils are made to add a aroma to the air and will do nothing to add any type of therapeutic benefit to the air.

Fragrance oil vs Essential Oil in Diffuser

Fragrance oils are made to be used in oil warmers. Oil warmers are Glade plug-in type devices.
They have an oily consistency that does not mix well in water.
Though you can get a fragrant result by putting fragrance warming oils in a diffuser, the likelihood of clogging the diffuser up as much higher because of the residue left behind by the fragrance oil.
Fragrance oils compared to essential oils are strictly meant to add a scent to the air and carry no therapeutic benefits.

Essential oils are made from plants and are specifically used for their medicinal and antibacterial properties.

Essential oils compared to fragrance oils have a watery texture that completely dissipates when added to the water in a diffuser and does not run risk of clogging up a diffuser.

What can you put in a diffuser besides oil?

You can put any product that can dissipate in water into a diffuser. The term essential oil is a misnomer because essential oils actually have a watery consistency and will mix with the water in a diffuser without adding any risk of stopping it up.

Can you put a vanilla extract into a diffuser?Can you put a vanilla extract into a diffuser?

Vanilla extract can be used in a diffuser because it has a watery consistency and will mix well with the water in the diffuser.
But vanilla extraction not be mistaken for vanilla essential oil. Vanilla extract in a diffuser will add a sweet vanilla scent to the air but it will not do anything to help you health-wise.

Vanilla essential oils on the other hand are well known to fight fever and other infections as well as help reduce inflammation.

Given that vanilla extract can be quite pricey on its own, the choice between vanilla extract and vanilla essential oil should be pretty simple.

Vanilla essential oils are made to go into a diffuser and offer a much more benefit than using vanilla extract in a diffuser.

Can you put perfume in a diffuser?

You can put perfume in a diffuser because Perfume usually has a watery consistency that will easily mix into the water of a diffuser.
It also does not have anything in it that will leave a residue and cause any stoppages in the diffuser.

It is not advised to put any type of perfume that has an oily texture in a diffuser because of the residue that can be left behind and eventually stop up the diffuser.

Perfume is strictly a fragrance and will not add any benefit or therapeutic value to the air that you breathe.

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What can you add to a diffuser? If you’re using a humidifier type diffuser that you put the sense directly into the water, you can get away with putting about any type of scent that will dissipate in water.

If you add fragrance oil to a diffuser, you run the risk of clogging up your diffuser because fragrance oil compared to essential oils actually has an oily consistency that does not mix with water.

You may be able to get a fragrant result out of putting fragrance oils in a diffuser, but you run the risk of needing a new diffuser before too long.

Perfumes and products like a vanilla extract can be used in a diffuser easily because they do mix well with water and do not leave a residue behind.

But they are only beneficial for adding a sent to the air and will not do anything for you therapeutically.

Can you get away with putting different types of oils in a diffuser?

Obviously you can, but the truth is, you get a much better result if you just keep a diffuser to use with essential oils and not venture outside of the box.

These products are all pretty inexpensive and it’s rare that you need to put anything into a diffuser because you’re in a pinch.

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