How long can you leave a window air conditioner running

Can You Leave a Window Air Conditioner on 24/7?

It’s that time again. The heat and the humidity have shown their ugly face once more.
You hate to do it, but it’s almost too  unbearable to go without the AC. But how much is too much?
 Does a window air conditioner have a limit for the amount of summertime abuse it can take?

How long can you leave a window air conditioner running? 24/7?

Technically you can leave a window air conditioner running all day and all night if you want and it will not hurt the AC or cause it to overheat in any way.
 But you may want to remember that a large Window AC can use up to 1400 watts. Which will cause a substantial rise on your energy bill.
 Window air conditioners cool extremely fast so if your bot going to be in a room for awhile, the best money is on switching it off when your out.

How long do window air conditioners last?

There is no reason that a window air conditioner will not last you 10 to 15 years as long as it is maintained properly. Even running it 24/7 all Summer long.

But even though it will not do any damage to the window AC itself, running a window AC 24/7 will reflect substantially on your energy bill.

FRIGIDAIRE Smart Window Air Conditioner

  • Wi-Fi ready connected room air conditioner with Frigidaire Smart App for mobile operation
  • 2017 Energy Star: 12.0 Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
  • 10,000 BTUs cools up to a 450 square foot room with 3 pints per hour dehumidification

How many watts does the window AC use?

You can expect a 10,000 BTU window AC to use 830 watts. Which translates to about $120 a day if you were to run it for 12 hours a day in Texas. And Texas is by no means the most expensive state. 
That’s a pretty shocking estimate. Even a window air conditioner that consumes 450 Watts would run you around \$65 for a 12 hour day. Still pretty shocking.

How long do window air conditioners lastMost window air conditioners are made to cool down a room very quickly so unless the room that it is being used in is occupied 24/7, there is really no need to keep a window AC unit running non stop.

Granted, there are times that you want the AC running for a little while before you get home from work or school or if it’s too hot to sleep and you want to keep the AC on till you get to sleep. But you don’t need it on all night

Welcome to the modern world.

Window air conditioners now come Wi-Fi enabled.

Smart window ACs come with their own app that you can use to schedule when your AC is on, or turn the AC on or off from a remote location. You can also change the settings to increase or decrease the temperature.

This is a big advantage when you are shopping for a new window AC.

What are the benefits of Wi-Fi smart window air conditioners?

1.  Energy savings

The ability to schedule your AC to run only according to your daily schedule means using your AC less and having more control over the amount of energy that is used. The smart app will also give you a detailed read of your usage to allow you to schedule even smarter.

2.  Convenience

Smart window air conditioners control the temperature and only give or take as much as you need by monitoring and controlling the unit according to your indoor climate.

The app gives you complete voice command to switch your AC modes with ease also.

3.  Maintenance and Notifications

Through the use of the smart app, you can keep track of every part of your air conditioner. This includes being notified when it’s time to change your filter or if any individual component goes out. It will also let you know if your AC is not draining properly.

Smart thermostats have been a thing  for quite a while now and offer the luxury of being able to schedule your heat and air so that you use less energy.

Now you can get the same control with a window air conditioner.

Yeah sounds great. But I’m not really in the market for a new window AC. The one I got works perfectly fine. After all, these things last for 10 plus years if you treat them right, right?

If you already have a window AC that you’re perfectly content with and it’s not in the market for a new one, yet you would love to have the smart features that you can find on the newest window air conditioners,

The easy solution is a smart plug.

The truth is if you have a hub like Alexa, you can turn any device that you plug in to an outlet into a smart device with scheduling capabilities and remote operation.

Though there are obviously some features you’re not going to get with a smart plug over a fully integrated Wi-Fi smart window AC,

The capacity to schedule the plug so that it only comes on during the times that you have indicated is a big part of the equation that will take you a long way even if it doesn’t give you regular updates an alert you when you need to clean your filter.

Smart Plug-Gosund WiFi Outlet Mini Socket

  • Voice Control — Smart plug works with Alexa and Google Home but No Hub Required. 

How many watts does the window AC useSummary

Even though running a window air conditioner all day and all night will not hurt the air conditioner or cause it the overheat, it will have a big impact on your energy bill.

Window air conditioners use a lot of Watts. Which will add up to a hefty Energy bill if not kept in check.

That’s why even though it’s fine to run a window AC 24/7, it is not suggested.

Scheduling your AC to run only when you need it is the best way to keep your energy bill in check.

But it is not the easiest thing to do, since there are times when you want the AC to run but you do not have access to be able to turn it on.

The newest kid on the block, the Wi-Fi smart window air conditioner has all the answers when it comes to being able to schedule your AC to come on and turn off when you want it to and also the ability to turn on and off by the use of built-in sensors.

A smart app gives you the ability to schedule your window AC, monitor the temperature, control it remotely, and even notifies you when you need to clean out the filter.

But if you are not in the market for a new window AC but you still want the capabilities of scheduling it, smart plugs can give you access and the ability to control when anything that is plugged into them is on or off.

A smart plug maybe the cheap way out, but sometimes expensive is just expensive.

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