Does a Humidifier Help With Snoring

Does a Humidifier Help With Snoring?

Does a humidifier help with snoring? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a miracle cure for the snorer next to you as you’re trying to get your own sleep at night.

Snoring not only interrupts the person sleeping near the snorer, you can also disrupt their sleep too.
It can put them in a state of waking up all night with a dry mouth, needing a drink of water, and never really ever getting into a deep sleep.

There are certain times when the air is hot and extra dry that a humidifier can help with snoring. But snoring is not dependent on the moistness of the air alone. And there or many other reasons why a person snores that a humidifier will do nothing for.

Sleeping with humidifier

When I was younger, I traveled with the music group, going up and down the highway, staying in a lot of different hotels.

My roommate most of the time was a guy that snored very loudly. He not only snored but he had severe sleep apnea which would be so violent that I thought he was choking to death many times.

He was and is overweight, not extremely, but a good 50 lbs. But the thing that made the whole thing so hard to handle was he would turn the heater up in the room and sleep in a pair of shorts in the winter.

( I’m the opposite. I’d rather put on some pajamas and turn the heater down. )

And as soon as he hit his pillow he was asleep which meant that I always was stuck trying to sleep with him snoring like a train.

As a result of our mismatched sleeping arrangement, I bought a humidifier and carried it around with my luggage.

Do humidifiers help with sleepAt the time, it was really more about having some sort of white noise to drown out his snoring plus there was a cool breeze coming off of the Humidifier that would help combat the heater being turned up.

But an amazing thing happened, the humidifier I bought for my own peace of mind ended up having a huge impact on the amount and overall excessive volume of this guys snoring.

And I realized that if I would wait till he got to sleep and turn down the heater, the humidifier coupled with the cooler air would calm his eradicate sleeping down extremely.

Looking back at the situation these years later, I would have to say that him turning the heater up was drying the air out which was making it hard for him to breathe while he was sleeping.

By adding the humidifier, it was moistening his airways, helping him to breathe better.

Sleeping with the humidifier and turning the heat down made a huge difference.

Can you put a humidifier next to your bed?

Putting the humidifier next to your bed is the best place to get the maximum amount of benefit from it. Regardless of whether it’s a cool mist humidifier that emits a slight breeze or a warm mist humidifier with eucalyptus or Vicks in it, keeping the humidifier close to you while you’re sleeping is the ideal.

Do humidifiers help with sleep?

When the air is excessively dry which is usually the case when house is closed up and the heater is on, a cool mist humidifier will loosen the mucus up and help you sleep. And help keep you from waking up with a bloody or sore nose or chapped lips.

Should humidifier run all night?

There is no issue with the humidifier running all night as long as the indoor climate calls for it. If you are in the middle of a dry wintery season, you’ll probably want your humidifier running constantly.

Sleeping with humidifier risks.

The only risk of keeping your humidifier running all the time is it needs to be thoroughly washed every couple of days to make sure that mold and bacteria do not have a chance to take root inside of the machine.

And if the humidity is already at a good level in your room or house, adding more humidity could be excessive and eventually cause mildew or mold to begin to grow on your walls.

Is it safe to leave a humidifier on all night?

Sleeping with humidifier risks.

The main risk of using a humidifier regardless of whether you are sleeping or awake is that humidifiers must be kept clean.

A humidifier that continues to be ran without being cleaned and sterilized often can turn into a mold spore and bacteria distribution machine.

As where a humidifier maybe exactly what is needed to help you get a good night’s sleep and a rest from the exasperation of snoring,

Sleeping with a dirty humidifier may make it harder to sleep and snore and choke more as the bacteria and mold spores enter into your airway system.

Sleeping with humidifierIs it good to sleep with a humidifier?

If the climate inside your home warrants the humidifier being ran 24/7, then it is a good idea to keep it running even when you’re asleep.


Will a humidifier help with snoring?

Though there is not one single remedy to help keep someone from snoring, there are certain circumstances that a humidifier can help reduce snoring and help you get a better night’s sleep.

When the winter months have rolled in, and the temperature outside has dropped, the heater usually comes on and practically stays on for the whole season.

And with the heater comes hot dry air.

Dry hot air is hard on your respiratory system and dries out your nasal cavities as well as your throat and your lips.

All of these things combined can make getting a good night’s sleep without snoring hard to do.

During these times, adding moisture back to the air with a humidifier can be a great help to getting a good night’s sleep and even help reduce snoring.

Which can be good for you and the snorer. Because the truth is, you’re both probably having a hard time sleeping.
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