Does Air Innovations Offer the Best Humidifier?

Does Air Innovations Offer the Best Humidifier?

Could be. At least among the best.

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The one stand out feature of air innovations humidifiers that really sets it apart from the rest of the pack is that they build their humidifiers from anti microbial plastic.

Mold and germs growing inside of a humidifier is the Achilles heel of the humidifier industry.

It’s the one issue with humidifiers that makes them a risk to have in the home.

But with new techniques like building a humidifier out of mold resistant plastic,
Humidifiers are starting to be built on a whole other level.

The Air Innovations MH-908 is exactly what I’m talking about.

Some of the Highlights that make this humidifier so amazing are:

  • 5 mist settings- including low, medium, high, Supreme, and Turbo
  • 120 hours without having to refill water
  • Covers up to 700 square feet
  • Sleek original design
  • Top fill
  • Directional nozzle
  • Adjustable humidistat With Auto Start and Shut Off
  • Ceramic filter that never needs replacing
  • Whisper quiet
  • Aromatherapy tray.
  • Antimicrobial plastic that prevents bacteria from growing.

This humidifier also feature something called a dual atomizer they can deliver 200% more humidity for the extra dry rooms in your house. Essentially it’s a long extension that helps the Mist centralize into the room quicker and easier.

Who knew that humidifiers could have so many options?

One of the things that really stands out to me about the air innovations MH 908 is the choice of mist levels you can choose from. Most of the humidifiers I’ve been around are high and low, get what you get, appliances.

Air innovations has five different Mist settings including supreme and turbo.

What is the turbo setting on the air innovation humidifier?

It’s an extra powerful misting setting that works with the extension. It’s saturates your air with moisture for 40 minutes then turns off and the humidifier automatically switches to the Supreme mode.

If you find that you still need turbo mode after 40 minutes, you’ll have to wait for 20 minutes to turn it back on.

Turbo… Its worth mentioning again.

This humidifier also is completely Auto set and forget for 5 days at a time. Built-in humidistat will monitor the humidity and turn the humidifier up or down as needed.
The tank holds enough water to last for 5 days without having to refill the basin.

The physical design of air innovations is also one of the most instantly recognizable traits.

This company goes out of its way to design a unique appliance that will add to the decor of a room.

Their unique shape look more like part of the design of the room instead of the standard boxy and oval humidifiers you usually see.

No replacement filters. Replacement filters are an expected expense that comes with purchase of a new humidifier.

This humidifier however, does not require any replacement filters ever. It has a ceramic filter that is easily hand washed.

Another issue that comes up frequently with devices like humidifiers is the noise they make.

Personally I always thought that the white noise that a humidifier makes is comforting when I don’t feel good and it is an added feature that goes along with misting the air.

But turns out, that is not a characteristic that most people like to have in a humidifier.

Not to worry… This air innovations humidifier is extremely quiet.



Downsides. Yes they’re are a few.

1.There is no remote control

These days every thing comes with the remote. It kind of doesn’t make too much sense that a humidifier with so many setting capacities would not come with a remote control to be able to dial between the settings without getting up to push a button.

2. Doesn’t have the capacity to work with Alexa.

Another feature you find in just about every arena these days is the smartphone capacity of being able to monitor your humidifier or other device with your phone.

Fortunately you can turn any of your appliances into a smart appliance by plugging it into a smart plug.

3.The aromatherapy function requires specific air innovations aroma pads.

Aromatherapy and essential oils are always “a do or do not do” question when it comes to humidifiers.

Hint: The simple answer is that oil and water do not mix so putting anything oily into the water of a humidifier is only asking for it to be clogged up eventually.

So most humidifiers that double as diffusers have a aromatherapy tray that requires their specific brand of scented pads to be used.

That’s the case with the Air Innovations also.  Expect to pay about $15.00 for a box of refills. And that’s per scent. Check here for the price on Amazon.

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