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Heater with Humidifier Combo-Good Idea or Not?

You might ask yourself why anyone would want a heater that has a humidifier combined with it?

There’s a good reason actually.

Heaters tend to dry the air out and having a humidifier running at the same time adds moisture back to the air.

As far as combination devices go, a heater that has a humidifier built in is probably the most logical of all combination appliances. At least as far as indoor climate control goes.

It makes sense.

Most appliances that combine more than one function are as not meant to use both functions at the same time or even in the same season.

For instance an air conditioner that has a heater will never run the AC at the same time as the heat.

Or a dehumidifier combined with a humidifier. Technically you can get all the components for both devices all in one shell,

but there is never going to be a time when you need to run a humidifier at the same time as a dehumidifier.

Even water air purifiers are only useful for about half of the year when your your home needs the extra humidity.

So the ideal of combining a humidifier and a heater together is actually a good one.  And they are both primarily winter appliances.

Some benefits to a heater with a humidifier

1. Cheaper (presumably)
2. Space saver
3. It makes sense to have a heater that also humidifies.
4. All the above


heater-Humidifier-comboBut with that being said, is there actually anyone that is building a heater with a humidifier combo that is getting it right?

Unfortunately, the ideal of what a heater with a humidifier combo could be doesn’t exactly match up with what is available.

For instance, You would presume that because you’re only talking about one device compared to two, that the price would be cheaper or at least not more than double.

And though this doesn’t apply to everyone, there are definitely some companies that think that combining the two appliances justifies raising the cost significantly.

Because the price is about three times as much as you would pay if you bought the two appliances separately.

It would be much different if there were units out there that actually justified raising the price that much.

But so far what I found is:

The heater function in these units seems to be standard. They do carry with them all the usual overheating and tip over protection features. Nothing special but will get the job done..


Its the humidifier function that is the problem.

Think about it…

If I pay $150 for a humidifier and heater combo, you at least expect to get a heater that is worth $75 and a humidifier that is worth $75 also.


$75 can buy you a nice Vornado heater packed with the latest technology and extra safety precautions.


$75 can buy you a extravagant Levoit humidifier. One that is fillable from the top, has a built-in hygrometer and humidistat. Can be used as a cool mist humidifier or a warm mist and a aromatherapy diffuser to boot.

In other words, the best heater and humidifier on the market.

But the humidifiers that come built in with these heaters, even the one that is on the Dr Heater series, is at best an afterthought.

They are 99% basic evaporative humidifiers that you will find in the pharmacy section in a big box store for 25 bucks.

To be fair, most of these heater humidifiers do not claim to be the best heater or humidifiers. Nor do they reflect it in price.

  Unfortunately the technology of a heater humidifier combo has not come anywhere near what you can get if you buy the two devices separately.

But they are a space saver, right?

This point I can give you. The size of these machines does not take up any more space than one or the other if you were to buy them separately.

Heater with humidifier. Good idea?

The ideal is there.

A fully functioning modern heater that has a fully functioning modern humidifier incorporated would be an awesome combination machine.

I could see it being sold as a standard product other than an exception to the rule.

But the market has just not caught up, quite yet.

Here’s a small list of some of the heater humidifier combos you can find on Amazon.

GeekHeat Portable Electric Heater with Humidifier

  • In contrast to traditional heaters, Geek Heat heater designs with humidifier functions, allowing you to enjoy warmth without drying the air.
    Plus, the both functions of heating and humidifier can be run separately or concurrently. Just lightly press the mode buttons to select the humidifier, heat or both. With the 90 degree oscillation feature, Geek Heat space heater spreads warmth and mist to your immediate area.

  • Safe humidifying: Unlike the conventional built-in humidifying heater for water tanks This portable heater uses an separate water tank to isolate the humidifying system from the heating system, ensuring complete peace of mind. Additionally, the water tank is independent and is simple to refill and keep clean. With a capacity of 200ml and the ability to spray up to 6 hours.

  • Multi-protection: Apart from the usual tip-over protection and heat protection from overheating. We also create a design that has an auto shut-off feature. It will automatically shut off the humidifying or heating mode after continuous 8 hours or 5.5 hours of work. Additionally, the power switch as well as function switch are separate to prevent accidental touching. ETL certified. More secure than you think.

  • Small and compact: 5.2 x5.5×9.8in and 2.8lb when placed on your desk will only take just a tiny corner where you can take in the warm mist and warmth closely. The sleek black design blends with the surrounding area easily. You can put it to use in your office and study rooms as well as bedrooms. It provides you with comfortable moisture and warmth during cold winter months.

This heater humidifier combo gets the best reviews on Amazon. It has a separate cylinder type water tank that can be easily removed and refilled.
The humidifier is nothing special but it is easily refilled and can last for 9 hours
Out of all the heater with humidifier products available, this one comes in at the top.

Dr. Infrared Heater DR998, 1500W, Advanced Dual Heating System with Humidifier



  • Dr. Infrared Heater functions in the same way as the light from the sun, heating objects, not air. The infrared light is natural and is efficient in energy use making use of 100% of the heat that is generated and causes virtually zero loss of heat with a minimal cost.
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Equipped with an adjustable filter that’s simple to clean and replace to allow for a clean start each time you need it.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier & Oscillation Fan. The inbuilt ultrasonic humidifier helps to add much-needed moisture to winter’s dry air. Its oscillation function disperses moist and warm air throughout the entire space quickly.
  • Make use of a water bottle instead of the water tank
  • The Ultrasonic Humidifier as well as the heating mode are able to be operated in a separate manner
  • Can operate as a fan, either with or without humidifier. Ideal for summer heat.

This is another standard heater that has a humidifier option. The humidifier in this case is a slot for a water bottle.
Water bottle humidifiers are a cool idea on their own and it does seem like a good idea to combine with the heater.

But the price is around the \$150 mark. And neither the heater or the humidifier constitutes paying that high of a price. Plus there’s a replacement filter.

HRC 2-in-1 500W Office/Desktop/Bedroom Space Heater with Mist Humidifier


  • Contrary to conventional heaters, HRC heaters with a humidifier function allow you to enjoy the warmth and not dry. Plus, the functions for heating and humidifier can be run separately or concurrently. Lightly press the buttons that indicate mode to select the humidifier, heat, or both. With the 90deg oscillation, the HRC space heater spreads the warmth and mist to the area around you.

  • Warm and comfortable without waiting for the winter months with the PTC Ceramic Heating Technology, the space heater requires 3 seconds to warm the air surrounding it and provide you with instant heat. It is designed with intelligent cooling that allows the heater to run for about 30 minutes to release the heat after turning off the heating. Extending the life of the unit.

  • Safe humidifying: Unlike conventional built-in humidifying heaters, this portable heater utilizes an independent water tank. This keeps the humidifying system separate from the heating system, ensuring your absolute safety. Furthermore, an independent water tank is simple to refill and keep clean with a capacity of 200ml that allows you to mist for up to 6 hours.

  • Multi-protection: Other than the standard tip-over protection and the protection against overheating, we have added an auto shut-off feature. It will automatically shut off the heating mode or humidifying mode after a continuous 8 hours or 5.5 hours of work. Additionally, the power switch and function switch have been designed separately to prevent accidental touching. ETL approved. It’s safer than you think 


Basic heater and basic humidifier combination unit.

This unit is very small it only produces heat up to 500 w. A typical heater is 1500 w on high and 750 on low.

It has a small carrying handle that you can fit your finger into.

The price is set about right though at around $40

Yivibe Electric Heater-Humidifier


  1. Spray working modes Continuous adjustable spray/intermittent spray/ direct spray for about 5 hours. The intermittent spray lasts approximately 9 hours 2. It comes with double spray humidification. The skin is not dry anymore while remaining warm, and the skin remains hydrated.


  2. 120-degree shake head feature and area heating. Wide selection of shaking head heating that heats indoor air Close heating is more convenient.


  3. This button can be adjustable by 135deg of rotation. The blowing angle can be adjustable to the desired angle and can be obtained by changing the knob.


  4. The temperature control is available at three levels that correspond to different requirements for use and can be adjusted to a comfortable temperature by pressing the switch.


  5. The water tank has an ambient lamp that can serve as lighting for the night when it’s switched on, with minimal sound and silence, making it easy to accompany you as you sleep.


  6. Safety protection, if the fuselage gets bumped or tilted more than 45 degrees, the fan heater will shut down automatically and turn off the power.


Very similar to The Geek Heat unit. Pretty much a copycat other than the price tag that runs about $40 more.

VItCSM 3 IN 1 Multifunctional Heater Desktop Office Household Night Light Humidifier

  • A powerful and compact personal heater that ensures you don’t get cold in winter. It is portable and easy to use.
  • If the plug is in place for two seconds and warmth will flow out. It’s not only secure to use it, but also extremely energy efficient
  • The slim and attractive design is ideal for your bedside desk, table, or coffee table-no matter where you’ll need it.
  • Ideal for study rooms, reading areas as well as dormitories, work office spaces, home offices, campers, work spaces as well as basements, benches garages etc. 
  • The quiet fan that whispers and soft light at night make it perfect to use all night long to sleep in a peaceful way
  • Product size: Diameter 135mm Height 212mm
  • Area of application: 15M2.
  • Power: 800W
  • Water tank capacity: 400ml


This heater and humidifier combo looks more like the traditional oscillating heater.

The product description says near nothing about the humidifier. But the picture shows the water sitting at the top. Which in my guesstimation means it’s a top fill unit which would make it much easier to manage.

The price is set pretty good at around the $60 mark. Which would be about the same amount if you bought these units separate.


The ideal of a fully functioning heater with humidifier combo appliance is a good one.

Heaters are known for drying out the air in a room.
And one of the primary reasons people use humidifiers is to combat the dry air caused by a heater.

Why not combine them into one?

Unfortunately even though you can currently purchase a heater with humidifier,

The ones available on the market are quite simple.

Modern heaters and humidifiers come with a full load of bells and whistles when you purchase them separate.

But combining them seems to reduce them down to the most basic of both.

And in some cases the price can be as about as much as three times the price of one or the other.

It’s a Great idea.

Just one that hasn’t fully developed into what it could be and hopefully one day will be.

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