How to Make Gold Paint

How to Make Gold Paint. The Color Mixing Guide

Do you know how to mix the right colors to get a great looking gold shade? Regardless of your painting furniture or slaving away on your next Picasso?

Mixing your own paint while might not only be cheaper, can also help you dial in to get the perfect shade of gold you are looking for.

In this guide, we will teach you how to make Gold paint as well as Metallic Gold and Rose gold.

How to Make Gold Paint.

What colors make gold?

Gold. The color of royalty. A symbol of wealth. And a signal of both affluence and prestige. All that and more.

But as a color of paint, it is not the easiest to mix. But it is easy to get too light or too dark and end up looking like rust or spicy mustard.

How to make gold paint?

Below is a list of color combinations that can be mixed to make gold paint.

What colors make gold?

Combination # 1

Yellow – Red – Blue

1.Mix the yellow and blue together to make green.
2. Add Red to make Brown.
3. Add more Yellow

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Combination # 2

Black – White – Yellow

1.  Combine the White and the Black to make Gray
2. Mix the Gray with Yellow

Combination# 3

Orange – Yellow- Brown

1.  Mix the Orange and Brown to get a Terracotta color. Terracotta is a Sienna shade that is a very red Earth color.
2. Mix the Terracotta with Yellow.

Combination #4

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What two colors make gold?

The simplest recipe for gold paint is Yellow and Brown.

1.  Start with Yellow.
2.  Add in a small amount of Brown. A little goes a long way.
3. Depending on the shade you’re after, either add more Yellow or more Brown till You get the desired Gold paint you’re looking for.

If you start with Brown and add Yellow, it will take an enormous amount of Yellow paint to overtake the Brown to make Gold.

That’s why you should start with Yellow and only add a tiny bit of Brown and try it before you add anymore.

Combination # 5

Black – Red – Yellow

1.  Mix equal parts of Black and Red to make Maroon.
2. In a separate spot, pour out some Yellow paint.
3. Add the maroon to the yellow.
Mix it in slowly till you get the shade of gold that you want.

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How to make gold acrylic paint?

Black – White – Yellow

1.  Combine the White and the Black to make Grey
2. Mix the Grey with Yellow for a great looking acrylic gold color.
3. (Optional) Add in Gold sparkles to give it a metallic Sheen

How to make Rose Gold paint?

Combination# 1

Gold – Silver – Red

1.  Combine equal parts of gold and silver paint.
2. Slowly add Red till you get the desired Rose Gold color that you are after.

Combination # 2

Gold – Silver- Pink- Gold Sparkles

1.  Equal parts Gold and Silver
2.  Add Pink
3 . Add Gold sparkles to give it a metallic look.

Combination# 3

Gold – Silver – Red – White

1.  Mix Equal parts Gold and Silver
2.  Pour out some White and a separate spot.
3. Add Red to the White till you get a Dark Pink.
4. Mix the Dark Pink with the Gold and Silver mixture.

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