how to make paint dry faster

How To Make Paint Dry Faster – 8 Methods

Painting is one of the easiest and fastest ways to renovate the your house. Inside or out. A new coat of paint will do wonders for any number of projects.

But painting is not something that is usually meant for the impatient.
There are quite a few steps to doing a good job painting, prepping, sanding, taping, and each one takes a level of patience to get right.

And taking your time to cut in corners and around trim and flooring, all require a resolve to get it right at the outset.
So when you can find a shortcut or something to help the process along, it is truly welcomed.

How to make paint dry faster

1. Primer

Adding a coat a primer before painting will speed up the painting process immensely. A good primer will cut the amount of paint layers it takes two cover down as much as 4 -5 times.

2.  Prep with light sanding.

Nothing slows down a paint job faster than the paint peeling off. Many surfaces like cabinetry and tables, though they may not even look like it any more, have a clear coating to make them shine.
If the surface that is being painted is smooth or has a smooth coating, then taking a minute to scuff it up with some like sandpaper will save you hours of redoing it.

3.  Quick-drying paint

Choosing the right paint for the project will speed up the time it takes for paint to dry considerably.
There are paints available that adhere to almost anything and dry much faster than buying the cheapest can on the shelf.
The quality of paint that you choose will not only help speed up the process it will help ensure that you do not have to repeat the process sooner than you would like.

How to make paint cure faster4.  Lighter layers

One of the fastest ways to get paint to dry faster is to use less. Painting on a light layer will dry much faster than trying to get it to cover all at once.
Multiple light layers will look a lot more even also and help to avoid globs and drips.

5.  Fans and Ventilation

Getting the fans going and the windows open while you’re painting is one of the easiest ways to get the paint to dry faster. It may seem like no brainier but there’s a lot to think about when you’re painting.

6.  Room Temperature

There’s a reason why people paint the outside of their house in the summer.
If the temperature is too cool, it will take a much longer time for the paint to dry. When the temperature is below around 50 degrees, using a space heater will not only help warm the room up, it will also help dry the paint faster to.

7.  Hair dryer

Using a hair dryer to help along the time it takes paint to dry is a great way to expedite the project as long as you do it right.

Make sure that you keep the hair dryer moving back and forth across a small section. Leaving it in one place can cause the paint to bubble.

A heat gun will also do the trick. but remember a heat gun is much hotter than a hair dryer and will burn or crackle the paint way faster than a hair dryer.

8.  Avoid Humidity

If you’re painting on a rainy day, you can expect the moisture in the air to slow down the drying process on the paint considerably.
If you can’t wait for a dryer day then there are some things you can do to help remove the humidity from the room.
A lot of modern air conditioners have a dry mode on them. Dry mode on an air conditioner is essentially a dehumidifier that will help dry out the air in a room and help you or paint dry much faster.
If you don’t have dry mode on your air conditioner, running the AC on low can also have a dehumidifier effect.
And if you happen to have a dehumidifier nearby then all the better!

How to make spray paint dry fasterHow to make spray paint dry faster

The Dry Time on spray paint is usually pretty fast depending on the paint and how much you put on. Getting your spray paint to dry faster is pretty easy as long as you follow a few general rules:

1. Light coats

Light coats are essential when you’re using spray paint. They are not only required to give your paint job and even look, spraying multiple light coats of spray paint is much faster than heavy globbing. And it will reduce the need to sand off the heavy drips afterwards.

2.  Fans, space heaters, ventilation

The air has to be moving for the paint to dry faster. So using a fan or a space heater can help move the project along.

But you have to remember that spray paint is a fine mist, so make sure to use it in an area where it doesn’t mist anything that you do not want painted around you. For example, your dad’s Chevrolet.

3. Dehumidify

Humidity and paint are not two things that work well together.

Your spray paint job will go a lot faster if you pick a dry warm day to do it on.
If that’s not a possibility, then there are different appliances they can help with dehumidifying.

Running an air conditioner on low can have a dehumidifier effect and some air conditioners even have a dry mode on them that acts like a dehumidifier.
What is A dehumidifier?
 A Dehumidifier is an appliance that specifically  removes moisture from the air. If you find that your painting room is generally too moist, A dehumidifier would probably be a great buy. 

how to make paint dry fastFinal Thoughts

Painting is one of those jobs that can have a quick wonderful effect on any number of objects including your house or furniture.

But even though painting is relatively quick compared to doing many other renovation projects, it still takes time and a level patience to do a skilled job.

The time it takes for paint to dry can also drive you crazy when you’re in the middle of a project.

How to get paint to dry faster. Knowing  a few tips to help your paint cure faster can help eliminate a lot of the frustration it comes along with a painting project.


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