Does Running Furnace Fan Cool House

Does Running Furnace Fan Cool House?

Does running furnace fan cool house?

Because the location of the furnace is usually in the attic, and the fact that the attic is the hottest area in the house, you can expect the air coming out of the vents from the furnace fan to be on the warm side rather than cool.

Running furnace fan continuously in summer

Using the HVAC furnace fan continuously in the summer can be a good Idea for a few reasons.

First the ductwork is not only the system that delivers warm and cool air throughout the house, it is also the system that filters the air throughout the house.

Particulates like pollen and pet dander, as well as mold spores and bacteria can be much worse indoors than outside even in industrial areas.

Keeping the fan on your furnace and AC running is one way to combat indoor air quality issues.

HVAC filters are not the only air cleaners that can be employed with the ductwork.
Many people take advantage of in duct air purifiers that use technologies like plasma bipolar ionization.

These air purifiers require that the blower stay on 24/7 to be able to clean the air efficiently.

Running furnace fan continuously in winter

One reason it is a good idea to keep the furnace fan running continuously in winter is that heat rises.
Keeping the fan on will circulate the air throughout the house and keep the temperature more even across the house.

When the thermostat is set to auto, the fan automatically turns off after the temperature is reached.
But since there is nothing to keep the heat moving around down low, it will automatically rise and leave cool spots in the house.

Houses with multiple stories are especially prone to this problem.
The bottom level of the home can get chilly why all the upstairs gets hot.
Keeping the fan on helps move the warm air through the house evenly.

Running furnace fan continuously in winterShould I run my furnace fan continuously

Though the consensus is usually to set your furnace fan on auto because of what seems to be the obvious savings in in energy, the opposite,  can actually be true as well.

As an example, when the blower fan is left on, the warm air generated by the furnace is circulated and keeps the temperature more consistent throughout the house, eliminating cool spots that would normally indicate to the thermostat to fire on.

Which takes more energy than a constant running fan.

Although there is the extra expense of replacing the filters more often, the trade off could be worth it.

Thermostat fan on or Auto in winter

Furnace fan on auto or circulate

The pros of leaving the thermostat fan on auto are:
Less expense upfront in the form of power consumption and fewer filter replacements.
The pros of leaving the thermostat are:
Keeping the heat rounded up more evenly throughout the house.
Cleaner air quality.

Should fan be on when heat is on?

The fan is the part of the furnace that pushes the warm air throughout the house. It stays on while the furnace is heating. if you want the fan to turn off when the heater is not running,  you can set your thermostat to auto. If you prefer to have the fan running after the heater has turned off, then turn your thermostat to on.

furnace fan runs after heat shuts off

The simplest things to check when your furnace fan keeps running are:

Is the thermostat set to Auto or on?

Sometimes it’s the simplest things good make the biggest impact. The fan running all the time could be as easy as someone accidentally turning the fan to the on setting which will keep the fan running continuously.

Another one of the easiest things to check when you’re having any type of problem with your heat is the filters.

If it doesn’t seem like you were fan ever turns off, it could be that you are not able to get the room up to temperature
Because the filters are too dirty.

I would like to see the invoices over a year for a local HVAC technician that was able to fix a problem that someone was having by replacing the furnace filters.

It happens way more than you would think.

If the problem of the fan not turning off doesn’t fall within these simple tips, then there’s probably a malfunction in  the thermostat or the fan motor.

Thermostats are pretty easy to replace but they do cost a little more.

Taking a chance on a guess the thermostat is going out maybe a little more than you’re willing to risk.

It’s probably time to call out the technician at this point.

furnace fan runs after heat shuts offSummary

Running the furnace fan continuously has many benefits like helping provide cleaner air to breathe and eliminating cool spots from the house.

But using the fan on the furnace to cool down the house it’s not something that is easily achievable because the furnace is usually in the Attic where the air is the hottest.

Many people will decide to keep their fan on auto because it creates less expense upfront.

But leaving the fan on continuously can help keep the temperature more even for longer periods of time so that the furnace doesn’t have to kick on as much.

That is also a way of thinking about it that will save you money.
But the are continuously blowing through the filters will mean that they will degrade faster and you will have to purchase more replacement filters throughout the year.

If your furnace fan runs after the heat shuts off,
Do a quick check to make sure that you’re not missing the easy solution first.
Which would be that the fan is set to the on position.

Another easy fix is replacing the filters if they have not been changed in a while.
When the filters are clogged, the air cannot get through and the furnace has a much harder time getting up to temperature.
Clearing the obstruction by replacing the filter maybe the answer you need.

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