How to Stay Warm Without Heat or Electricity

How to Stay Warm Without Heat or Electricity

Are you prepared for a power outage this winter? You never know when it’s going to snow so hard that you can’t leave your house and are possibly snowed in for several days. And what’s worse, electric lines can easily snap and leave you without electricity during a blizzard.

What do you do if you find yourself in that situation?

How do you stay warm without heat or electricity?

  • Generator
  • Gas heater
  • Battery Operated Heater
  • Fireplace
  • Put on Extra Layers of Clothing
  • Wrap Up in Blankets
  • Close Up any Part of the House You Don’t Need
  • Weather Seal Around Doors and Leaky Windows
  • Warm liquids and Hot soup
  • Open the Curtains and Let the Sunlight In
  • Huddle Up
  • Go to Grandma’s house or a shelter
  • Warm Bath

Hopefully this article is a before the fact type of article that succeeds in urging you to invest in a generator or gas heater of some sort.


When electricity goes out, having a emergency generator on hand is the best possible scenario. A portable generator is not only useful in emergencies, it is a great way to stay warm when you are on a camping trip or hike.

2.Gas heater

Having some sort of gas heater, whether it be propane or kerosene on hand if you are stuck in a situation with no electricity to heat your home is a lifesaver. Consider purchasing a indoor vent free propane heater. You stop a heater comes equipped with a oxygen sensor that will shut the machine off if it detects a lack of oxygen in the room and the risk of asphyxiation.

3.Battery operated heater

Just like you should keep a flashlight loaded with fresh batteries ready for such a Time as this, having a battery operated space heater and package of brand new batteries handy will get you out of a miserably cold situation and sustain you till you can get the power back on.


Keeping your fireplace stocked is a simple way of making sure that you have a way of keeping warm at the electricity goes out.

How to Stay Warm Without Electricity5.Thermal underwear

Long johns, thermal underwear, whatever your favorite way of referring to them is, can give you an extra layer of warmth , whether or not you are stuck in a cold house or you’re out on a job where there is no heat or electricity.

6.Put on extra layers of clothes

Lettering up is a great way to keep the warp insulated inside of your clothes. Remember that your feet and your head is where your body heat exits the fastest. Pay special attention to where extra socks and a toboggan to keep your body temperature at a safe place.

7.  Blankets

Stocking up on blankets may seem like a waste of space until you find yourself in a situation where you need those blankets. Bundling up in a warm blanket is a excellent way of building up body heat in order to get and stay warm.

8.Close up the parts of the house you don’t need

If you find yourself with that electricity trying to warm up in your house, close the doors to any part of the house you don’t need. That will not only reduce the amount of area that needs heating, keeping everybody in the same room will combine everyone’s body heat.

9.Weather seal around doors and drafty windows.

Putting towels under the door and window seals will help keep cold air from pushing through the windows and the doors.

9.Drink warm beverages and eat hot soup

If you have a gas stove, a hot bowl of soup or warm tea can have a very warming effect on your body.

10.Open the curtains and let the sun in

During the day when the sun is out, open the shades and let the sun warm the room up. The sun coming through the window will have the extra benefit of the window magnifying it, and helping add some warmth to your home. In the same respect, close the drapes at night so that the cold night Air does not amplify through the Windows.

11. Huddle up.

Two bodies are better than one. If you have someone to huddle up with even if it’s a dog or a cat, the combination of bodies will cause an exponential rise in the amount of body heat you can generate.

12. Go to Grandma’s house or a shelter

Sometimes the best thing to do is just find a different place to get. If your home is too cold for you to safely stay then it might be time to find a shelter that will help you out during the excessive cold.

13. Warm bath

Assuming that you have a gas water heater, taking a hot bath is a great way to warm up quickly. The trick is to get dried off and into some jammies and under the covers before you get cooled off afterwards

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