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Is “White Noise” a Reason to Buy a Humidifier?

There is something about the noise that a humidifier makes while it’s misting the air that has an almost instantaneous sleep effect to it.

  It’s very calming and hypnotizing at the same time. Combined with the relief of being able to breathe because of the moisture it emits into the air, humidifiers are kind of an elixir for helping you rest.

Interesting enough, you can browse YouTube and find a number of videos that provide the sounds of a humidifier that you can play while you are sleeping.

But not all humidifiers produce that white noise effect. And even though there are many people who enjoy the calming sound of a humidifier, there are just as many people who do not want to be able to hear their humidifier working at all.

And I can’t blame you, whatever side of the fence you’re on, because I can see the point of both.

Types of Humidifiers that produce White Noise

1.Evaporative cool mist humidifiers create a white noise effect that can be comforting to sleep with.

2.Impeller humidifiers have a spinning disc that makes a humming noise that can be

But if you’re looking for a quiet humidifier, ultrasonic humidifiers do not have a fan or a disc which makes them the quietest type of humidifier. relaxing too.

Should you buy a humidifier based on the White noise it makes?

Probably not.

Humidifiers can be pretty sophisticated devices these days. And come with all kinds of bells and whistles.

But one of the benefits to these humidifiers is that they are quiet.

And quiet seems to be a feature that most people are looking for when they are looking to purchase a humidifier.

Take the Levoit lv600s

This humidifier fully hooks up to your Wi-Fi and can be controlled by your phone or an Alexa or Google Assistant.

You can simply tell your humidifier what percentage of humidity you want, and it does the rest.

It is easily filled from the top, which is a huge improvement over other kinds of humidifiers that require you to take the tank off and turn it upside down to fill it.

It runs up to 50 hours without having to be refilled and can humidify a 500 square foot room up to four times faster than any other humidifier.

It features a built-in hygrometer and hydrostat so that you can set the humidity level to what you want and then leave the humidifier to reach and maintain that level.

And it can be used as either a cool mist humidifier or a warm mist humidifier.

And don’t forget, it is a fully functioning essential oil diffuser at the same time.

But if you’re looking for a white noise humidifier. This one is not it. This one is very quiet as a benefit.

Noisy humidifiers tend to be less sophisticated and rely on technologies that aren’t as good at humidifying the air.

Which is the primary point of having a humidifier.

But if the humidifier noise is something that you are very much interested in,

Air Care in a Whole House humidifier

This is a large humidifier that doesn’t have most of the bells and whistles that say the Levoit does but it does come with a hygrometer / humidistat automatic shut off to maintain the correct humidity.

You can also cover up to 2600 square feet which is pretty amazing.

It also comes with casters, which can give you an ideal of how heavy this thing can be with water in it.

And being a larger unit, it definitely has the humidifier sound that people either find relaxing or despise

Other White Noise options.

And like I mentioned before, there are plenty of videos that play the sounds of a noisy humidifier to sleep by.

And if you don’t want to use your phone or tablet to play a video while you’re sleeping,

  you can always take another route and purchase a white noise machine dedicated to giving you a dozen or so soothing White noise sounds and a night light to boot.

White noise machines come in an array of different styles. Some are made to look like an office device that blends in with the other office supplies, while other white noise machines are cute and come in shapes that look like anything from turtles to owls for the baby’s room and bed.

Rose White Noise machine

This is a nice noise maker that would look good in the kids room, for the living room.

It illuminates in seven seven different colors and it has 16 soothing sounds that range from ocean waves, the chirping of insects and birds, water flowing in the valley, and rain.

It also has four lullabies for the young ones.

In addition it features an automatic shut off timer. See Here

Another noise machine that has some interesting sounds including the usual rain and thunderstorm, campfire and ocean sounds.
But also has some very unique sounds including vacuum cleaner, fetal tone, gentle surf and shushing.

This white noise machine is called the “Dream Egg“.


The white noise that you can get from a humidifier is one of the most relaxing sounds especially when you factor in the relief that you are getting from the additional moisture that is providing.

If you were specifically looking for a humidifier to get you that “white noise”, then you should look more at evaporative humidifiers and impeller humidifiers.

Both of these types of humidifiers use fans and discs that create that humidifier hum and gurgling sound.

But even though the noise from a humidifier may be something that many people enjoy, it is also something that many people do not enjoy in the least.

Most of the humidifiers you find these days are exceptionally quiet. Because quiet is what sells.

But the features that you can get in a humidifier these days are amazing. And make the drug store humidifiers of the past seem like pretty small potatoes.

And the truth is if you’re searching for the white noise that you are used to hearing from running a humidifier,

You can find videos of humidifiers running on YouTube.

And if that’s not an option for you, White noise machines are inexpensive and can give you a couple of dozen different options right at the push of a button.

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