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What Should You Look For in a Small Window AC? (3 Favorites)

Small window air conditioners  generally cover right around 150 square feet for 5000 BTUs. 250 square feet for 6,000 BTUs.

BTUs which stands for British Thermal Units can be a confusing metric to base your AC needs off of.

Most people are unfamiliar with what BTUs actually are.

That’s okay,  so am I.

An easier way to figure out what size AC you actually need is to base it off the square footage. Which is generally labeled on the box near the same area where the BTUs are listed.

The formula for square footage is length x width.
In simpler terms, if you have a room that is 10 ft going one way and 12 ft going the other way, you multiply 10×12 to find that you have 120 square feet of space.

Using the same formula, you can find out how many BTUs you need by simply multiplying the square footage by 25.

Sq ft x 25 = BTUs.

But to be fair that is a rough estimate and doesn’t take into account variables like high ceilings, hot climates, and rooms that are directly in the Sun.

If any of those variables applies to you, then you should probably consider stepping it up to the next size.

What should you look for in a window AC?


1.  Sq. feet covered
Getting the right AC to match your square footage is important. Air conditioning is not like a race car engine that works better when it has more power. Two large of an air conditioner can actually make the room extra humid. Not to mention the extra energy required to run a larger air conditioner.

2.  Physical Size
It’s important to match the physical size of a window AC to the actual window it’s going in. Though with a small window air conditioner, it will not usually be the case, it is possible to get a AC unit that is just too large for your window.

3.  Watts/ energy usage
The amount of watts an AC uses will impact the amount of money you spend to run the unit every month. It’s a good idea to check the wattage to find a unit that is relatively low.

Beyond this small list, it is really just bells and whistles.

Some of the extras you can expect to find in a Window AC are:


1. Dehumidifier

Humidity on its own can make a room feel hot without the actual temperature being that high. A dehumidifier or dry mode as it is usually called, will reduce the humidity in the room without using the refrigerator function to cool.

2. Auto shut off

Auto shut off on a window AC is an excellent feature because it will turn the AC off once the desired temperature is reached.

3. Remote control

A remote control with your window AC is one of the best features you can look for when shopping for an AC. Can you imagine any other item that has made life easier than a remote control?

This list of small window air conditioners is comprised of units that use 5,000 and 6,000 BTUs or cover 150 to 250 sq. ft.

Della 6000 BTU

  • 15.26 x 13.45 x 19.04″
  • 6000 BTUs
  • 690 w
  • 250 square feet

The Della small window AC is a great air conditioner that covers 250 square feet handily. It comes featured with full on dehumidifier, auto shut off, 3 speeds, and the obligatory remote control.


Heavy- 53 lbs
Available in White only
690 w- Expect to use more energy

LG Energy Star Rated 6000 BTU

  • 19.56″ x19.38″ x12.38″
  • 6000 BTUs
  • 480 w
  • Covers 260 square feet

The LG 6000 BTU window air conditioner comes with everything you need. It is a very quiet AC that comes equipped with dry mode for dehumidification and a remote control.

Built-in timer allows you to set the duration that you want the air conditioner to run.

Indicators let you choose between cool, energy, fan only, and dry mode.

It also has a indicator light to let you know when it’s time to clean the filter.

Low wattage means a lower energy bill with this unit also.

Cons – oversized.


Need something a little smaller? Back to the basics?

MIDEA offers a 5000 BTU window air conditioner with mechanical controls. 7 temperature settings and two fan settings.

This is a entry level low priced AC set to be released in April 2021.

  • 15.98 by 13.19×12.05 in
  • Covers 150 square feet
  • 450 w
  • 5,000 British thermal units (BTUs)
  • Washable filter
  • Easy installation- minimal modification needed


No bells and whistles.


Need something a little bigger?

TOSOT offers a 10,000 BTU window air conditioner that covers 450 square feet

  • 21.4×22.8×15.8 in
  • 115 w
  • Covers 450 square feet
  • 10,000 BTU

The TOSOT 10000 BTU has a sleek modern look with a digital readout. It also does not have the standard grill on the front side of the AC that is typical for nearly all other window air conditioners.

Smart remote control uses sensor technology to monitor the temperature of the air and adjust the air conditioner strength.

Sleep mode- adjust the temperature throughout the night to give you the best comfort. throughout the night

Modes include fan, sleep, timer, swing, and I feel

Very low wattage for a window AC. Energy saver.

Energy STAR certified

Review stating that it is the best AC they’ve ever had.

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