Air Ionizer Benefits

Air Ionizer Benefits

It may be hard to believe, but did you know that the air quality inside your home or business can actually be more severely contaminated than the external air of a big industrial city. 

And since a lot of research suggests that people spend as much as ninety percent of their time inside,

The health risk of being indoors can begin much higher than being outdoors.

Air purifiers are one way to reduce the risk associated with bad indoor quality.

But for consumers, it can be confusing knowing what type of air purifier does what, and picking one that is efficient and economical.

One of the more popular types of air cleaners available is the air ionizer.

An air ionizer is an electronic air purifier versus a filtering media type air purifier.

And there is a lot that can be said for that.

So what are the advantages of an air ionizer?

Benefits of air ionizers

  1. Filterless
  2. Low energy use
  3. Render viruses inactive
  4. Better for HVAC
  5. Help HEPA filters work better
  6. Remove static electricity
  7. Mood enhancer

1.Ionizers are filterless

When you are looking for an air purifier, it won’t be long before you realize that you are in for a lifetime of filter replacements. At least the lifetime of the air purifier.

A fact that will quickly change the way you search for an air purifier.

That is also one the primary reasons that air ionizers seem attractive. They do not require you to ever replace or spend money on replacement air filters.

2.  Ionizers reduce bacteria

Most air purifiers are filter based, meaning they work by pulling air through a filter or series of filters that capture contaminants out of the air.

They do not have any way of destroying
bacteria or viruses.

But there is a lot of evidence that ionizers do exactly that.

According to 2 separate articles from the National library of medicine, both PCO (photocatalytic oxidation) ionizers and bipolar plasma cluster air ionizers have been proven to be highly effective in the process of inactivation of airborne microbes including bacteria and viruses

benefits of Air Ionizers

3.  Ionizers are energy efficient.

Ionizers are very energy efficient and will run on mere pennies a day.

4.  Central heat and air ionizer

A dirty HVAC (central heat and air unit)
Can be one of the primary sources of indoor air pollution in your home or building.

Because of the moisture and the absence of light inside of the system, mold growth inside of your air handler can become an issue.

The system you rely on for heat and air throughout your house can also become a indoor air pollution system distributing poor air throughout your home or building.

Induct UV air ionizers placed in the ductwork and plenum of your HVAC can stop mold growth at the source and clean the air from the whole house both coming in and out of the system.

Making your HVAC a whole house air purifier instead a source of bad air quality.

5. Help control static electricity

Static electricity happens when there’s an imbalance of either negative or positive ions in a room.

Though most of the time static electricity may be considered more of an annoyance than anything,

especially when it seems like you’re being shocked every time you brush up against someone.

But too much static electricity can be dangerous and actually cause someone with a heart problem to have a heart attack.

It can also bug out your devices. Items like smart phones that have keypads can become inoperable when exposed to static electricity.

Air ionizers can reduce static electricity by emitting positive and negative ions into a room,

thereby balancing the ratio between positive and negative ions that is causing static electricity to build up and arc across surfaces and people.

6. Help HEPA filters work better

Though one of the attractions of using an ionizer may be the ideal of not ever having to purchase replacement filters,

Running an ionizer can be a great benefit for helping HEPA air purifiers capture more contaminants from the air.

How? Ionizers work by essentially polarizing the air. Causing negative and positive ions to cling together combined with any contaminants in their way.

The result is, particles even as small as microbes will become larger and heavier.

Though HEPA filters are engineered to capture pollution as small as .03 microns, there are some types of airborne contaminants that are too small even still.

By using an ionizer to clump particles together they can become big enough for a HEPA filter to capture.

7. Negative ions Are mood enhancers

There are multiple studies that suggest that an abundance of negative ions in a room or area can be connected to light-heartedness or a general feeling of well-being.

Conversely, an area with too many positive ions can feel oppressive.

Negative ions have even been experimented with in relation to helping lower suicidal tendencies.

air ioniser benefitsConclusion

Air ionizers have many benefits

Among the most popular are the prospect of not having to replace filters.

It’s true. The majority of air purifiers on the market require replacement filters at least a couple of times a year.

Ionizers do not use filters. They work by electricity polarize the air and caused the contaminants in the room to be too heavy to float so that they fall or cling to the nearest surface.

Ionizers, specifically PCO and bipolar ionizers can do something that a filter is just not capable of.

And that is render bacteria and viruses inactive. Actually destroy germs instead of just capturing them.

But those who are not opposed to filter use, can find that an ionizer can greatly help their HEPA filters capacity to capture more pollutants from the air.

By clumping particles together, an ionizer makes it easier for a HEPA filter to be able to capture even smaller contaminants from the air.

Ionizers can also help with issues like static electricity.

Because static electricity happens when there’s an imbalance of ions in a room,

an ionizer can restore the balance of ions in a room ,

helping prevent the negative consequences of having too much static.

Finally air ionizers, specifically negative ionizers can help in a much different way than just reducing pollutants from the ambient air.

Negative ions have been found through many studies to create a feeling of happiness or light-heartedness.

Saturating the atmosphere with negative ions has also been tested successfully to relieve thoughts of suicide.

But there may be a dark side. There usually is. And for all the good benefits that can be derived from using an ionizer, they have their Achilles heel.

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