Where Should I Place My Air Purifier

Where Should I Place My Air Purifier?

Where do you put your air purifier is not as easy as you might think. And...

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How Often Should You Run An Air Purifier?

Have you recently purchased an air purifier and are wondering where to put...

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Do Air Conditioners Purify Air

Do Air Conditioners Purify Air?

Having an air conditioner is an indispensable part of living in...

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air purifier dry throat

Can An Air Purifier Cause Dry Throat?

Having a dry throat is not fun. Especially when you’re sleeping good...

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Are air purifiers loud

Are Air Purifiers Loud?

Air purifiers are machines are you typically want to have on as much as...

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Is An Air Purifier The Same As A Dehumidifier

Is An Air Purifier The Same As A Dehumidifier?

Does an air purifier do the same thing as a dehumidifier? No. The function...

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How to tell if your air purifier emits ozone

How To Tell If An Air Purifier Emits Ozone

Why is it the some air purifiers are said to emit ozone while other air...

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What Kind Of Mold Grows In Window Air Conditioners?

Window air conditioners rarely get moldy. When you find a window air...

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Why Does My Air Purifier Smell Bad?

Air purifiers have a lot of unique smells that people do not expect when...

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what does ion mean on a fan

What Does Ion Mean On A Fan?

A fan is a pretty simple device. It blows air and it osculates. It has very...

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How Long Do Carbon Filters Last

How Long Do Carbon Filters Last?

Activated Carbon filtration is one of the best ways you can safely reduce...

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Do Air Purifiers Help With Smell?

Dinner lingering in the air from supper last night, diapers sitting in the...

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does a dehumidifier cool a room

Does a Dehumidifier Cool a Room?

The dog days of summer. The dog days of summer is actually an ancient Roman...

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Can a Dehumidifier Dehydrate You? Are They Safe?

Are Dehumidifiers Safe? A  Dehumidifier is actually a very safe...

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How Do Ozone Air Purifiers Work?

Ozone air purifiers or generators as they are mostly called, have the...

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