Do Smokeless Ashtrays Really Work?

Do Smokeless Ashtrays Work?

Are smokeless ashtrays a real thing? To be honest, the whole idea seems a little gimmicky to me.

The first time I can remember ever hearing about a smokeless ashtray was from the beginning of that movie Gremlins from 1984.

The guy who plays the traveling salesman, who ends up buying and bringing home the creature to his family, is trying to sell a smokeless ashtray to the shop owner where the gremlin is first seen.

I’m sure that there are a lot of people that will know all the characters’ names and such but I’m not one of them. I don’t really remember liking that movie all that much for one.

But I can’t deny that movie is one of the reasons smokeless ashtrays sound like a scam and are in any way familiar to me.

But I can’t deny that movie is one of the reasons smokeless ashtrays sound like a scam and are in any way familiar to me.

But I also have to admit that if a smokeless ashtray actually worked, that would be an awesome device.

As a non-smoker I can tell you that anytime I’m in a room with people smoking cigarettes,

  The smoke from the lighted cigarette sitting on an ashtray near me has an uncanny way of finding the right airstream to point the smoke directly to my face.

Imagine the amount of secondhand smoke that would be eliminated by just having this one part of the cigarette smoking process in check.

how do smokeless ashtrays workHow do Smokeless Ashtrays Work?


Some of them are basically a container with a lid that keeps a lot of the smoke from the cigarette from being able to travel as well.

The other type of smokeless ashtray and the one that seems to be the most popular is a device that has a miniature fan that pulls the smoke into an activated carbon filter. Which is basically a tiny air purifier.

Carbon filters are a lot like a sponge. They are small but they have millions of openings and cavern type spores. The activation process helps bind the chemicals from the cigarette gas into the filter.

Activated Carbon filters are frequently coupled with HEPA filters in air purifiers. Because they are known for their capacity to remove odors and gases.

Unfortunately the size and mass of a carbon filter fitted for a smokeless ashtray is actually quite tiny. And you’re not likely to get a lot of use or efficiency out of one before you have to replace it.t

Do Smokeless Ashtrays Really Work?

If You’re expecting a smokeless ashtray to completely remove all the evidence of a smoking cigarette, then the answer is quite obviously no.

But if you are just needing something to keep the amount of secondhand smoke down, then it is definitely a product worth trying.

For instance, you have a friend that you play cards with that keeps a lighted cigarette near you all the time you’re playing.

  A smokeless ashtray could capture the second hand smoke as it sits on the ashtray,
  the smoke would have a means of being filtered away from you before it travels straight into your non-smoker lungs.

So as long as you know what you’re getting and you’re not expecting a miracle, my opinion is that smokeless ashtrays are a genuine product that can have a great use.

If you go looking for a smokeless ashtray on the internet you will find that there are quite a few to choose from.

Here are a few of the smokeless ashtrays I was able to find by doing a Google search.

iLeefy 2 in 1 Air Purifier Multifunctional Smokeless Ashtray

2 in 1 Machine : It is not only an ashtray but also an air purifier, it can hold the soot without falling, it can also absorb second-hand smoke, and give you a fresh air environment.  

Fukang - Smokeless Ashtray Air PurifierAdd Your Heading

Effectively reduce the smell of soot, reduce second-hand smoke from spreading into the air, and keep second-hand smoke disturbing others.

Gratefulbuys-Smokeless Ashtray, 2 Pcs Carbon Filters Included

  • Carbon filters eliminates odors
  • Holds Cigars & Cigarettes
  • Made of Fireproof Melamine
  • Easy to clean
  • Powered by 2 C batteries


Are Smokeless Ashtrays Useful?



Most smokeless ashtrays work like a mini air purifier that you sit your cigarette on.

They have a tiny fan that pulls the smoke into an activated carbon filter.
The same premise as a regular size air purifier.

Whether or not they actually work is depending on what you actually expect out of them.

A miniature air purifier is only going to filter out a very small amount of air.

So expecting an ashtray that has a mini air purifier connected to the bottom to remove a whole lot of smoke is not logical.

If you were thinking about purchasing a smokeless ashtray to hide the fact that you were smoking, you’re not going to get a very good result. 

They can’t work to that extent.

But if you were purchasing a smokeless ashtray to keep the amount of secondhand smoke coming off of a lighted cigarette sitting on an ashtray to a minimum, then you would probably be more pleased by the result.

smokeless ashtrayAs a non smoker, much of the smoke that you have to deal with is not the smoke that people are blowing out of their mouth since they are able to blow it away from you,

But it’s the smoke that is coming from a lighted cigarette sitting on an ashtray.

If a smokeless ashtray can eliminate this part of the smoke, or even reduce it, then I believe that a smokeless ashtray does provide a good function.

But remember, the size of the carbon filters on these things are very small and you are unlikely to get a whole lot of time out of one before you have to replace it.

So purchasing a smokeless ashtray that comes with multiple replacements is going to be the better purchase.

Blueair Pure Air 211 vs. Levoit Core 300 (yeah baby!)

Blueair Pure Air 211 

Blueair is an amazing air purification manufacturer out of Sweden that has some of the absolute best air purifier products on the market.

The Blueair Pure Air 211 is no exception.

This air purifier is about simplicity. It has one control button located directly on the face of the air purifier. One control button to simply eliminate allergens, odors, dander, and mold.

This air purifier employs true HEPA, activated carbon, and a washable pre-filter.

It is very small, coming in at only 20 in tall and about a foot diameter.

The video for blue Air is one of the most astounding videos that any air purification company has produced.

The rate at which this air purifier is able to remove all the smoke in a room is unheard of.

The noise level this air purifier operates on- 31 decibels for low and 56 decibels on high is also a landmark that other air purifiers have not been able to reach.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m pouring it on thick.


For starters, This IS an awesome HEPA air purifier and it’s easy to get caught up in the hype.

This air purifier does have an amazing clean air delivery rate and can filter a 500 ft room about five times an hour.


There is some things you might want to consider with this air purifier before you go rushing in paying a big price for it.

For one, the replacement filter for it is $45. And the recommended time span to replace it is every 6 months. So you’re looking at an extra $100 a year to keep a fresh filter.

And companies like this are not stupid when it comes to the way they manufacture these filters.

blueair pure airThey know that if they sell you a separate HEPA filter and a separate carbon filter that even though you will not be able to get a 100% clean result, you can still clean a HEPA filter pretty well and make it last much longer.

But when it is tied to a carbon filter, it’s not going to be nearly as easy to clean and you will not be able to reactivate the carbon since it has to be heated to 1,000° or something.

Second, carbon filters are sold by weight. And getting a carbon filter heavy enough and big enough to absorb strong odors is not very likely in a small air purifier. Another thing that you rarely hear about carbon filters themselves is that they can have a strong sweet smell.

Most of the reviews you find about the blue Air carbon filter is that the smell of the filter is not too good. And since the carbon filter is the part of the air purifier that is supposed to get rid of odors in the room…. WTF? You get the point.

Levoit Core 300

The Core 300 by Levoit is the close runner-up the BlueAir 211

It is less than half the price for one Levoit core 300 but it also covers about half the square footage.

The filters for the Levoit come in two different styles. One rated for pet allergies is $36 and one that is the original at $30.

What’s the difference between the two filters?
No one’s saying exactly but it looks like the pet allergy model has a heavier mass of carbon than the original.
That would make sense because carbon is the part of the filter that absorbs odors.

For less than the price of one blue Air 211, you could purchase two 

Levoit Core 300s and place them on two different sides of a large room and get a better result than trying to clean a large room with one air purifier.

But two filters for two small air Core 300 purifiers is slightly more than one filter for one large air purifier.

But the fact remains that it is always better to put smaller air purifiers throughout the house than it is to have one large air purifier and try to get air from the whole house or large room circulating through the one air purifier. Make sense?

Plus there’s also the added benefit of being able to place smaller air purifiers and smaller rooms when you need them to be there.

But remember, though you may be able to get a better air purification process out of two small air purifiers than one, the noise level of two air purifiers in the same room will be louder than one.

Levoit also has its own large air purifier line that is advertised to cover 700 square feet and only slightly more than the blue Air. But it also has a smart sensor that automatically adjusted the speed of the fan on the air purifier to match the amount of indoor air pollution that needs to be eliminated.

The price for the filter is $70. The pet allergy and smoker version cost $100.
The filter has a suggested life of 6 to 8 months before you have to replace it.

You can see how expensive it can get to run a Levoit large room air purifier pretty quickly.

The Levoit core 300 is an excellent air purifier that boasts all the same features as the blue Air.
Very quiet and able to completely filter the air in the room five times per hour.

And the reviews for Levoit are typically very good.

What’s the Best buy? Blue Air 211 or Levoit Core 300

Two small air purifiers by Levoit is a better deal than the larger 211 air purifier by Blue Air.

The price of the filters will be a little more but they are rated for 6 to 8 months over the 6 months expected exchange on the BlueAir.

It is better to have smaller air purifiers throughout a home or large room than it is to try to get one big air purifier to do all the work.

Food for thought:

If your main concern is getting rid of allergens and dust and you could take or leave the carbon filter, there are plenty of HEPA air purifiers that do not use an all-in-one true HEPA and carbon filter. Cheaper.

And though it may be true that you will not be able to completely wash a HEPA filter 100%. They still can be rinsed quite well if they are not sealed together with a carbon filter.

Regardless, filters are the part of the air purifier business where the big money is made.

And for the consumer, it is where most of the money is spent.

What Should You Look For in a Small Window AC? (3 Favorites)

Small window air conditioners  generally cover right around 150 square feet for 5000 BTUs. 250 square feet for 6,000 BTUs.

BTUs which stands for British Thermal Units can be a confusing metric to base your AC needs off of.

Most people are unfamiliar with what BTUs actually are.

That’s okay,  so am I.

An easier way to figure out what size AC you actually need is to base it off the square footage. Which is generally labeled on the box near the same area where the BTUs are listed.

The formula for square footage is length x width.
In simpler terms, if you have a room that is 10 ft going one way and 12 ft going the other way, you multiply 10×12 to find that you have 120 square feet of space.

Using the same formula, you can find out how many BTUs you need by simply multiplying the square footage by 25.

Sq ft x 25 = BTUs.

But to be fair that is a rough estimate and doesn’t take into account variables like high ceilings, hot climates, and rooms that are directly in the Sun.

If any of those variables applies to you, then you should probably consider stepping it up to the next size.

What should you look for in a window AC?


1.  Sq. feet covered
Getting the right AC to match your square footage is important. Air conditioning is not like a race car engine that works better when it has more power. Two large of an air conditioner can actually make the room extra humid. Not to mention the extra energy required to run a larger air conditioner.

2.  Physical Size
It’s important to match the physical size of a window AC to the actual window it’s going in. Though with a small window air conditioner, it will not usually be the case, it is possible to get a AC unit that is just too large for your window.

3.  Watts/ energy usage
The amount of watts an AC uses will impact the amount of money you spend to run the unit every month. It’s a good idea to check the wattage to find a unit that is relatively low.

Beyond this small list, it is really just bells and whistles.

Some of the extras you can expect to find in a Window AC are:


1. Dehumidifier

Humidity on its own can make a room feel hot without the actual temperature being that high. A dehumidifier or dry mode as it is usually called, will reduce the humidity in the room without using the refrigerator function to cool.

2. Auto shut off

Auto shut off on a window AC is an excellent feature because it will turn the AC off once the desired temperature is reached.

3. Remote control

A remote control with your window AC is one of the best features you can look for when shopping for an AC. Can you imagine any other item that has made life easier than a remote control?

This list of small window air conditioners is comprised of units that use 5,000 and 6,000 BTUs or cover 150 to 250 sq. ft.

Della 6000 BTU

  • 15.26 x 13.45 x 19.04″
  • 6000 BTUs
  • 690 w
  • 250 square feet

The Della small window AC is a great air conditioner that covers 250 square feet handily. It comes featured with full on dehumidifier, auto shut off, 3 speeds, and the obligatory remote control.


Heavy- 53 lbs
Available in White only
690 w- Expect to use more energy

LG Energy Star Rated 6000 BTU

  • 19.56″ x19.38″ x12.38″
  • 6000 BTUs
  • 480 w
  • Covers 260 square feet

The LG 6000 BTU window air conditioner comes with everything you need. It is a very quiet AC that comes equipped with dry mode for dehumidification and a remote control.

Built-in timer allows you to set the duration that you want the air conditioner to run.

Indicators let you choose between cool, energy, fan only, and dry mode.

It also has a indicator light to let you know when it’s time to clean the filter.

Low wattage means a lower energy bill with this unit also.

Cons – oversized.


Need something a little smaller? Back to the basics?

MIDEA offers a 5000 BTU window air conditioner with mechanical controls. 7 temperature settings and two fan settings.

This is a entry level low priced AC set to be released in April 2021.

  • 15.98 by 13.19×12.05 in
  • Covers 150 square feet
  • 450 w
  • 5,000 British thermal units (BTUs)
  • Washable filter
  • Easy installation- minimal modification needed


No bells and whistles.


Need something a little bigger?

TOSOT offers a 10,000 BTU window air conditioner that covers 450 square feet

  • 21.4×22.8×15.8 in
  • 115 w
  • Covers 450 square feet
  • 10,000 BTU

The TOSOT 10000 BTU has a sleek modern look with a digital readout. It also does not have the standard grill on the front side of the AC that is typical for nearly all other window air conditioners.

Smart remote control uses sensor technology to monitor the temperature of the air and adjust the air conditioner strength.

Sleep mode- adjust the temperature throughout the night to give you the best comfort. throughout the night

Modes include fan, sleep, timer, swing, and I feel

Very low wattage for a window AC. Energy saver.

Energy STAR certified

Review stating that it is the best AC they’ve ever had.

Best Mid Size HEPA air purifier?

Best midsize HEPA air purifier?

If you’ve done any looking around for an air purifier, even just a little bit, you’ve probably figured out that almost every air purifier you can purchase uses the same type of technology to clean the air.

  • Pre-filter- HEPA filter- carbon filter
  • A pre-filter for larger debris.
  • A carbon filter for odors and gases.
  • And a true HEPA filter for all the other contaminants in the air.

Sure there are some variables and little things that the different companies do to make their air cleaners different, but in the end, they’re basically the same.

So how do you know what to look for when everything is basically the same thing?

When it comes to HEPA air purifiers,
The main things you want to look for are:

  1. Replacement filter cost and the amount of filters you’ll need to replace per year
  2. How many square footage can you get out of one air purifier
  3. That the air purifier uses actual HEPA filters and not the HEPA like filters.

Beyond this small list, everything else is truly bells and whistles.

Most air purifier brands these days are coming out with smart sensors to measure air quality and auto adjust the air purifier.

This is a great feature. But absolutely not necessary other than for convenience sake.

Other purifiers have 360° filters. Again, a great future but just a variance on the same thing.

So here we have tried to compile a list of excellent med room size HEPA air purifiers that we absolutely believe would be a benefit to you without costing you too much upfront or on the back end with filters.

Honeywell HPA 300

  • Sq ft covered 465
  • Technology- true HEPA and carbon filters
  • Filter cost-Hepa $18.62 replace once a year
  • Carbon filter three pack $21.68 replace once every 3 months.

Honeywell is a trustworthy brand and this air purifier comes with a 5- year warranty.

The price of replacement filters is quite reasonable considering the true HEPA only requires changing once a year.

Effectiveness- filters the air of a 450 ft room 5 times every hour. Comes with a turbo setting to filter the room faster.


  • Endorsed by doctors.
  • Trusted brand.
  • 5 year warranty.
  •  HEPA Filter only needs replaced once a year.


  • The Carbon filter serves as the pre-filter.
  •  The style of the machine is pretty dull. The look of it makes easy to mistake it for your paper shredder.


Honeywell HPA is your basic true HEPA air purifier with a carbon filter.

The odd thing about this air purifier is that the carbon filter is used as the pre filter.

Activated carbon is very porous and binds gases to the inside of its pore walls. Having the activated carbon filter serve as a pre-filter will quickly block the area of the carbon and make it inefficient.

You can easily see that keeping the carbon filter vacuumed off would lengthen the lifespan of the filter considerably in this case.

Bissell air400 professional

The Bissell air 400 is comparable to Honeywell’s HPA 300. It is a very nice air purifier.

  • Sq Ft. It covers 400 square feet
  • Replacement filter cost –Pre filter and HEPA filter combo $24.99 Suggested replacement every 6 months.
  • Carbon filter $25.99- Also replaced every 6 months.

The primary difference between the Bissell air 400 and the Honeywell HPA 300 is the addition of a air quality sensor that monitors the air and adjust the speed of the fan to accommodate the amount of air purification you need.


  • Honeycomb design on the carbon filter helps adsorb odors and gases better.
  •  Smart sensor with automatic adjustment allows for the unit to be set and left.
  • Very well reviewed on Amazon.


  • Filters are more expensive and the HEPA filter requires twice as many replacements per year.
  • The Initial price of the air purifier is also more expensive.
  • Style- This air purifier also could be mistaken for your paper shredder.

A nice air purifier that uses the standard three stage filter system. Pre filter- carbon filter-HEPA filter.

The main difference between this HEPA midsize air purifier and it’s competitors is that it has a smart sensor that adjust the fan speed to match the air quality.

Winix 5500-2

This is my favorite midsize HEPA air purifier.
Style wise, maybe your paper shredder just needs a boyfriend.
 But performance wise it has something you’re not going to find with most med to large size room air purifiers.

That something is Plasma Wave.
Plasma Wave is a type of ionizer that emits both positive and negative ions.

It is effective at not only reducing or trapping germs and viruses, it actually destroys the membrane and leaves them inactive.

Yeah but don’t ionizers create ozone?

Winix plasma wave does not create a harmful amount of ozone. It is well within the federal limit. 

Plus Plasma Wave is only one function on the Winix 5500-2 and it can be turned off and used only when you need it. 

Winix plasma wave also employees the standard true HEPA and carbon combo.

The carbon filter uses pellets. A technique that is becoming very popular in the air purification industry.


  • Air Quality indicator that shows you through a series of lights how bad or how good your air quality actually is.
  • Dual smart sensors that monitor your air quality and adjust the speed of the fans to the amount of air purification needed.


  • Though the air purifier itself is not the most expensive, filter prices for this air purifier are a little higher.
  • Filter prices run $59.63 for the carbon filter and $39 for the HEPA. Replace HEPA every 6 months. Carbon every three.
  • Style wise. Black and boxy. Not too much chance of it adding to the decor of your room.

Levoit Core 300

Levoit is one of the most popular hepa purifier brands available. And they didn’t get there by not providing excellence.

The Levoit Core 300 is a smaller room air purifier that only covers about 250 ft.

The reason we have decided to include the Levoit Core 300 here is that it comes with a price that makes it possible to buy two outstanding air purifiers the cover 500 square feet combined for the price of another air purifier that only covers 400.

Price is only the first reason.


When it comes to cleaning the air in your house, it is much more effective to play small air purifiers around the house rather than try to get all the air in the house or large room through one big air purifier.

This little air purifier gives you the chance to do just that.

There is a couple of downsides to employing too small air purifiers in a large room compared to one:

The price of filters is not that much cheaper for one air purifier and it’s going to take twice as many because you have twice as many air purifiers now. $30 for the original. $36 for what they call their pet version. They recommend changing it every 6 months.

Warning: The sound the air purifier makes is going to be louder because now there is two air purifiers making the same sound.

But if air quality is the central reason you are purchasing an air purifier, the Levoit core 300 is a excellent choice.

It uses the HEPA 13 filter combined with the carbon filter in a 360° design that pulls and cleans air from all sides.


  • Super nice small air purifier that will fit into the decor of any living room.
  • Uses the HEPA 13 360° filter that can filter particulates even smaller than the true HEPA.
  • The initial cost is very low.


  • Filters are pricey and require changing every 6 months. And of course, you’ll use twice as many if you run two small air purifiers in the place of one large air cleaner.
  • Also the filter is a combination filter that combines the HEPA, Carbon filter and pre-filter in one.-Sounds awesome, but it also means that you cannot just buy the Hepa without getting the carbon.
  • And there’s no doing any type of DIY cleaning on the HEPA filter because you would end up tearing up the carbon filter.

How Did the Winix PlasmaWave Slip Through the Cracks? Review

If you do a casual search on Amazon for the broad subject “air purifiers” , you’ll quickly come across the Winix Plasmawave pretty fast.


Winix PlasmaWave 5500-2

 is the latest greatest air purifier by the company and it generally gets outstanding reviews. 

The first thing you notice right off the bat is the fact that it says it creates no harmful ozone.

Now I know that there are air purifier companies that make ionic air purifiers that do not list any type of ozone production simply because the amount of ozone created is below the federal limit of .005 parts per million.

And if it is a negligible amount of ozone and it doesn’t cross over the Federal limit, then who am I to say that there needs to be a disclaimer.

But that’s not the case with the Winix PlasmaWave, It actually says it creates no harmful ozone.

Plasma wave technology is one of the best air cleaning technologies available. But any type of technology that creates ions is going to create at least a small amount of ozone.

And it’s not like you can hide the smell of ozone either. It’s hard to say it doesn’t create ozone when you can smell it pretty easily. And many of the reviews for the Winix PlasmaWave say they can smell ozone coming from the machine.

The keyword here is “harmful”. The Winix plasma wave advertises that it creates no harmful ozone. It doesn’t say it doesn’t create any ozone at all. Just not a harmful amount.

ozoning a houseYes it’s a great technology. But that’s pretty misleading.

I think that’s pretty obvious why, ozone is a word that strikes fear and so many people’s minds that having an air purifier that says it creates ozone is like signing a death warrant for it.

The second thing about the Winix advertisement that is misleading is the fact that it says it has a washable carbon filter.

Activated carbon filters that are used in air purifiers have to go through the activation process in order for gases and odors to bind to them. The problem is that the activation process involves heating the filter to around 1000°.

Carbon filters are very much like a sponge with thousands of pores that adsorb gases and binding them to the walls of the pores.
Once the area of the carbon is used, it can only be replaced and washing it with soap and water will not reactivate it. 

The carbon filter in the Winix plasma wave is more like a container that has carbon granules in it. So it does lend itself to vacuuming and brushing any debris off of it.

But saying that it has a washable carbon filter
is misleading and probably is only done for advertising purposes to set the air purifier apart from the pack of HEPA and carbon filter air purifier makers that don’t make any outlandish claim about their carbon filters.

Technically they can say these things, because like I said before, the amount of ozone being generated by the Winix is not enough to be dangerous or cross over the federal limit.

And though you cannot wash the carbon filter in the Winix with water, it can technically be vacuumed and brushed off.

But It’s hard to come to terms with an air purifier company that tows the line of advertising like that.

But then again…There are few competitors that can compete with the Winix PlasmaWave on Performance.

Winix PlasmaWave might have slipped through the cracks being that it is an electronic air purifier with ionic technology that somehow made it to the forefront and is sitting on the front row as one of the best air purifiers available.

winixPersonally, it is the PlasmaWave function that the controversy is about, that would make me purchase this air purifier over the other top Air purifiers like the Levoit or the Blue Air.

There are scores of air purifiers listed on Amazon alone. You can look on the Walmart app and see another huge list that is not on Amazon.
But they all have one thing in common, or should I say Three?

They all use a three-stage filter that combines a pre-filter for large debris, a carbon filter for gases and odors, and a true HEPA filter for contaminants and particles floating in the air.

Winix PlasmaWave also uses the standard true HEPA the filters allergens as small as 0.3 microns and Carbon with a pre filter.

These are hands down the most popular and effective air purifying technologies on the shelf. Almost every air purifier uses these three filters.

But when it comes to viruses, airborne mold, bacteria and germs, Hepa filters can only capture the contaminants and that’s only if they are not smaller than .03 parts per million. Which unfortunately viruses are.
Which kind of makes the true HEPA useless.

The plasma wave function of the Winx 5500-2 will eradicate bacteria and germs as well as viruses.

Plasma air purifiers work by emitting positive and negative ions simultaneously. Polarity causes the ions to snap together instantly which traps bacteria in the air inside of the newly formed atom. This technique is known to leave viruses dormant. You can read more on Sciencedaily.

Having the plasma wave option on an air purifier is the exact reason I want to own an air purifier.

Yes I am aware that too much ozone can cause breathing difficulties in too high of quantities.

But I am prepared to turn the Winix plasma wave function on and leave the house if needed. I’m also ready to let the house air out if I were to need to.

It’s because the plasma wave can do what the other air purifiers cannot do, actually kill the bacteria, not just capture it.

And one of the biggest points is, the PlasmaWave function can be turned on and turned off whenever you want it or vice versa.

There’s one other thing that I like about the Winix PlasmaWave that most of the other top Air purifiers do not have is that the HEPA filter is completely separate from the carbon filter.

I know that the directions state that a HEPA filter cannot be cleaned and I also understand that that is probably true for the most part.

But compared to say the Levoit Core 300 which has a replaceable filter that combines the HEPA with the carbon, which makes it non washable right out,

The HEPA filter on the Winix plasma wave is completely separate which gives me the option of at least soaking it, which may help me extend the life of the filter.

And like I said, yes I know that the filter will not be as effective. But at least I have the option.


What is the Winix air quality indicator?

The Winix air quality indicator is a light that shows the quality of air currently in your room.

What are the air quality indicator colors?

The air quality indicator colors on a Winx PlasmaWave are Blue, Amber, and Red. When the light is shining Blue, your air quality is good. When it is shining Amber, you have normal to Fair air quality. Red means poor air quality.

What does it mean when the Winix air quality indicator stays Blue?

Blue is the best you can do. It means your air quality is very good.


Do I think Winix’s PlasmaWave advertisement is misleading?

Yes I do believe that it is meant to misconstrue on a couple of points. Being that it says it creates no harmful ozone but that’s only when the plasma wave function is not on or they’re really trying to say that it doesn’t create enough ozone to be considered harmful.

And it says it has a washable carbon filter. But washable in this case can only really mean vacuuming or brushing it off. It will still have to be replaced.

But on another level, I have to agree that this air purifier is much better than most of the most popular brands listed at the top of the page right now.

Without exception, all the air purifiers use the exact same technologies: true HEPA, activated carbon, and a pre filter. Winix PlasmaWave actually gives me the option of using Bipolar ionic that the other air purifiers do not. And it’s not like I can’t turn the function off when I do not need it.

And did I mention that the HEPA filter in the Winix PlasmaWave is separate from the carbon filter. A big plus if you want to do a DIY cleaning job on it.

Does Air Innovations Offer the Best Humidifier?

Does Air Innovations Offer the Best Humidifier?

Could be. At least among the best.

Skip the Article and check it out on Amazon- Click Here

The one stand out feature of air innovations humidifiers that really sets it apart from the rest of the pack is that they build their humidifiers from anti microbial plastic.

Mold and germs growing inside of a humidifier is the Achilles heel of the humidifier industry.

It’s the one issue with humidifiers that makes them a risk to have in the home.

But with new techniques like building a humidifier out of mold resistant plastic,
Humidifiers are starting to be built on a whole other level.

The Air Innovations MH-908 is exactly what I’m talking about.

Some of the Highlights that make this humidifier so amazing are:

  • 5 mist settings- including low, medium, high, Supreme, and Turbo
  • 120 hours without having to refill water
  • Covers up to 700 square feet
  • Sleek original design
  • Top fill
  • Directional nozzle
  • Adjustable humidistat With Auto Start and Shut Off
  • Ceramic filter that never needs replacing
  • Whisper quiet
  • Aromatherapy tray.
  • Antimicrobial plastic that prevents bacteria from growing.

This humidifier also feature something called a dual atomizer they can deliver 200% more humidity for the extra dry rooms in your house. Essentially it’s a long extension that helps the Mist centralize into the room quicker and easier.

Who knew that humidifiers could have so many options?

One of the things that really stands out to me about the air innovations MH 908 is the choice of mist levels you can choose from. Most of the humidifiers I’ve been around are high and low, get what you get, appliances.

Air innovations has five different Mist settings including supreme and turbo.

What is the turbo setting on the air innovation humidifier?

It’s an extra powerful misting setting that works with the extension. It’s saturates your air with moisture for 40 minutes then turns off and the humidifier automatically switches to the Supreme mode.

If you find that you still need turbo mode after 40 minutes, you’ll have to wait for 20 minutes to turn it back on.

Turbo… Its worth mentioning again.

This humidifier also is completely Auto set and forget for 5 days at a time. Built-in humidistat will monitor the humidity and turn the humidifier up or down as needed.
The tank holds enough water to last for 5 days without having to refill the basin.

The physical design of air innovations is also one of the most instantly recognizable traits.

This company goes out of its way to design a unique appliance that will add to the decor of a room.

Their unique shape look more like part of the design of the room instead of the standard boxy and oval humidifiers you usually see.

No replacement filters. Replacement filters are an expected expense that comes with purchase of a new humidifier.

This humidifier however, does not require any replacement filters ever. It has a ceramic filter that is easily hand washed.

Another issue that comes up frequently with devices like humidifiers is the noise they make.

Personally I always thought that the white noise that a humidifier makes is comforting when I don’t feel good and it is an added feature that goes along with misting the air.

But turns out, that is not a characteristic that most people like to have in a humidifier.

Not to worry… This air innovations humidifier is extremely quiet.



Downsides. Yes they’re are a few.

1.There is no remote control

These days every thing comes with the remote. It kind of doesn’t make too much sense that a humidifier with so many setting capacities would not come with a remote control to be able to dial between the settings without getting up to push a button.

2. Doesn’t have the capacity to work with Alexa.

Another feature you find in just about every arena these days is the smartphone capacity of being able to monitor your humidifier or other device with your phone.

Fortunately you can turn any of your appliances into a smart appliance by plugging it into a smart plug.

3.The aromatherapy function requires specific air innovations aroma pads.

Aromatherapy and essential oils are always “a do or do not do” question when it comes to humidifiers.

Hint: The simple answer is that oil and water do not mix so putting anything oily into the water of a humidifier is only asking for it to be clogged up eventually.

So most humidifiers that double as diffusers have a aromatherapy tray that requires their specific brand of scented pads to be used.

That’s the case with the Air Innovations also.  Expect to pay about $15.00 for a box of refills. And that’s per scent. Check here for the price on Amazon.

Does Arctic Breeze Actually work?

With the arrival of summer and the immense heat, we have suffered in recent weeks. It is essential to have a solution that refreshes the environment of our home, office or the place where we are. An air conditioner is a good option in this situation. But everyone cannot afford AC. In that case, an air cooler will be a low-cost and effective solution to get rid of the summer heat. I have used several air coolers and the ArcticBreeze satisfied me. Does Arctic Breeze Actually work? Here, I will solve the inquiry according to my real-life experience and expert’s arcticbreeze review. Let’s dive into it.

Does Arctic Breeze Actually work?

Arctic Breeze not only cools but also purifies and humidifies the room. Plug with the power source, fill up with water and start the Arctic Breeze. It provides you 8 hours of non-stop cold and fresh air. Below, I have explained how the portable air cooler work:

Arctic Breeze extracts the warm air from the area where it is placed. It uses its powerful 3-speed fan that delivers cold and fresh air that provides ultimate comfort. It fights a constant battle against the summer heat with a continuous cold air supply without producing annoying machine sound. It is one of the most effective and economical solutions to combat hot days and nights. It uses a low power and you can run it through a USB cable.

ArcticBreeze Review 2020: Should I buy this Personal AC? | THE GADGETOFFICE

Special features of Arctic Breeze 

Arctic Breeze is the best solution for a small room in hot summer conditions. It has exclusive features and I have explained them below:

– Easy to use: Arctic Breeze is a simple solution to the sultry heat and has no side effects. With the control buttons, you can operate the mini air cooler easily.

– Adjustable: It has 3-speed fan settings to have the ideal airflow. You can modify the speed according to your need.

It has 3 functions: You can use Arctic Breeze portable air conditioner as a dehumidifier, air purifier and conditioner. You can stay cold in the hot situation and stay safe from airborne particles.

– Portable: You can take Arctic Breeze with you anywhere. I use it in the office and sometimes on the train. No more sweating, luckily I just need a portable air conditioner to work quietly in front of the PC.

– Economic: It has no installation costs and does not consume disposable electricity like normal air conditioners. I have to admit I slightly abused it a few days, but my bill has remained virtually unchanged.

Specs of the Arctic Breeze

  • Arctic Breeze has a 20-speed adjustable setting.
  • Its 750 ml water tank delivers cold air for up to 8 hours.
  • 8 multi-color LED lights with setting options.
  • The fan has three-level intensities to control speed.
  • A USB power cable to run the Arctic Breeze.

Expert’s and user’s reviews

Here are some user’s reviews about Arctic Breeze to help you convince yourself of the effectiveness of this portable air cooler.

  1. I suffer a lot from the heat compared to other coworkers in my office. One of my college friends recommended an Arctic Breeze portable air conditioner, but I never trusted to buy it online. My friend gave it to me for my birthday and I’m satisfied with it.
  2. I thought this Arctic Breeze was a big hoax, but I convinced myself to buy it because of the positive reviews. I have to say that it does its job up to a couple of meters. It comes with a USB power cable. I like the feeling of freshness that lasts in the room even after turning it off.
  3. I have never suffered from the heat like last summer. During my pregnancy, I decided to buy this air conditioner because I was the one who suffered the heat most of all in the family. I would never have thought it was so good! It’s a good buy.
  4. We live in a small flat without enough ventilation. Summers are really hot hell, and not even a fan moving the air helps. So when I discovered Arctic Breeze, I didn’t think twice and bought it. Without a doubt, summer has saved us.

    Special features of Arctic Breeze
    Arctic Breeze Review [June] First Click To Read and Buy! 

    Arctic Breeze is the best solution for a small room in hot summer conditions. It has exclusive features and I have explained them below:

    – Easy to use: Arctic Breeze is a simple solution to the sultry heat and has no side effects. With the control buttons, you can operate the mini air cooler easily.

    – Adjustable: It has 3-speed fan settings to have the ideal airflow. You can modify the speed according to your need.

    It has 3 functions: You can use Arctic Breeze portable air conditioner as a dehumidifier, air purifier and conditioner. You can stay cold in the hot situation and stay safe from airborne particles.

    – Portable: You can take Arctic Breeze with you anywhere. I use it in the office and sometimes on the train. No more sweating, luckily I just need a portable air conditioner to work quietly in front of the PC.

    – Economic: It has no installation costs and does not consume disposable electricity like normal air conditioners. I have to admit I slightly abused it a few days, but my bill has remained virtually unchanged.

  5. How to use the Arctic Breeze? - Home | Facebook

    Arctic Breeze is quite simple and can be used in any room without having to do any holes in the walls.

    1. Just connect the USB cable to a power outlet, fill the tank and turn on the Arctic Breeze.
    2. Put ice in the tank instead of water for added freshness. It is important not to fill it completely. A glass of water is enough.
    3. I add a few drops of aroma to have a very fragrant environment.
    4. It is also possible to use Arctic Breeze to create a relaxing atmosphere by changing the colors of the LED lights.

    Where to buy Arctic Breeze?

    I have bought the Arctic Breeze from the official website to avoid buying imitations and fake products. If you buy it from here, you will also have access to very affordable offers up to 50% discount. If we compare it with the price of other air conditioners, without a doubt, the difference is more than remarkable.

    Final thoughts

    Arctic Breeze ensures relaxation during the hot summer season. It is enough for a medium room. Most of us have the question about the portable air cooler: Does Arctic Breeze Actually work? It really works. It effectively reduces the room heat level and purifies the atmosphere. Its colorful LED lights provide a charming environment in the room. It is a powerful and efficient replacement for traditional fans.

The Best Portable Space Heater? (Our Best 2 Recommendations)

What should you look for in a space heater?

Modern space heaters have many more features than the old steal rattling boxes that were a part of many households in the 80s and 90s.

Heaters these days are much more safe and effective.

Some of the features that you can expect to find on modern space heaters include:

360° or wide angle oscillation
Rapid room warm up
Cool to the touch
Safety precautions like:
Overheating shut down
Tip over shut off
Built-in timers
Remote control
Temperature sensors that adjust with the temperature in the room.
Smart capacity.

#2 Best Portable Space Heater



Honeywell builds heaters to last. I personally have owned a Honeywell tower heater that I have used every winter for 15 years.
Honeywell ceramic surround heat is a powerhouse.

I bought this heater for my daughter for Christmas. Out of the box, it looks pretty small but all you have to do is open her door and you realize how well this thing works.
It’s small size also makes it very handy to be able to carry back and forth to the bathroom or even her cubicle at work.

The fact that it is has an automatic shut off and is cool to the touch is a big plus, especially for me and my wife and knowing that it is being used in my daughter’s room.

Cons- Auto Shut Off  kicks in to fast with the heater on high

#3 Best Portable Space Heater



Like every other modern device, space heaters have made the transition into being a smart appliance.

Atomi works with a smart app which allows you to schedule the heater, change temperatures,  and alert you via your phone if the heater tips over.

It also works with Alexa and Google Assistant which makes it completely voice activated.
The unit does not need to be hooked up to the Internet to run though.

It’s standard basic features include being cool to the touch, tip over safety switch, and built-in timer.

Space heaters lend themselves to being smart appliances more then other types of appliances simply because of the safety element involved.

Atomi checks all the boxes to give you the rite of passage into a new world of space heaters. It also comes with a 3-year warranty.

Cons- Requires Alexa or Google Assistant

How to Choose The Right Humidifier

Humidifiers can be a lifesaver during the winter months when the air is extra dry.

Which can lead to all types of symptoms including difficulty breathing, dry mouth, dried and bloody noses as well as exasperate COPD and snoring.

Picking the right humidifier can be a little on the daunting side because of the wide selection and the amount of bells and whistles that can be purchased.

So what exactly do you need in a humidifier?

Of course certain features are necessary and many features can be considered necessary to the individual user.

But the main features that most people look for in a humidifier can be rounded up into just a few.

We will try to give you an ideal of exactly what you’re going to want to look for in a humidifier.


There are more than one type of humidifier. The main ones being the cool mist humidifier and the warm mist humidifier. The most popular is the Cool Mist Humidifier.

Cool mist humidifiers do exactly what they sound like. They emit a cool mist into the air to balance out the humidity levels in your room.

Mayo clinic has a popular web page that they report that cool mist humidifiers are more effective when dealing with cold symptoms.

  But cool mist humidifiers do not typically offer the capacity to add any type of essential oil or menthol cold additive that warm mist humidifiers do.

Combination warm and cool mist humidifiers are a good solution if you prefer the Best of both worlds.

The type of humidifier also includes the way the machine actually humidifies the room.

The 3 techniques primarily used are:

1.  Misting

2.  Ultrasonic. Ultrasonic humidifiers work through vibration that fills the air with water droplets by shaking.

3.  Vaporizing- These heat water to a boiling point to create steam.

Size and Square Footage

Humidifiers come with different size tanks.

The size of the tank not only determines how large of a square space you can expect a humidifier to work in, it also determines how often the tank will have to be refilled.

Which if you get a tank that is too small,  you will soon know what kind of hassle you have walked into.

Tank sizes rain from .9 gallons all the way up to 3 to 5  gallons.
A humidifier with a small tank will run from about 12 -16 hours.

Ease of Use

A. Easily to clean

One of the biggest determining factor and how easy A humidifier is to use is how easily it can be disassembled.

The reason for this is, humidifiers must be cleaned often and thoroughly to ensure that mold and bacteria is not accumulating in or around the humidifier.

One of the main features that can determine which humidifier you purchase is whether or not the machine can you taking apart easily and washed in the dishwasher.

b. Easy to fill

One thing you may not think about till you actually get ready to fill the tank and in a humidifier is how easy is it to fill the tank with water. An easy to fill humidifier should come equipped with a strong handle and the ability to fit underneath your faucet.

Noise Levels

Noise an important factor to think about when getting ready to purchase a humidifier. One of the main reasons that noise can be a issue with humidifiers is how close in proximity that you use the humidifier when you are sleeping.

Humidifiers can offer a great deal of relief when you are suffering from cold symptoms or sinus, especially when you are sleeping. But the noise level of some humidifiers can also be a hindrance to sleeping well.

On the flip side, the humming of a humidifier near your bed can also be considered a blanket of white noise that can aid in getting rest.

Whether you are a white noise or no noise type of person, many humidifiers come with intelligent sleep mode to make your humidifier run even quieter.

Auto Shut Off

Auto shut is a feature that will shut off your humidifier when it runs out of water. It is a feature designed to give you peace of mind that your humidifier is not going dry and continuing to run while you are gone or asleep.

Mist Control

Many humidifiers on the market today have the capacity to control the amount of Mist coming from the machine. This is a feature that was rarely found in the typical drug store table top humidifier you would purchase yester year.

The direction of the Mist can also be dialed in with a easy 360° nozzle that can be pointed anywhere you like without having to completely move the humidifier.


Though adding humidity in a dry and arid climate can be a source of relief inside of your home, the opposite can be true when there is too much humidity. It is possible to add too much humidity to the air even when the humidity level outside is zilch.

Having a built-in humidistat and humidity sensor with auto on and off functions can keep the humidity in your home to the exact level you set it.

Aromatherapy Tray

Aromatherapy can add all types of benefits to your lifestyle and create a healthy atmosphere as well as medicinal properties to your airstream.

Many humidifiers come with a essential oil tray to add your favorite oils into the mist coming from your humidifier

Smart App

As you probably already guessed, humidifiers have moved into the age of smart technology along with every other type of device.

Many humidifiers give you the capacity to monitor the humidity in your home via your phone, as well as offer you the capacity to schedule and turn your humidifier on or off through a smart app.

Self Cleaning

Self cleaning humidifiers or another step into the future that are making humidifiers safer.
Materials like mold resistant plastic are being used in the construction of humidifiers to keep mold and bacteria from becoming a issue inside of your humidifier and your ambient air.

Other self cleaning humidifiers use ultraviolet light inside of the water tank.
Anti mold and bacteria additives are also sold, that can help keep the water in your humidifier from he coming a germ farm and in turn, creating a germ farm in the air you are breathing.

4 Best Humidifiers of 2021

Quickly compare humidifiers

Levoit Hybrid Ultrasonic

Levoit is known for great air purifiers. Fortunately that’s not the only thing they excel in.

The levoit classic 200 is a humidifier that can run for 40 hours before having to fill it up again.

It has three mist settings and a dual 360° nozzle to aim the Mist in any direction you want without having to move the whole humidifier.

It also has a aromatherapy tray to add in your favorite essential oils.

The noise level is also whisper quiet.

Pros- 40 hours of continuous use and a aromatherapy tray

Cons- no humidistat and no remote control.

Dyson am10 humidifier

The Dyson am10 contains a ultraviolet light the disinfects 99.9% of bacteria before the Mist is expelled into the room.

It has a high setting that can be used as a fan in the summer and censoring technology that will keep the humidity in the room even.

Typically Dyson gets the more on just about every appliance they design and build.
But this particular appliance has a ridiculous amount of bad reviews on Amazon.

At the price point that they sell this humidifier at, it can’t afford to have any downsides.

Pros- worry free and bacteria free noiseless humidification.

Cons- hard to clean and not as well constructed as you would expect for the price.

Honeywell HCM 350w germ-free cool mist humidifier

This is another humidifier that contains a UV light.  Bacteria and mold production in humidifiers is one of the downsides of owning a humidifier. Solving this one issue can put a humidifier above the fold easily.

Honeywell have done just that, with this humidifier. Ultraviolet light contained in the humidifier kills 99.9% of the bacteria in the water before it has a chance to become part of the air you breathe.

This air purifier also has a large tank which holds one gallon of water and can run up to 24 hours on low. It’s evaporative technology makes it impossible to overhumidify a room which in itself removes the need for a humidistat.

It is also dishwasher safe and super easy to clean.

Pros- Bacteria free operation and dishwasher friendly.

Vicks Warm Mist vaporizer

Vicks vaporizer is a warm mist humidifier that is very good at what it does, which is to create warm steam.
It contains a tray to put Vick’s ointment or other menthol cold product.
The technology of how the machine create humidity by boiling water makes it antibacterial in nature.

Pros – Aromatherapy friendly and mold free operation.
Cons- create hot scalding water.